Character Profile: Georgina

Name: Georgina of House ven Sancte, Georgina ven Sancte (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: The matriarch, Sun Thrower, Queemgia, Cherry Coke

Title(s): Bearer of the Saints’ Register, Guardian of the Lord’s Mountains and Skies, Her Highness the King-Consort of Dolovai, Holder of the Cups of Cascades, Lady of the Northern Seas, Protector of the Rivers, The Royal Consort

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Build: Tall, stately

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Gerard of House ven Sancte (husband)

Family Relationships: Gabrielle and Gavin of House ven Sancte (children), Gretchen of House ven Sancte (daughter, deceased as an infant) Franz of House DiGorre and Owen Sanct (sons-in-law), Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (grandsons), Giles and Geneva of House ven Sancte (parents-in-law, deceased), Evangeline and Donagh Arkberry (grandparents, deceased), Dorian and Geraldina of House Arkberry (parents, deceased), Deborah of House Arkberry (sister) Erik of House Arkberry (brother-in-law), Grace and Edward of House ven Sancte (sister and brother-in-law, deceased), Egil and Dean of House Arkberry, Gloria Sanct (nephews and niece), Eirlys and Judi hee-Telk (aunt and uncle), Declan and Ralph of House Glakken (uncles, deceased), Jeston hee-Telk, Jeneth Hee-Olt and Edmund hee-Wenn, Roland and Donna of House Glakken, Reid of House Skyhan (cousins)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Doggy style

Kinks: Blindfolds, restraints

Orgies Attended: The Berry Jam Orgy

Bio: The eldest daughter of House Arkberry, Georgina grew up in Dolovai’s north, being trained to take over her family’s critical border lands, before she abdicated her claim to her family’s lands in order to marry Gerard ven Sancte, though at the time it was not at all clear that he would become king. Because he did, she is now the royal consort of Dolovai and as queen, she has aided her husband in running the country smoothly and peacefully. They have two idealistic children who Georgina loves very much and wishes would be slightly more pragmatic, but until they learn how to be, she will be pragmatic for them. She handles some of the parts of ruling that it’s better for her husband not to be involved in, which are often unsavoury, but she has gotten used to them, finding that especially when it comes to protecting her children, she has very few qualms about doing what needs to be done.


  • When Georgina and Gerard began courting, he was officially the heir, but his claim was highly contested by his twin sister, and Gerard and Georgina’s marriage was one of the things that solidified Gerard’s claim
  • House Arkberry is one of Dolovai’s most important economic provinces thanks to its sea trade with Enjon and its land trade with Yavhore. They are the only family in Dolovai that rivals House ven Sancte for pure wealth
  • Georgina’s paternal grandfather was the great uncle of Penthi’s current queen; by Penthim law, Donagh’s children and grandchildren are still considered members of Penthi’s royal family, and therefore Georgina is a hypothetical claimant to Penthi’s throne, though she is fourteenth in the current line of succession
  • The hardest thing that ever happened to Georgina was when her infant daughter Gretchen died shortly after being born. She still doesn’t know how she came back from that
  • Georgina’s job as royal consort is to handle things she doesn’t think are worth wasting Gerard’s time over. She has a fairly broad definition of what things aren’t worth Gerard’s time.
  • Georgina and Gerard do love each other, but they do have an open marriage with their agreement being that neither of them will cause a scandal or have children with other people. Georgina hasn’t taken advantage of this agreement in quite some time, which she wouldn’t have predicted when they were married
  • Prior to her courting Gerard, Georgina had an ongoing flirtation via mail with Patrizia Nuorn, daughter of the governor of Narwhal Junction. They continued to exchange letters until quite recently
  • Georgina would have had more children, but Gavin was a difficult labour and her next two pregnancies ended in miscarriage, and her doctor told her it was likely a bad idea for her to continue trying to get pregnant
  • Georgina was the one who suggested to Gerard that they try to marry Gabrielle to southern royalty as a defence against the Empire. She also wanted to marry Gavin into House Skyhan in a ploy to end northern slavery, but Gavin managed to defeat her on that front
  • Georgina and Gavin have always had a close relationship and are very similar, but recently those similarities have led to them butting heads a lot and she fears that her relationship with him is deteriorating and it’s her fault


