Character Profile: Ariel

Name: 🦁⚖️, Ariel Lionheart

Aliases/AKAs: Ariel, אֲרִיאֵל, Mainecoon

Title(s): The Angel of Unflinching Magnanimity

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Build: Bulky

Distinguishing Marks: Is sometimes a large, ethereal glowing lion

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): N/A

Family Relationships: Remiel, Cecil (fellow angels)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Floating

Kinks: Shapeshifting sex, oral sex

Orgies Attended: Prophetic orgies, the Lower Sesta Wheel Orgy, Academy Post-Finals Orgies, many others

Bio: Born in the first instance of a created being engaging in an act of generosity, the conceptual being who would later become known as Ariel is classified as an angel according to human classificatory systems. She has lived among mortals and specifically among humans for a very long time, having been present on Earth when it was destroyed and having gone with humans when they migrated to Nova, in an attempt to keep their species alive, as she believes that humans are the species who have the potential to prevent the cosmos from being unmade. Currently posing as an apprentice mage in Three Hills’s academy for magecraft, Ariel is maintaining a series of barriers around the capital that are integral to the safety of not only the city but the entire planet. Ariel remains in semi-regular contact with the other angels present on Nova, though she mostly only talks to them when the world is ending. She prefers to work on more organic solutions to problems, believing that humans will never get anywhere if they don’t work out their own answers, though at the same time remaining aware that some knowledge is dangerous and that if the wrong people get too much of it, she might well have to oversee a second migration.


  • Ariel’s first encounter with humans was on Earth roughly nine thousand years ago. She was working on a protection spell and they encountered her and were very afraid even though she told them not to be. She has been very careful to always wear a disguise when in the mortal plane ever since. She occasionally takes the form of a large, glowing lion, which she only started doing after being given a human name. She takes the form of a male lion because she likes the haircut
  • Ariel has been posing as human long enough that she has accepted certain human interpretative frameworks, such as gender, to be useful in limited measure for interacting with humans
  • Ariel occasionally gives mortals blessings in the form of weapons or armour, carefully choosing people she knows will do good with them, and carefully selecting the blessing to be something she thinks they’ll need
  • Ariel poses as a member of the Spider Corps on occasion to keep an eye on them, but tries not to get too involved in anything they do
  • In order to keep her true nature hidden, Ariel keeps most of her powers locked behind a powerful self-imposed seal, because she doesn’t want to be dangerous to the mortals around her
  • Ariel is an apprentice to mage named Hugo, who mostly doesn’t understand why her work isn’t about spellcraft
  • In addition to a human, Ariel has also posed as every other type of mortal on Nova, including a period of a few dozen years where she was a dragon matriarch in Yavhore. She really enjoyed being a merperson vulcanologist, though nobody understood her Little Mermaid references
  • The original inhabitants of Nova were gone by the time Ariel arrived with the migrating humans; she wishes she could have met them to ask about their spellwork, which is often complex enough that she has trouble following it
  • Ariel has spent some time developing a theory that the reason the Right Hand keeps getting reincarnated as a human is because of the presence of ley lines on both planets it’s inhabited in recent millennia. She’s pretty sure they’re trapping it somehow
  • Ariel gets along well enough with other angels, but all things considered she’d rather spent time with mortals
  • Many of Ariel’s fellow angels and even more demons believe that mortals are fundamentally destructive. Ariel believes that they’re fundamentally creative, while acknowledging that there often isn’t much difference between those in their early stages


  • “Do you really think helping people is a waste of time?”
  • “There’s no such thing as a stupid question, Edwin. Questions make the world turn.”
  • “Maybe someone screwed up when they were designing the world. Sorry,”
  • “Good. The smartest thing a person can do is ask for help when they need it.”
  • “Watching buildings fall over is more interesting than making sure they don’t, but I’d still rather they didn’t, wouldn’t you?”
  • “Priests are so dreary. They’ll try to tell me that angels helped build this place or something.”
  • “Course it’s dangerous. Nobody would enchant a sword with something safe.”
  • “Nobody pays attention to the girl in the mail room.”
  • “Do you know what a ley line is?”
  • “Don’t freak out. I’m not here to hurt anyone.”
  • “You’d do the same if you had my powers. Maybe you’d have been more honest about it.”
  • “Words are just stories humans made up because they hadn’t invented bricks yet.”
  • “I’m not officially here.”
  • “He’s also right, which is an annoying quality in a man.”
  • “The thing, is, anything that happens once will always happen again.”


  • Ariel works in the mail room at the academy because it’s the nexus of all the city’s ley lines. She also thinks mail is cool
  • Ariel had interacted with several hundred other species before first arriving on Earth, but it was on Earth that she first realized that she really liked mortals and wanted to spend time with them
  • The first time Ariel had sex it was with a human queen named Michal, whose husband was an asshole
  • Ariel doesn’t have to eat, but she is still pretty annoyed that pizza hasn’t been re-invented on Nova yet
  • Ariel occasionally tries to tell herself that gender is just a construct and that there’s no reason for her only to be attracted to women. But regardless of species, she can’t make herself be interested in men sexually
  • Ariel was once a concubine to an orc queen named Xeka, who believed that eating Ariel out daily was the source of her authority. Ariel insisted this was not true, but not that hard
  • Ariel is pretty sure an angel invented capitalism and she’s pretty miffed about that
  • Though Ariel doesn’t believe in prophecies, she does think that this ongoing chosen one thing might actually work out
  • Aside from occasional flings with fellow apprentices, Ariel has struggled to find time to have sex of late, being busy as she is preventing Three Hills from falling over
  • Ariel finds The Lion King to be a culturally insensitive portrayal of lions, but she likes it anyway

