Stuart/David, Duty

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The door shutting behind Stuart made him swallow. He didn’t know how this was going to go. But it was probably going to go up his ass.

“Hey, no need to be nervous,” said Sir David, patting Stuart’s back. He seemed nice enough. He was a little younger than Stuart’s dad and had dark eyes, and he’d been friendly and had spent the dinner asking Stuart about his life and family.

“Sorry, sir,” said Stuart, chuckling a little. Everyone fucked their squires on the first night. Maybe this would be the only time David did it. He didn’t seem gross.

“No need to be sorry, either. Here, help me out of this armour.”

Stuart nodded and went about doing that. He could do that. No big deal. He could do all of this. He wanted to be a knight. And he was now.

Once Sir David’s armour was off, Stuart put it away in the corner and then started taking his own off while Sir David undressed. “Hope you don’t mind just going to bed,” Sir David said. “It’s been a long evening.”

“Yeah,” Stuart agreed with a nod. Graduation, assignments, the banquet. It had been a lot. “That’s fine with me, sir.”

Sir David pulled down his pants. “Good. Come on over here and suck my cock, then.”

Stuart blinked. Oh. He hadn’t expected that so…abruptly. But he took a breath and did as he was told, kneeling beside the bed and reaching for Sir David’s cock. It wasn’t that big, he guessed, though it also wasn’t hard yet. He gave it a squeeze and then put it in his mouth, lapping at the head with his tongue. He’d learned how to do this. It wasn’t so bad.

Sir David pushed Stuart’s head down, chubbing up fast in Stuart’s mouth. He didn’t say anything for a while as he let Stuart bob up and down on him, keeping his head so Stuart couldn’t ever pull completely off. He got fully hard and he certainly felt bigger than Stuart had expected, but he could handle it. It was smaller than…

Stuart swallowed and kept going. Sir David tapped his cheek, and Stuart looked up at him. “Here,” said Sir David, handing him a bottle of oil. “I’m going to want your other end soon, so get yourself ready.”

Okay. Stuart nodded and took the oil, carefully uncapping it and pouring it on one hand. He reached around behind himself and pulled down his pants, trying to stretch himself. Of course that meant he no longer had his hands to help him with Sir David, who was now totally in control of how much of his cock went into Stuart’s mouth. Stuart could take it. It was his duty. It wasn’t so bad, really.

Not even when Sir David came, shoving into his throat and making him gag as he squirted hot cum inside Stuart. “There we go,” Sir David said, pushing Stuart’s head down onto him, no concern that Stuart was struggling to breathe through his nose and hearing jeering that wasn’t present.

When he let Stuart off, Stuart took a second to catch his breath, coughing once. “You okay, Stuart?”

Stuart nodded, looking up. “Yes, sir. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Sir David patted his head. “One of your duties is going to be to do that for me every morning. I like to wake up with my cock in a mouth. Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” Stuart said, wishing his voice didn’t sound hoarse.

“Good. If you don’t wake up in time…” Sir David pulled him up onto the bed, giving his ass a squeeze. “I’ll find another hole to fill and then you’ll have a fun wake-up call.” He pulled Stuart’s pants down and off, and removed his shirt too. “And that’ll set the tone for which hole I’ll fill throughout the day when I need it, got it?”

“Sure,” Stuart muttered, kind of wishing Sir David had left him keep his clothes on. Being naked made his feel weirder. “Got it, sir.”

Sir David lined up behind Stuart, hand running down his back. “I think you and I are going to get along just fine,” he said, pushing inside. Stuart gasped. “Seems like we get each other.”

They didn’t get each other. Sir David didn’t get that Stuart didn’t like getting fucked in the ass, and Stuart didn’t get why Sir David wanted to fuck a boy. But Stuart nodded, because Sir David was his boss now and they were going to spend two years doing this and he didn’t want them to be harder than necessary.

Sir David didn’t fuck Stuart harder than necessary, really. Stuart had been fucked enough times to be used to it and Sir David did it just fine. Stuart wasn’t into it so he was mostly bored, but at least Sir David didn’t try to get him to dirty talk or anything. He just kind of fucked Stuart, grunting now and then, moving him into a better position a few times.

Then after a long-ass time he came. “There we go,” he sighed, pumping three, four, five shots of cum into Stuart’s ass. Then he pulled out, gave Stuart a pat. “Good job.”

“Thank you, sir,” Stuart said, not sure what else to say as he got up carefully.

Sir David smiled at him. He wiped his dick off with his dirty shirt and then dropped. “Okay, you get cleaned up and get to bed, okay? Long day of training tomorrow, we’re going to see what else you can do.”

Stuart nodded, and Sir David just got in bed and lowered the lamp out like nothing had happened.

Stuart’s dick wasn’t even half hard, and even that half was gone by the time he was done cleaning up in the low light. He crawled into the cot at the end of Sir David’s bed, thinking about jerking off. He sighed, and didn’t bother.

He’d known this was what he was signing up for when he’d agreed to become a knight. He could handle it. It was just sex.

It was just his duty.



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