  • “Time away from the capital has robbed my children of social graces, I fear.”
  • “Interesting way of not answering the question, young man.”
  • Gavin ven Sancte, you did what?”
  • “Oh dear. You two are rather more well suited for each other than I’d assumed at first.”
  • “Oh, don’t say that like it’s a usual occurrence. Nobody’s tried to assassinate us in years.”
  • “You’re not who I would have chosen for my son. But you’re who he chose—it’s just as clear that he loves you equally as completely. And we want him to be happy. So make him happy.”
  • “A rare good decision from our noble king.”
  • “I know your impulse is to give Gavin whatever he wants. But do try and stop him from interfering too much with naval affairs, would you? He’s not experienced in them and you know how he is about things he’s not experienced in.”
  • “Is it custom where you’re from, Lord Horace, to simply invite yourself into someone’s home and announce that you plan to marry their daughter?”
  • “In the future, perhaps it would be best if the four of us could stop acting like two couples and act like one family.”
  • “A king needs deniability.”
  • “People’s motivations are often very petty in the end. And the beginning, for that matter. We all want our family trees to prosper and grow. Some of us think that can’t happen if we don’t prune some of our neighbours’ a little.”
  • “You don’t get to use your sitting room for sex and then be indignant when someone walks in on you. Ah, expense reports.”


  • Georgina has been known to hand-decorate cakes for castle parties. She can’t bake but she likes making the icing look pretty
  • As a girl, Georgina decided to walk the entirety of House Arkberry’s border, figuring she should know the boundaries of the land she was going to rule. She thought about doing something like that for Dolovai when she married Gerard, but common sense convinced her otherwise
  • Georgina’s first sexual experience was with Belle Blackspire at a party House Redwater was throwing; they snuck away to drink without supervision and ended up talking about, then having, sex
  • Georgina is very good at strategy games and always wins them no matter who she’s playing against
  • Georgina likes to amuse herself by writing extended versions of plays she’s enjoyed, in which the characters have complex melodramatic and romantic adventures with each other
  • Georgina had a brief sexual relationship with a bard named Stanley the Suave about a year after she and Gerard were married. They broke up somewhat acrimoniously after he wrote an inappropriate song about her
  • Georgina’s least favourite thing about being a ven Sancte is how much purple she has to wear; she doesn’t feel it suits her skin tone
  • Georgina insists on having meals with her family whenever possible; she thinks it keeps them together and reminds them that they’re family
  • Georgina’s sex life with Gerard is far more fulfilling than she’d expected; of everyone she’s ever slept with, Gerard is by far the best at sex
  • Though various mages and other magic users have insisted she is wrong, Georgina is quite certain a sitting room on the third floor of the palace’s east wing is haunted. Every time she’s in it alone, she feels as though someone is sitting near her, and can often almost hear conversations that aren’t happening

Modern AU: Modern Georgina owns Arkberry International, a global conglomerate that started in textiles before branching out into auto manufacturing and then other industries. She is married to Gerard ven Sancte, who had been the CEO Saint Holdings until he was elected to political office, in what many have characterized as an oligarchical tendency towards megamonopoly. Georgina doesn’t see it that way and prefers to focus on her family’s affairs without worrying to much about their detractors. She spends most of her time working and when she isn’t doing that she’s hosting society events as befits the mayor’s wife, but she also spends as much time as she reasonably can with her children and grandchildren. Georgina also likes to spend her free time going on feminist rants against misogynists and TERFs on her anonymous social media accounts, and writing fanfiction of her favourite television shows.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Georgina

  1. “she fears that her relationship with him is deteriorating and it’s her fault”

    No, REALLY? Who could have guessed that all that underhanded skullduggery would make you look bad?

    “She thought about doing something like that for Dolovai when she married Gerard, but common sense convinced her otherwise”

    A pity. Common sense is overrated, and (mis)adventure is character-building.

    “Stanley the Suave”

    Well, he can’t have been all that suave if he felt the need to call himself that.

    “Every time she’s in it alone, she feels as though someone is sitting near her, and can often almost hear conversations that aren’t happening”

    I’m guessing this is either Klaus or miscellaneous dimensional fuckery at work.

    Maybe it’s just the relative lack of detail of the Modern section, but Earth! Georgina seems like a better person overall than Nova!Georgina. Probably something to do with the fact that democracy is a less toxic political environment than a feudal monarchy. *Glances at alt-right* Slightly. Slightly less toxic.


    1. Yeah it turns out when you’re manipulative and sketchy it makes your not-sketchy children wary of you. Go figure!

      Misadventures can indeed build character, and I think Georgina would have learned a lot by walking for a few years. 😀 But alas, she decided that was a bit much.

      He is indeed not all that suave, but the name has somehow stuck. And lots of people believe it to be true! He’s got some charisma, at least.

      Either of those is a good possibility! Both are kind of running rampant around Nova with nobody doing anything about them.

      Earth! Georgina does indeed seem to considerably less of a sketchbag, for sure. I think you’re right, it’s that she’s not at the top of a monarchial system that gives her family ultimate power. So she has to settle for being at the top of a capitalist system that gives her family all the power, hahaha. But no, I do think that’s the reason why. And if nothing else, we can say Georgina is better than both the fantasy and real alt-right, so…good for her? It’s not a high bar, though.

      Thank you!


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