Geoffrey/Kyle, Baby Boy

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This had been a mistake. Geoffrey pulled out his phone to cancel the appointment, put in his password. Then paused on his home screen, a picture of Giacomo in a bathing suit from earlier this year. He was so cute. He’d been laughing at a joke Geoffrey had made, and Geoffrey had taken the picture without his permission. It had felt right.

Giacomo was out of town, and Geoffrey felt like he was doing everything wrong in his absence. After a lot of wallowing and wishing Giacomo could fuck him and tell him to stop being stupid like usual, Geoffrey had decided to do the logical thing and seek validation through random sex and had gone and signed himself up as a worker on Luck Buddies, figuring he’d get a few horny messages on his pictures but not much else.

He’d been so shocked when someone had wanted to book him for a night that he’d said yes. And so here he was, in front of an apartment door. He wasn’t supposed to go to a new john’s home, but whatever, he probably wouldn’t get murdered. This Kyle guy obviously had pretty low standards, but he’d be stupid to murder Geoffrey when there we a bunch of messages between them, mostly Kyle telling Geoffrey what to wear and how to act when he was here.

The last message he had said to go right in, so Geoffrey opened the door, taking a breath as he stepped into the humid apartment. “Daddy?” he called out. “I’m home.”

He’d been unsure about the daddy kink thing, but it was the one thing Kyle had insisted on, and Geoffrey hadn’t wanted to break it off with the only person who’d been complimenting him lately. When Geoffrey had sent him pictures of the tiny shorts and anime t-shirt he was wearing today, Kyle had sent back a dick pic and then nothing for ten minutes before telling Geoffrey he was hot. There wasn’t an immediate answer, so Geoffrey took a few steps into the apartment, taking his shoes off. “Daddy?”

A living room came into view, and there was Kyle, looking just like his pictures, sitting on a couch. “You’re late, son.”

Geoffrey blinked. “No, I’m not.” They’d agreed to meet at three-thirty. He was actually thirty seconds early.

Kyle got up, came over to Geoffrey. He put a hand on Geoffrey’s arm, gently pulling him into the room. “Don’t talk back to your daddy, you stupid boy. Tell me where you were.”

Geoffrey shivered for a second, but let Kyle sit him on the couch. “I, I came right home from school, Daddy, I promise.” Kyle had asked him to do the whole schoolboy thing. He hadn’t told Geoffrey exactly what to say or what he’d be saying, though.

“Liar,” Kyle said, grip tightening on Geoffrey’s arm. “I promise I won’t get mad if you tell me who you were with.”

“I…” Geoffrey could do this. “I just hung out with Byron and Jace for a bit.” He’d almost said the names of some actual people, but it was better not to do that.

Kyle smiled, his grip loosening. He kissed Geoffrey possessively. “See, was that so hard, son?”

Geoffrey shook his head. “No, Daddy…woah!” Kyle had pulled him down, over his lap, and was now stroking Geoffrey’s ass. “What are you doing?”

Kyle gave him a swat. “Don’t ask stupid questions, boy.” He tugged Geoffrey’s shorts down, cupping his ass. “You know what I’m doing.” He gave Geoffrey another smack.

“Hey, this…this isn’t what you paid for…” Kyle’s booking hadn’t included anything about spanking.

“Sh, baby, sh,” Kyle said, giving Geoffrey another spank. “You behave because you’re a good boy, not because you want an allowance.”

That sent a jolt right to Geoffrey’s dick and he wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like he needed the money and he didn’t care about getting a spanking, so he just pouted a little for effect. “I am a good boy.”

“You’re a dumb slut who can’t follow basic instructions,” Kyle said, with another spank. “I know an ass that’s been fucked when I see one.” Kyle had asked Geoffrey to stretch himself with a dildo before coming over. “Did Byron and Jace take turns on you or do you together?”

“They…” Geoffrey panted, trying to catch his breath as Kyle kept spanking him. Shit. “They took turns, Daddy.”

“No wonder you were so late.” Kyle stopped spanking him and hauled Geoffrey up. He rubbed a thumb over Geoffrey’s lip. “You’re such a pretty boy, son. But you’re so stupid. Do you understand that I’m only punishing you so that you learn?”

Geoffrey nodded, knowing there were tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ll come right home tomorrow, I promise.”

Kyle smiled at him and it was the first time anyone had really looked at Geoffrey all week. “I’m sure you will. Now take those slutty shorts off and come sit in Daddy’s lap.”

Geoffrey nodded, getting up and carefully stepping out of the shorts. As he did that, Kyle was pulling his cock out, carefully lubing it up. He didn’t put a condom on, even though he hadn’t paid extra for bareback. He took off his shirt too, revealing a chest of tattoos.

Geoffrey swallowed and climbed back into Kyle’s lap, raising himself up and, with a bit of hesitation that he hoped wasn’t obvious, pressing down onto Kyle’s cock. “There’s a good boy,” Kyle groaned, hands on Geoffrey’s hips. He pushed Geoffrey down. “Don’t need to be gentle with you today since your friends stretched you out for me, right?”

“Y-yeah,” Geoffrey said, letting Kyle bounce him up and down. He hadn’t expected to be into this. He was so hard. Kyle wasn’t touching him, but his dick was rubbing against Kyle’s chest. “Yeah, they did, Daddy.”

“Good,” said Kyle. He started moving hard up into Geoffrey, fucking him pretty fast. Geoffrey could take it. He wasn’t so used to bottoming as Giacomo, but he could take it. “You should invite them for a sleepover. If they’re going to be using my little whore’s hole then I want to meet them.”

Geoffrey shuddered, dick leaking. “Okay, okay, Daddy, I will. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Kyle nipped Geoffrey’s ear. “Whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Then let’s see you cum, baby boy.”

Geoffrey whimpered as he obeyed his daddy, shooting all up Kyle’s chest. Kyle kissed his cheek as he did it, and he started ramming Geoffrey harder. He flipped them over, put Geoffrey on his back and started pounding his ass like he’d just started. Geoffrey was so buzzed from his orgasm and so sensitive that he barely noticed.

He clung to Kyle the whole time, whispering “Daddy” now and then as Kyle fucked him, and when Kyle came, Geoffrey whimpered some more as he was filled up.

“There you go,” Kyle said, cuddling him on the couch. “That’s a good boy.”

“I love you, Daddy,” Geoffrey muttered.

Kyle was quiet for a second, then he snorted, fixing Geoffrey’s hair. “I love you too, baby boy. Go have your shower, okay?”

Geoffrey nodded, carefully untangling himself and getting up off the couch. He staggered to the living room door, then paused as a memory surfaced. At the end of the scene he was going to have a shower and that was his cue to go home.

To go back to being nobody’s baby boy.

He looked over his shoulder, saw Kyle on his phone. Probably paying Geoffrey. “Daddy?” he asked, in a small voice. Kyle looked up. “Could you wash my back?”

A grin spread across Kyle’s face and he stood up, coming over and putting his arms around Geoffrey. He kissed Geoffrey’s neck. “Sure thing, baby boy. I’ll order pizza for supper after, would you like that?”

Geoffrey nodded, and let Kyle walk him to the bathroom. He made sure to memorize the way there. He was pretty sure he’d be back soon.



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