Knighthood, 103

Sex with Your Brothers in A Public Place Is A Great Way to Unwind after Work

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The weather had held for a few days after the wedding and it was still nice and springlike out as Erik and Robby dragged Edwin across half the city to wherever they’d decided was the best place to take Edwin on a shared date.

“This place is in the capital, right?” Edwin asked them. The portals hadn’t been put back up yet, so he was still staying in the city. But the wedding had gone off mostly without a hitch and the whole security team had had a really long debriefing and even though a few snarky comments had been made about Edwin staging an arrest outside the church, Sir Devin and Sir Elaine had been on his side, so it was fine.

If even the other high-ranking knights disagreed with Richard, Edwin wondered what that said about the knight commander’s ability to lead the order.

But anyway, he was out of the meeting now and everything was fine, and so he was just focused on Robby when he said, “Yes, it’s in the capital, Sir Edwin the Impatient. Come on.”

“You’ll like it, promise,” Erik agreed, hand on Edwin’s back.

“I never doubted that I’d like it,” Edwin protested. How could he not like something that his two brothers had come up with for him? “We’ve just been walking for a long-ass time.”

“We’re almost there,” Robby promised. “Just in here.” He took them down a street Edwin had never been down. “One of the guys in my class showed me this part of the city. It’s where most of the immigrants from Enjon live.”

Edwin nodded, looking around. The only person he knew from Enjon was Grey Rain. None of these people were werewolves, though, so that was that. Some of them had darker skin than Edwin, but their features and colouring were different from Kyainese or Imperial people, so he guessed they were Enjoni. “Hell of a long way to come from Enjon to here,” he observed.

“People really want to get away from the Empire, I guess?” Erik asked.

“I guess.” A lot of these people had clearly been here quite a while though. Their houses were built in a slightly different style than everywhere else in the city, and had stained glass in the window panes. They also seemed to like little statues and icons a lot; they were all over the buildings and people’s clothes.

Anyway, nobody was openly breaking the law in a way that mattered and so they were good people as far as Edwin was concerned. He did wonder why his and Erik’s patrols had never taken them to this part of the city, but that would be something to take up later when he was on-duty. For now, he just let Robby pull him over to a long building with six puffing chimneys, though when Edwin looked close, he didn’t think it was smoke they were puffing, but rather steam.

“Don’t worry, we’re allowed in, I already asked,” Robby promised, pulling Edwin inside a square room with two long counters between three doors. He went up to one of the counters and talked to the guy behind it for a second in a language Edwin didn’t know, handing him some coins. Then he waved them over. “The door on the left is for women,” he told them. “The one on the right is for men, and the one in the middle is for everyone.” He took them through the rightmost door.

“You didn’t tell me you knew Eesk,” Erik said to Robby.

“Nathnjek, and only like three sentences,” Robby said. “I memorized them.”

Of course he had. He was so smart. “Is this a bathhouse?” Edwin asked, as they entered a long room with a row of benches and a wall of cube shelves.

Robby nodded, taking them down the length of the room, past a door with a curtain in front of it. There was another door up ahead, and once they were closer to it, Robby smiled. “Sort of. They don’t really have bathhouses in Enjon, they have saunas instead. It’s a big steam room where you get clean by sweating and then just rinse off after.”

Edwin had, in fact, heard of a sauna, but he just nodded. “That’s cool.”

“Yeah. Big cities in Enjon have a bunch of them, but there’s not a big enough population in Three Hills to have more than just this one. Fortunately it caters to everyone.” Robby flashed a grin as he dropped his pants, and Edwin looked at Erik, who was also undressing.

“He means he wants to have public sex,” Erik explained.

Snorting, Edwin started to undress. “Well, he could have just said that.”

“I was hoping you’d pick up my horny vibes,” Robby explained. “The three steam rooms are actually six—they’re split into horny and non-horny sections. Obviously I decided the non-horny section was stupid.”

“Obviously,” Edwin agreed. “So you’ve been here before?”

“Just the once.” Robby smiled, already naked and helping Edwin with his boots now. “As soon as I walked in, I knew you’d like it.”

“Sure,” said Edwin. “Because you looked down, saw that my little brother was there butt naked, and remembered that I liked any place that was true in.”

Robby pinched Edwin’s bare nipple. “Come on, we’re doing something special.”

“Yeah, Edwin, stop being a skank at least until we’re in the room,” Erik teased, groping Edwin’s ass.

Edwin rolled his eyes and they put their clothes on the shelves, and then followed Robby through the curtained door and into an oppressively hot room with tiered benches along the walls and a huge vent in the floor.