Modern AU: Modern Ariel is a graduate student in history who somehow can’t get her dissertation topic approved even though she was present for most of history. Fortunately she’s only a student because she likes learning, not because she needs a job, and her main goal on Earth is to make sure the human race doesn’t go extinct, because she thinks they might have the potential to make the Right Hand of Creation less of a genocidal prick. While she’s allowing that to happen, she occasionally tries to guide them to be better as a species, and also helps them learn the secrets of the universe. When she’s not doing that, she also likes architecture, seismology, pop-punk music and base building mobile games, as well as tutoring students who need it and coming up with constructed languages that are theoretically learnable by everyone on Earth.

8 thoughts on “Character Profile: Ariel

  1. “and were very afraid even though she told them not to be”

    B̴̧̨̨̗̬̹͖͙̝̙͉̳͍̿̓̀̏̑̏̓̎͑̽̀̊̂͆̇̔̐̀̆́͘ͅE̸̡̢͖̦͇̙̪͒̓͜ͅ ̴̧̧̙̯̞͖̺̙̩̮̅̏̿̈́̎́͋̔̒̆͗̕͠N̷̡̧͚̩̬̲̠̪̮̦̯̅͗́̂͑̈̕͜͠O̴̡̨̦̫̰̰͖̞͈̱̦̭͉̓̈́̏̓́̍̅̾̈́̽͛̊͝Ţ̵̨̛̝̪̰̙̤̺̖̻̈́͆͑͒̍̂̈͌̚̕͝ ̴̧̖̟̫̼̝̬͖̼̥͎͉͇̯̞̥̪̻͍͙̱̾͗̈́̄̔̈́̇̅̑̈́̀̀̅̿̏̽͗̊̊̄͗̓͘͠Ȁ̵̩͖̗̯̣͚̤͔͙͖̜͓̀͊͗̈́̆̌̓͗̅̾͛̄̓́͘͘̕͝͝F̵̨̧̭̪̲͇̖̳͇̘̱͚̬̗͖͔̟̰̖̰͇͌̍̉̔͐̓͗̉̚͜͝͝͠͠R̴̝͔̼̖̟͖͍͖͖̗͎͕̫̭͇͖̥̩̈́͗͂̈́̓̋̽̔̾̀͌͌̑̋́̾͘̕͜͜͝A̸̼̭͔̫͙̞̥̺̩̞͋̊͒͐̑͑̅̈̎̏̀̍̏̀̏͛́̈́̄͊́͜Į̶̨̧̢̣̝͈̘̞͕͈̰͕̝̞͕̗̭̲̜̬̐̇̅̽̽̆̾͌͆͆̾̂́̂̐̉͒͘͝D̵̨̡̢̨̟̼̺͙̥͉̭͇̦̬͙̟͚̿̇̐̊̊̅̐̒͑̉͆͒̕͜ͅ

    “Ariel is pretty sure an angel invented capitalism and she’s pretty miffed about that”

    This is the first time I’ve heard it suggested that Adam Smith was, or was inspired by, an angel. The other thing, often enough, but never an angel before.

    I like the implications that angels 1) are sufficiently alien that a system designed to concentrate resources in the hands of a select few at the expense of everyone else could be considered good and morally correct by at least one of them, and b) are capable of fucking up due to not really understanding mortals.


    1. 😀 Exactly! Why would they be afraid after she told them not to be??

      To be fair, there’s a lot of overlap between angels and demons in the higher plane, so she could easily be wrong…or someone else could be.

      But yes, I do think that angels are sufficiently Other that at least one of them could consider such an invention to be morally correct. Or at least to be in line with their own ideology, which is more that second thing, haha. “This is true to MY nature, so it must be good for humans” is very much something I could see one saying. Angles aren’t all “good” by human standards, because their standards are so different, haha.

      It makes them really fun to write! 😀

      Thank you!


  2. Not believing in prophecies seems a bit odd when there are seers running around with a well-documented ability to accurately foretell the future.

    On the other hand, she /is/ an otherworldly being that transcends time and space as humans understand it; maybe she knows something the prophets don’t.


    1. It does seem like a bit of an odd thing to do, but it’s also on brand for other very powerful people, such as Sylvester and John, who both regularly claim that magic isn’t real, haha. Maybe Ariel is just like them but with prophecies.

      But that is also true, she does have a very different perspective on time and space and linearity and therefore the order that events happen in. So maybe she has a different perspective on prophecy. It might be interesting to ask her someday.

      Thank you!


  3. Have we seen Cecil? The name sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t recall if that’s because he’s shown up in a past chapter or just because it’s a common name IRL.


    1. We have seen Cecil in three noncanonical moments (the first of which is here, he’s in the two following ones in smaller roles:, and in Ariel’s recent chapter, but other than that we haven’t met him by name yet, no. He’ll be showing up more in the future; there’s a particular set of characters he’s attached to that haven’t made their debut yet. 🙂



  4. I don’t buy it. Angels don’t exist, and any evidence to the contrary is a mass hallucination that should be left unacknowledged. And if they did exist, everyone knows that they would all be named Erika.


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