Tegan, Law Enforcement

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Tegan was a burglar, not a thief. He broke into places, but he didn’t usually steal from them. That was just his personal moral code.

That said, if Tegan was in another world and he happened to be holding something and he happened to get sucked back into his world while he was holding it, that wasn’t technically stealing because it wasn’t technically his fault.

But apparently just carrying something for too long was a crime in this weird colorful world? Tegan didn’t really know, but he’d found some pens in a gigantic indoor market and he’d been carrying them until he mysteriously vanished, when suddenly something loud had started screaming at him and then a man in what was clearly a guard uniform had accosted him.

Now Tegan was in a small room with his pens and the man and the man was asking him brusque questions that Tegan couldn’t answer because they did not speak anything resembling the same language. “Listen,” Tegan said, making himself sound very reasonable. “I’m sorry. I feel like an apology should be a universal language. I didn’t know your market had weird rules about carrying things for too long. I’m sorry.” He bowed a little bit to make it clear that he was sorry, trying to spread his hands, which he couldn’t do, because they were bound at the wrists with some thin manacles.

The guard sighed, looking around the small room. He held up the pens and said something. “You can keep them, really,” Tegan said. “I don’t want them that much.”

The guard smiled, slid them across the table to Tegan. Tegan frowned, picked them up, looking at them. They were just pens, honestly.

Getting up, the guard came around the table. He got Tegan to get out of the chair, making him kneel on the floor. He held the pens out with one hand, and undid his belt with the other.

Tegan didn’t really want the pens badly enough to blow a guy for them, but on the other hand, if a guy was offering, why not? He reached up and helped the guy free his dick with his bound hands, and Tegan leaned forward and started sucking him off. It had been quite a while since he’d done this, but he liked being tied up, so again, why not? The guy seemed pretty into it, which was fair because an objectively cute boy was sucking his dick, and Tegan looked up at him. He was smiling, holding Tegan’s head in place, so Tegan smiled back.

The guard pushed Tegan all the way down on his cock, and Tegan gagged a little, but he breathed through his nose, since he wasn’t being given a lot of choice not to. With a fistful of his hair, the guard was now pushing and pulling Tegan back and forth onto his cock. Tegan barely even had to do any of the work and well…

Tegan was kind of fucking lazy in bed, honestly. He knew that about himself, but his favourite thing was honestly to just lay there and let someone do whatever the fuck they wanted. So this was great.

But then the guy chose not to cum, just pulling out of Tegan’s mouth all at once and smirking down at him. He used the manacles to yank Tegan to his feet and had him bend over the table. Oh. Well this wasn’t hard to parse. He started patting Tegan, obviously to make sure he didn’t have anything in his pockets, which was an issue because he had a lot of things in his pockets. Fortunately none of them belonged in this market, but what were the chances the guard knew that?

He ended up undoing all of Tegan’s straps for his pouches, not really looking through them. Then he turned Tegan’s head to them as he pulled the back of Tegan’s pants down, cupping his ass tightly. Tegan spread his legs a little bit, laying himself on the table since his bound hands couldn’t really support him.

The guard obviously took that for an invitation and soon he was pressing into Tegan’s ass with no preparation, which fair enough, but also he should probably be a little more considerate. But then again, Tegan was seemingly under arrest, and though he didn’t know how guards worked in this world, this kind of jived with how they worked in his.

Tegan grunted as the guard started fucking him. “You could go a little easier,” he complained. “The pens couldn’t have been that valuable.”

The guard said something and started fucking Tegan harder, and Tegan sighed. Oh well, this was pretty great. He was just laying here, getting closer and closer to cumming, and he hadn’t been fucked this hard in a few months, actually, so…

The guy came, and then pulled out of Tegan. “Hey, wait, I’m not finished.”

But that was clearly that, because the guard pulled Tegan’s pants up for him and then took his manacles off, handing him all his pouches. Tegan reached into his pants, and the guard pulled his hand away with a smile that told Tegan he was doing it on purpose.

So Tegan glared at him and put all his pouches back on. “Jerk,” he muttered.

He went to leave, and the guard called out. Tegan turned, and found the package of pens pushed into his hands.

He snorted, taking them. “Thanks,” he said, kissing the guard’s cheek.

And he went out, heading back to where he’d found the pens, fully intending to just take something else off the shelf until he got yelled at again.

Because some languages were universal.



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