Sex Demons on Vacation

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Owen sighed as his cock sank into Greg’s ass, finally feeling the pressure lift from his balls. Greg clearly felt the same way, looking truly happy as he clung to Owen. They kissed for a minute while Owen got up a good fucking rhythm, but then Greg broke away to turn his head towards Erik’s cock, which he started sucking like he was starving.

Beside them, Gavin was pounding Grey Rain on the same table as Owen was fucking Greg, the combination of that and the king fucking Gavin from behind making his face into such an appealing shape. Owen kissed him, and Gavin kissed back, but pretty soon they were engrossed in their own fucking. They’d come back to each other later. They always did.

“Something’s wrong.”

“What?” Ron asked, gasping as another few centimetres were pushed inside him.

“Not sure,” James said, looking around. He watched Jay and Tanner fuck Jed and Micha for a second, then turned back to Ron. “There’s some magic affecting us.”

“Should we…do something?” Ron grunted. Everything felt pretty normal to him.

“Yes. But not right now. Keep going, Miguel.”

“Thank you, wise one,” Miguel said, giving another thrust into Ron.

His shoulders on the forest floor, Ron shrugged. Whatever was wrong, it couldn’t be that serious. It could wait until they were done learning about centaur sex.

Pax’s first indication that something was wrong wasn’t that the orgy broke out, but rather that it was he who suggested it. Normally Denver suggested shipwide orgies, and normally they didn’t happen, but this time because Pax had suggested it, everyone was having sex on the deck. Pax was quite enjoying himself as he fucked Matthias’s mouth.

Pax wanted to ask Sylvester if he knew what was wrong, but he was busy giving John a detailed lesson on fucking using Pax’s ass as a demonstration and it would have been rude to interrupt, and Pax had Matthias’s cock in his mouth in a show of fraternal reciprocity anyway. Nate was around someone’s neck, but Pax had lost track of him.

Oh well. He’d ask Sylvester later. There should be lots of time.

Edwin had been wrong. The answer to the order’s problems hadn’t been to give squires more rights, it had been to give them less. He was fucking a kid named Jasper over a table in the mess hall and everyone he could see was having a good time.

The knight commander had issued a formal order that from now on, all squires were to permanently wear a uniform of nothing, which was to apply to all students as well, who’d been moved into the fortress for better use. Robby was getting double penetrated by Devin and Percy over there and he didn’t seem to be complaining.

Edwin had overheard the knight commander talking about doing a recruitment drive for local boys who wanted to try out being a knight. He hoped it went off well. The order would only benefit from more numbers.

Franz came back to his apartment to find Boey balls-deep inside Iago on the couch, and he couldn’t have been happier. He’d been thinking he needed to pound Frederick’s ass for a few hours, but Julian was just sitting there watching, so Franz pulled his cock out and gave his hole something to do instead.

“Frederick not back yet?” he asked Boey, bouncing Julian on his cock.

“No, still in lessons. Silas went to go find him.”

Franz nodded. He’d seen Silas with some castle guards on his way here. “Okay.”

He wasn’t too worried. His boys would come home. They always did.

“Still don’t super appreciate being summoned to some random planet,” Kai said, flicking a finger at an orphanage as they passed it. Soon happy sounds could be heard coming from inside it. “But it is pretty fun to operate completely without oversight.”

“Says the guy who operates without oversight literally one hundred percent of the time,” Donny grumbled, holding his current meal tight as he walked.

Kai rolled his eyes. That attitude was why Donny kept getting poor performance evaluations. “If you think middle management isn’t supervised constantly, you’re stupid,” he told Donny. “I have Daddy breathing down my cock half the day.”

Donny just grunted, cumming inside his boy. He pulled him off his cock and walked over to a fruit stall, handed him to the proprietor. “Here, he’s pretty tired.” The guy immediately started fucking the boy senseless, and Donny came back, looking satisfied.

“So, you guys aren’t mad anymore?” asked their tour guide Cecil. He looked like a blonde human and claimed to be an angel, but his aura didn’t match any kind of angelic Kai had ever seen.

“Well, we’re still mad,” said Kai, grinning at him. “You summoned us to a world with magic we don’t understand. Who knows what the people here could do if we’re not careful?”

“All the more reason to make them all fuck so they don’t do anything else?”

Kai couldn’t fault that logic. “And what exactly do you get out of your whole world getting turned into an orgy?”

“Oh, this isn’t my world,” Cecil said innocently. “I’m just visiting.”

That was not an answer, but Kai was hungry. “Is that a coliseum? Do they have gladiators here?”

“Yeah, and they fuck instead of killing each other. You want to eat one?”

“I want to eat twenty,” Kai said, heading there and expecting Donny and Cecil to follow him. He’d get his answers after lunch. For now, they may as well enjoy this world that had barely needed their help to turn into a utopia anyway.



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