“Traditionally they’d use a bed of coals that you pour water on,” Erik told Edwin. “But nowadays they just have a furnace and the staff control the amount of steam.”

“Saves on coal that way,” Edwin muttered. The room wasn’t packed, but they weren’t alone. There were two old guys not far from the door gently fucking, and not far from them was a younger guy who seemed to be asleep. A boy Robby’s age was kissing the chest of a boy a little younger as they went inside, and there were three guys about Edwin’s age just kind of hanging out and chatting to each other.

Robby found them a spot at the back wall and he sat, leaning back on the bench. “Isn’t it cool?” he asked.

“It’s actually pretty…” Robby kicked Edwin, so Edwin didn’t finish the joke, and he sat beside Robby. “Yeah, it’s great.”

“We were talking about taking you to a bathhouse,” Erik said, sitting on Edwin’s other side. “But Robby mentioned this place and it seemed more fun. There are supposed to be some good restaurants near here too, for afterwards.”

Edwin smiled at that, leaning on Erik and taking Robby’s hand in his. “That sounds nice,” he said. He could go for a lot of food, to be honest.

“Yeah,” said Robby. His voice was a little breathy, and when Edwin looked over at him, he was jerking off with his free hand. So, smiling, Edwin did the right thing and reached over with their shared hand to help Robby out. “Sorry,” Robby said, smiling sheepishly. “I didn’t plan to be horny right away or anything, but…”

Edwin kissed the side of his head. “Don’t apologize for being horny. That’s a valuable trait in this family.”

As he said that, Erik’s had slid around Edwin’s hardening cock, slowly stroking him to hardness. “Edwin would know. You should listen to him.”

“Hmm,” Robby agreed, sinking down a little, letting Edwin get him off. Edwin smiled, letting Erik do the same for him. The steam was really nice. “Okay. I will.”

And he kept sliding, slipping right off the bench, away from Edwin’s hand. Edwin looked at him, but Robby smiled up at him, crawling between Edwin’s legs.

Before he could do what he was clearly planning, Erik pulled Edwin into his lap, his cock firmly between Edwin’s legs. Robby kissed Edwin’s cock, trailing his tongue over the head, then around the base of the foreskin. Then he pulled off and kissed Erik’s cock as well, and Edwin watched him do it, leaning back into Erik’s chest as Erik nibbled at his neck.

Robby moved back to Edwin, giving him a lick, then a suck, before bobbing down onto Erik. He kept Erik there for a few seconds before letting him go, then sucked on one of Edwin’s balls, letting his teeth touch Edwin for just a second. Edwin watched Robby give Erik a long kiss before he took Edwin into his mouth, taking Edwin all the way down to the root.

Edwin almost thrust up into Robby’s throat, but he managed to keep himself in check, though he whimpered when Robby pulled off him, sucking Erik down now, his cheeks hitting Edwin’s thighs.

Erik switched sides, making little marks on the other side of Edwin’s neck now, reaching up and pinching one of Edwin’s nipples, playing with it as Robby moved back to Edwin. Erik’s cock was rubbing against Edwin’s thighs, hot and hard. Robby smiled at Edwin, and with a small kiss, then took all of Edwin in his mouth again, sucking hard as Erik pinched his nipple hard. Those three guys were watching them but Edwin barely noticed.

Edwin yelped and came right down Robby’s throat, spasming in place as Robby swallowed him all and Erik kissed him through it. Then, panting, he relaxed against Erik, watching Robby move down and take Erik’s twitching cock back in his mouth. Soon Erik gripped Edwin tighter, biting Edwin hard enough to draw just a little bit of blood as he too came inside their little brother’s mouth.

Wiping his mouth, Robby stood up. Edwin got him to stand on the bench, legs on either side of Erik’s thighs, so Erik and Edwin could both reach him, and it took them about four licks each to get Robby cumming all over their faces.

Edwin steadied Robby to make sure he didn’t fall backwards, and then helped him sit down on the higher tier of benches, his legs at chest height with them. Robby sighed. “Yeah,” he said, smiling. “Yeah, I will.”

Edwin chuckled at that and pulled him down to sit beside them again, and the three of them cuddled together in the steam. “Hope you told the school that you’re not coming back tonight,” Edwin said.

Robby nodded. Erik kissed both of them. “We shouldn’t stay in too long, we’ll get overheated.”

“We can sit for a while longer, though,” decided Edwin.

And so the three brothers sat together for a long while, enjoying the steam, enjoying each other.

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