Character Profile: Hector

Name: Hector of House Quate, Hector Quate (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Hecking Loud, Hekker, Sky Writer, The one who fears

Title(s): Heir to House Quate

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Build: Slender

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Boey of House DiGorre (boyfriend)

Family Relationships: Helena and Paul of House Quate (parents), Jolene and Bartimaeus of House Blackspire, Henry and Gregor of House Quate, Harper and Anders of House Murkwain, Patricia and George of House Cowendor (aunts and uncles), Boris, Jane and Ben of House Blackspire, Gail and Gilbert of House Quate, Patrick, Parker and Geneva of House Cowendor (cousins) Julian and Easton of House Draughten (uncles, deceased), Emmanuel of House Draughten (cousin, deceased), Franz of House DiGorre (boyfriend’s companion)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On bottom

Kinks: Kissing, body worship, praise kink, dirty talk

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The only son of the lady of House Quate, Hector has spent most of his life in the capital with his mother, being raised around court politics. Though he tried not to keep secrets from his friends, that was mostly out of guilt because the big secret he kept from all of them was that he knew his mother was Dolovai’s spymaster, which he was sworn not to tell anyone. As he and his friends got older, they all started doing way more politics, and Hector finally managed to develop a crush on someone that wasn’t hopeless. Fortunately his mother approves of his new boyfriend, so Hector feels like he might finally be getting what he wants out of life.


  • Hector’s mother has occasionally said he should take over as spymaster when she retires, but they both know that Hector isn’t really suited to it and that his role is more likely to be helping whoever replaces her transition in
  • Hector tends to develop crushes on people very easily, and then never say anything about them while they get worse and worse, and then get upset when his unspoken crush starts dating someone else
  • The agreement among his friends’ group not to participate in politic playing with each other was Hector’s idea. He wanted to be able to just have friends, at least for a while. He eternally regrets that he is also the first one who openly broke that agreement
  • Hector doesn’t want to be one of those nobles who never sees the lands he rules, but he also doesn’t want to not live in the capital
  • Hector experiences considerable dysphoria, usually manifesting over apparently minor things like the length of his hair or the shape of his fingernails. He’s well aware that this mostly stems from larger dysphoric issues, but prefers not to think much about those. That said, he has recently decided he’d like to employ a wizard to give him a flat chest and a dick
  • Hector knows he pissed off the Yellow Clan when he started dating Boey and feels bad about that, but he’s exchanged a few letters with the witch he was supposed to marry and he thinks they’re friends now
  • Problematically considering his family has treaties with several of them, Hector is very afraid of goblins
  • Hector was deeply besotted with his friend Turner, which of course he’d never said anything about. When he developed feelings for Boey, Turner’s death was what gave him the drive to admit them for once
  • Hector feels bad about not having much of a relationship with his dad. They don’t fight or dislike each other, but they also don’t really talk when they do see each other, and the occasional letters they send each other tend to be very short
  • Privately, Hector doesn’t think Gerard is a very good king and is pretty sure Gabrielle will be much better


  • “My mother wants to talk to you.”
  • “I feel like it’s probably more because of your cock.”
  • “What’s wrong with talking like a real person?”
  • “I don’t care what you think or really want your opinion or anything. I’m just telling you because…well I’m just telling you.”
  • “Whatever. Anyway, on the grounds of you not being an asshole, I guess we can make you one of the boys.”
  • “You ruined all my plans, you know.”
  • “That sounds like a lot of work. Boys are supposed to just fall for my natural charm and charisma.”
  • “Fortunately for you I’ve been feeling a bit…eh about boys lately anyway. Maybe I’ll try hopelessly pining after a girl instead.”
  • “Someday I’m going to convince her that I’m not a little kid anymore and that it’s okay to tell me important shit like when my friends are going to get killed.”
  • “Franz is right. Kieran isn’t telling the truth.”
  • “Too late, I’m already eating all your food and charming your servants to they’ll like me better.”
  • “Franz would make a shitty queen.”
  • “I think that we should stop acting like boys aren’t allowed to hang out together without it being misogynist.”


  • Hector has already named his and Boey’s children, though he hasn’t told Boey that yet
  • Hector liked to sneak into places a child, which resulted in him once spending a night in the castle dungeons that he’d broken into, until the guards found him in the morning
  • When Hector was a little boy, he played horny games with Gavin, which was the first time it had occurred to him that crushes could come with physical components besides holding hands
  • Hector used to write stories about a noble boy going on adventures, fighting bandits and dragons and getting given prizes. It was through the stories that he realized he was also a boy
  • Hector is allergic to dogs and cats, but pretends not to be, because he doesn’t want to hurt Dragon’s feelings
  • Hector hasn’t had many sexual partners, because his crushes never reciprocate his feelings and prostitutes make him nervous. But he has had enough sex to know that Boey is the best at it
  • Hector can do complex math equations in his head, but can’t count past twenty without an abacus
  • When Hector was five, he fell off a horse and broke his leg. He remembers it sucking, but doesn’t realize that he nearly died
  • Hector told himself he’d wait until at least their tenth date before having sex with Boey. They made it to the fourth and he’s annoyed with himself for waiting so long. He never knew he had a praise kink until Boey made him cum just by saying nice things about him
  • Hector can tell where he is just by the feeling of the ground on his feet. If he can feel the ground touching his feet, he knows he’s at home. If he can feel boots, he knows he’s not at home

Modern AU: Modern Hector is the son of an investigative journalist who chose to go into politics, recently getting elected as his riding’s Member of Parliament representing the Green Party of Canada, which he’s poised to take over leadership off at the next conference. He’s a key part of the coalition government between Canada’s three leftist parties and incidentally is dating the chief of staff of one of the other future party leaders. As a government official, Hector is primarily concerned with making public transit widespread and accessible to everyone, as well as working on climate solutions that actually accomplish something. When he’s not working on making the world a better place, Hector likes to spend as much time as he can with Boey, going on hikes or marathoning terrible action movies, as well as going to anime conventions and street markets.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Hector

  1. “Privately, Hector doesn’t think Gerard is a very good king and is pretty sure Gabrielle will be much better”

    An excellent judge of character.

    “Hector can tell where he is just by the feeling of the ground on his feet. If he can feel the ground touching his feet, he knows he’s at home. If he can feel boots, he knows he’s not at home”

    Is this a supernatural (possibly witchy) talent, or just a roundabout way of saying he likes to take his boots off at home?


    1. He is indeed a pretty good judge of character, isn’t he? An underrecognized skill of his.

      That’s just a roundabout way of saying he doesn’t like boots and is generally barefoot at home, haha. He might claim it’s a witchy talent if you ask him, but nope. 😀



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