Saavi/Takon/Tarsh, Lair

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Saavi clutched his coin purse to his chest, fearful that someone might steal it. He’d been saving coins for months and if he lost them now he’d never get what he wanted for his birthday.

Saavi’s brothers had told him that next year he’d be old enough that they’d take him to a brothel on his birthday. But he’d decided he was old enough this year and had come to the Lair by himself. It was his birthday and he deserved to get at least one thing he wanted instead of just stuff that everyone thought he should want. He was going to have sex today and he was doing to have it with a dragon and nobody was going to stop him.

So he went inside. He knew what to expect in theory. He’d tell someone what he wanted, he’d get it and then he’d pay. It was easy. There was a man at a desk just inside the door. “H-hello,” Saavi said to him. “I’m here for, well…”

The man smiled kindly at him. “Ten coppers is the entry fee.”

Oh. “I thought I was supposed to pay…after?” And more than that. He had way more than ten coppers.

“Not here. You pay us to get in and then you and whichever dragon picks you decide how much you pay for the rest.”

Okay, so it was more expensive than it seemed. That was okay, Saavi had six months of money. His family wasn’t poor and he’d worked hard doing as many errands as he could. He started counting out the ten coppers. “What do you mean picks me? I don’t…pick a dragon?”

“Dragons don’t like to be picked, kid. Makes them jealous.”

Oh, that made sense. Saavi had met a few dragons at his parents’ work parties and they seemed nice. But everyone said they were territorial and jealous.

They were also hot though, so Saavi slid the coins over to the man, who nodded. “If you want, you can leave your clothes in a box here,” he said. “Otherwise it’s not our responsibility if you have nothing to wear home.”

“Why would…” Saavi thought about that as he said it and realized what the answer was. He blushed at the thought of a dragon just…ripping his clothes right off. “Oh…okay, thank you.”

As much as he liked the idea, he probably shouldn’t walk into his house for his birthday supper butt naked, so he took a box and slowly took off his shirt and his pants, along with his boots, and stored them inside it. After some consideration, he decided to keep his smallclothes and chest binder on. The dragons could rip those off, that would be…good.

Saavi nodded to himself and gave the box to the man, who gestured him to the door behind the desk, and Saavi took a breath and went through, armed only with his coin purse and his smallclothes.

He stepped into an oppressively warm room, expecting to see dragons or an orgy or a dragon orgy, and…actually there was just one guy, sweeping the floor. He was naked and Saavi didn’t know if it was rude to look at him or not, so he just kind of looked at his feet.

Oh, he had nice feet, damn. There were some couches in front of a fireplace and doors leading off in different directions. Where was Saavi supposed to go?

“You lost?” the guy with the broom asked.

Saavi shook his head. “I’m trying to find…you know. Dragons?”

The guy smiled at him. “Why don’t you just have a seat? They’ll find you, trust me.”

Oh, okay. “How do they…know I’m here?”

“They know.”

Right. Sure. Saavi went and sat down. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” The guy kept sweeping the room and Saavi sat there for a bit. A door opened and he looked up. A dragon came through, totally naked, huge dick swinging as he walked. He glanced at Saavi, who started to speak, before the dragon looked away, obviously not interested. Oh. The dragon wandered through another door.

Another dragon came through, glancing at Saavi, but then ignoring him when he said hi. The next dragon also ignored him. Did…were all the dragons just going to ignore Saavi? Maybe they were. Another one came by, wandered through, this one with a human on his arm. She was super hot. Saavi wasn’t. He was just okay. That was the real reason his brothers wanted to wait a year. In the hope that he’d use that year to get better looking. Crap, this had been a mistake. Maybe he should just leave…

“Hey, you.”

Saavi jumped, looked up. Arms wrapped around him from behind, stroking his chest, and there was a dragon with orange horns and bright, bright green eyes smiling down at him. “H-h-hi,” Saavi said.

“You look a bit sad. You lonely?”

“I, I guess so? A little?” Saavi wasn’t sure. Was he lonely or just horny? “I’m, I’m not sad.”

“Oh, good,” said the dragon, leaning down and getting closer to Saavi’s face. He slipped his hands underneath Saavi’s binding. “We try not to let people be sad here. Or lonely. Especially not cute people.”

Cute? Saavi was cute? His face felt so hot. “I’m Saavi.”

“That’s a pretty name,” said another voice, and Saavi jumped again, seeing a second dragon in front of him, on the floor, hands on Saavi’s thighs. He had blue wings and horns, but the same green eyes. “I’m Takon. My siremate’s name is Tarsh.”

“Hi,” Saavi said to them. He had a big obvious wet spot on his smallclothes, wow. They were so hot. “Um. Are you guys going to…pick me?”

“Hm…” Takon said, sniffing up Saavi’s belly. He fingered Saavi’s waistband. “I don’t know. What’s that in your hand, Saavi?”

“It’s…my money. You can…I’ll give it to you.” Tarsh took it as he said that. “It’s, I’m sorry it’s not very much. It’s all the money I could get…”

“This is all the money you have?” Tarsh asked, pouring the coins out into his hand.

Saavi nodded, embarrassed. It was so little. They were just going to laugh at him.

“Wow,” said Takon. “Not many humans come in and give us everything they have. Yeah, I think we’ll pick you.”

“I think so too,” said Tarsh.

Saavi’s heart skipped and he felt himself clench a little. “R-really? That’s…thank you. It’s my birthday and…” Why had he said that? That was stupid.

“And you wanted a present for yourself,” Takon finished. He kissed Saavi’s belly, hands coming up to his smallclothes now. He raised up a little so Saavi could see his dick, which was hard. It was so big, shit. “Well, we’ll keep you company so you don’t have to be lonely today.”

“Th-thank you,” Saavi said, as Tarsh’s hands slid further down and Tarsh licked his ear. His dick was in Saavi’s line of sight and it was just as big. Crap, both of those were going to go inside him? Both of them? “I do, I do have to go home later. For supper, and…”

Tarsh bit his ear. “You’re going to miss it.”


“Shh,” Takon told him. And he ripped Saavi’s smallclothes off, while Tarsh did the same to his chest binder. Saavi couldn’t help but whimper as hot air hit him. He should have kept his other clothes on so they could rip those too. “You just be quiet and let us give you your present, birthday boy.”

Saavi nodded, not sure he had it in him not to. “It’s my first time,” he whispered. “Can you go a little easy on me?”

Both dragons chuckled, and Tarsh licked Saavi’s ear. “No,” he whispered, wrapping his tail around Saavi’s neck while Takon spread Saavi’s legs, tongue probing at Saavi’s entrance.

Saavi had never been so happy not to get what he’d asked for.



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