Frederick/Drew, Weird

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“Hey, Frederick.”

Drew just kind of appeared behind Frederick while Frederick was writing a thank you note to the kitchen for the cake they’d had for dessert last night. Officially it was good for Franz to be appreciative of stuff, which was why Frederick was going to forge his signature on it. The people in the kitchen would know Frederick had written it, and it was also good for them to know he was appreciative of stuff, because he was. So it was a good use of time.

“Hey, Drew,” Frederick said, trying not to be jealous of Drew’s sneakiness. Where he’d learned it Frederick didn’t know, but he was better at sneaking than Frederick was and Frederick wasn’t jealous, but he was a spy and part of him couldn’t help but think he should be better at sneaking than Drew. “What’s up?” he asked, as if he didn’t know. Drew had been here an hour ago.

“I talked to Silas and he said it was okay,” Drew said, hands on Frederick’s arm. He gave a tug. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Okay,” said Frederick, smiling. Drew was so cute. And a bit weird. They’d had sex a few times and Drew always acted like it was their first time. “Just one second, I’m almost done.”

“The kitchen can wait, they don’t care and you don’t even like chocolate mousse,” Drew said, pulling Frederick out of his chair.

Frederick laughed a little at Drew’s insistence, setting down his pen. “How did you know that?” He didn’t usually let people know when he didn’t like stuff.

“You told me once,” Drew said, tugging Frederick to his bedroom. “Remember? They’d made all those desserts for a big party and they were letting us taste the leftover ones and you said the chocolate mousse was your least favourite?”

“Oh, yeah,” Frederick said. That had been a few years ago. “I’m surprised you remember that.”

“I remember everything.” Drew shut Frederick’s bedroom door and smiled wide at him. He’d been smiling so much since he’d come back from his trip. “I remember you saying you liked it when boys were a bit pushy with you.”

Frederick had said that last time they’d been together. Drew had been saying a bunch of stuff about not liking how Frederick had let Harrison manhandle him, and Frederick had tried to explain why he liked that. “Yeah, I…”

Drew pushed Frederick against the door and kissed him, cutting Frederick’s words off before the rest of them could form. He kissed Frederick passionately, almost too much, holding him tight, almost too tight, against the door. He didn’t quite know his own strength, Frederick thought, but who could blame him. Frederick could feel how hard he was in his pants.

When he was out of breath, Drew rested his head against Frederick’s. “That was good. You liked that, right? You did, I can tell.” He was smiling again, slipping his hand into Frederick’s pants, into his loincloth.

Frederick gasped as Drew took him in hand, and nodded. “Y-yeah, I did,” he said, though Drew was being a bit intense for him. “Are, are you okay? You don’t seem quite yourself…”

Drew paused, blinking once. “Why would you say that? Don’t you like how I’m acting? Should I act different?”

“What, no,” Frederick said, because Drew sounded hurt. “No, that’s not what I mean. You just seem more intense than usual today.”

Drew smirked, kissing Frederick again. “That’s just because I’m hornier than usual. You are too, right? You are, I can tell. Stand still, okay? I want to suck your dick.”

Frederick nodded, let Drew get down to his knees and take him into his mouth. He put a hand on Drew’s head as Drew started sucking. Drew kept Frederick pushed against the door as he did. “That’s really good, Drew, that’s really good…”

It was really good. Drew was acting a bit weird, but he was always a bit weird. He was just excited, right? It was nothing. Frederick was being silly.

So he just leaned back and enjoyed himself, until Drew decided it was time for them to get on the bed.

Drew made all the decisions that day.



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