Character Profile: Devin

Name: Sir Devin Silversmith, Devin Argent (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Debbin, Golden Boy, Oak Mammoth, Sir Babysitter, Tree, the one who watches

Title(s): Knight of the Dolovin order

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 110 kg

Build: Muscular, sturdy

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Anita (ex-wife), Sir Warren Downhill (squire, former)

Family Relationships: Elly and Jackson (parents), Jonah (brother), Doyle (father, deceased) Deborah (daughter, deceased), Sir Eustace the Wise (mentor), Sir Gabrielle ven Sancte (best friend), the Dolovin order (family)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Standing, partner against wall

Kinks: Revealing clothing, costumes, uniform kink, dirty talk

Orgies Attended: Band of Bright Orgies, Regular Squire OrgiesThe Squires’ Pre-Anointing Orgy

Bio: The only son of a silversmith and a gemcutter, Devin grew up in Two Oaks with his family. His father died when he was ten and his mother remarried when he was twelve, which Devin resented. He became increasingly belligerent and finally ran away from home at age thirteen to join a mercenary troop called the Band of Bright Fighters, with whom he had several years of adventures in monster-slaying and bandit quelling before he finally decided that he wanted a more stable life and went to Three Hills to enroll in the order’s training school. Though much older than most trainees, Devin stuck with it and was eventually anointed. Though he originally chafed against the orders restrictions and rules, he eventually came to accept them and went on to excel as a knight and be commended many times for his bravery. Devin is currently the head of Princess Gabrielle’s personal bodyguard, and is widely considered to be one of the top contenders to replace the current knight commander on his retirement.


  • Devin doesn’t go back to Two Oaks that often, but he misses it
  • Though Devin had an acrimonious relationship with his stepfather when he was younger, they get along just fine now. Devin is a little awkward around Jonah, but only because he’s not used to interacting with people that much younger than him who aren’t squires
  • With the Band of Bright Fighters, Devin enjoyed considerable freedom, so long as his actions didn’t reflect badly on the group. Though the principles of the order’s behavioural codes were similar, Devin found them very restrictive when he joined and considered leaving repeatedly
  • Devin met Anita at a wrestling match where he’d been competing, and went home with her expecting a one-night stand. They got married when Devin was anointed and were married for fourteen years
  • Devin has been tried to take positions teaching at the school multiple times under his old mentor Sir Eustace, but he has constantly been offered other work instead
  • Devin and Anita’s daughter Deborah developed a fatal form of blood cancer when she was nine years old, and though they did everything they could to find her a magical healer, nobody could help her and she died. This precipitated Devin and Anita’s divorce, as they were both unable to cope with it
  • Devin was nearly picked to be Gabrielle’s mentor, but was ultimately passed over as he was felt to be slightly too old for it. He was just slightly smug when he was then chosen as the leader of her retinue a few years later
  • Devin can’t quite help himself from finding Prince Gavin incredibly obnoxious, and wonders if that’s partially Gabrielle’s influence
  • Devin’s ambition is not to be the knight commander, but he sees it as a duty like anything else, and if he is chosen for it, he will do it to the best of his ability
  • Devin is aware that several of the order’s squires are planning a miniature rebellion about some of the order’s traditions. He expects this from young people and is confident they’ll get over it when they get older


  • “Drop it and surrender peacefully, boy.”
  • “She ordered me to carry you if need be, sire.”
  • “I think you’ve spent enough time making an embarrassment of the order, lad. Someone’s got to show these boys and girls that you’re not invincible.”
  • “Honestly, you’re all a disgrace. Be bloody grateful that he came in peace or you’d all be dead. You’re knights, aren’t you? Act like it!”
  • “You’re ten minutes early. I expected you to be earlier, eager as I figured you were.”
  • “Maybe, but who’s like to attack a fortress full of knights? Who’s like to attack us that’s deterred by doors, that is.”
  • “Your commission was merit-based, but luck can earn merit. You show us killing that dragon wasn’t a fluke, and you’ll lose probationary status.”
  • “You’re insufferable. We never should have let you out of that cage.”
  • “No need to be nervous, son. Just don’t drop your sword and you’ll do fine.”
  •  “Why was I not informed of this?”
  • “Yes, sir, my apologies. And I’ll thank you not to take personal animosity as a reason to chastise a knight who did his job perfectly.”
  • “We’re all only human, sir.”
  • “I’m sorry. I just wanted to say congratulations.”


  • Devin used to think that different weather occurred because the sky had a personality and was doing things on purpose
  • Devin never wears a pair of socks twice. He can’t be bothered having them washed, so he just throws them away and buys new ones
  • When Devin was very young he was sexually assaulted by one of his father’s suppliers, which continued every few months for several years afterwards. He was embarrassed and never told anyone it happened
  • Devin always had an aptitude for fighting and is almost entirely self-taught, though a few people who passed through Two Oaks showed him some tricks now and then
  • Devin was affectionally known as Tree in the Band of Bright Fighters because of how much boys (and girls) liked to climb him, both literally and euphemistically
  • The whole time Devin was in the Band of Bright Fighters, he never slept alone—often he was with boy or girl (usually boy) from an area they’d done work in, but several of the members of the Band liked him as a sexual partner as well, often several at a time
  • When Devin was married to Anita he never touched his squires, but since they divorced he’s expected regular sexual service from all of them
  • Devin’s princely epithet of “Sir Babysitter” has rather unfortunately caught on among the squires of the order, and, to his embarrassment, now among the older knights as well
  • Devin has a reputation among the order’s squires for being hard to satisfy. Not because he has extremely high sexual standards, but because he has a lot of stamina and often needs lengthy periods of sexual stimulation before he orgasms. His most recent squire reported that the fastest blowjob he’d ever given Devin took an hour, though Devin thinks it was only forty-five minutes
  • Devin’s armour is custom-made to be sturdier than standard armour, but also to look just like it so he doesn’t seem ostentatious

Modern AU: Modern Devin is a high school gym teacher and soccer coach who also works as a personal trainer in his free time, mostly for a few rich people who happened to want him to keep helping them stay in shape. Devin has a reputation for being no-nonsense but also not being impossible to negotiate with under the right circumstances, and is well liked by his students and players. He is divorced and rarely talks about his ex-wife, and is making no real effort to find another partner. The fact that he often has a favourite player on his team is likely related to this, but the team doesn’t mind because it doesn’t impact who he puts into games. When he’s not at work, Devin spends time working out on his own to stay in shape, playing soccer on a local casual team. He also likes to fix cars and take care of his elaborate garden, and can often be found at flea markets looking through antique photo albums.

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