Prince, 101

After the Wedding, It’s Nice to Just Be Together Quietly

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“Your apartments are considerably larger than mine,” Franz considered, looking around Gabrielle’s bedroom. Their bedroom.

“That’s because I’m considerably more important than you,” Gabrielle told him, pinching Franz’s nipple.

Franz smirked at that, looked sidelong at his wife. “Well, now I’m going to move into your large apartments and fill them with all my things.”

“You don’t have that many things,” Gabrielle told him.

“No, but I have a lot of people.”

“Yeah, they’re not allowed to move in.” Gabrielle waited just a beat, then snorted on Franz’s shoulder. “Imagine if I’d waited until after the wedding to be that bitch.”

“I mean,” said Franz, who’d known she wouldn’t, “what good would being that bitch before the wedding have been?”

“Good point. Anyway, I don’t care if you move your harem in here. They’ll have to learn to get along with my servants.”

Gabrielle didn’t have the relationship with her servants that Franz had with his. “I figured I’d maintain the old apartments, unless someone evicts me,” Franz told her. “They can officially be Donny’s, but Frederick and Silas can stay in them. I also don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with us having two living spaces.”

“Neither do I,” Gabrielle said. She’d had extensions put in her hair for the wedding and so her new hair was fanned out all over the bed behind her. Since she was laying on his arm, Franz couldn’t help but play with it. She was going to get them taken out soon, but Franz liked them. “There’s nothing inherently wrong with us not sleeping together every night, either.”

Franz nodded. “I expect we’ll sleep together most nights. Obviously sometimes I’ll be with Boey.”

“And sometimes he’ll be here with us,” Gabrielle agreed. “There’ll be times when I’m not here, too. Not often.”

Franz nodded. “So, don’t wait up for you?”

“I’m not used to having to let anyone know when I’m not going to be back. But I promise I’ll try to remember.”

“Okay. If I’m not planning to be here, I’ll let you know too.”

“Between us we have hundreds of servants,” Gabrielle said with a small chuckle. “I’m sure we can get them to run messages between us.”

“Like normal married people.” Franz kissed her.

“Didn’t your parents ever communicate through servants?” Gabrielle asked him. “Mine do, sometimes.”

“Well,” Franz said. He didn’t have a rebuttal to that, so he just kissed Gabrielle again. “You’ve got me there.”

“I’ve got you in a lot of places,” Gabrielle promised, sliding her hand down. “I don’t really want to get up.”

“Me either,” said Franz. “But we can’t actually stay in bed until the honeymoon.” They were going on a trip to some ven Sancte lands a few days away, and then they were going to do a tour of the country and visit all the major noble houses.

“Hm,” said Gabrielle. “I wonder who would actually stop us from doing that.”

“Your parents?”

“Would stop me from laying in bed with my husband? I’d better fucking hope not.” Gabrielle smiled. “They might walk in on us having sex and as much as I know they’d like to have more grandchildren, I don’t imagine they want to see it happening.”

“I imagine not,” Franz agreed, pulling her closer. “So…does that mean you don’t want to have sex again?”

Gabrielle’s hand wrapped around Franz’s cock, starting to stroke him. “Obviously it doesn’t mean that.”

“Oh, good.” Franz gave her another kiss, this time slower, deeper. “Because that would have made me very sad.”

“Well, we can’t have that.” Gabrielle stroked Franz to hardness, which didn’t take very long. “As your devoted wife I do, of course, strive to make you happy in all things.”

Franz slid his hand between Gabrielle’s legs, massaging her wetness from the outside. “All things but especially, I hope, my dick.”

“It’s a part of you I am growing more attached to,” she admitted, as Franz slipped a finger inside her, and then other one.

“One I’ve always enjoyed,” Franz agreed. “Please be assured that you have many similarly compelling body parts.”

Gabrielle quirked an eyebrow. “Is that your idea of a romantic comment?”

“Uh…yes? I thought we were slowly transitioning into dirty talk.”

“And similarly compelling body parts is your idea of dirty talk?”

“Hm.” Franz kissed her again. “How about we fuck now?”

“Good idea.”

Gabrielle rolled onto her back and pulled Franz on top of her, hand still on his cock. She smiled up at him as she guided him downwards, positioning him against her entrance between his two fingers. So Franz withdrew those as he slid his cock inside, her warmth accepting him easily.

She kept her hands on his hips and Franz kept his on her shoulders, sliding deep inside her, then pulling out in a long movement. He didn’t go fast, or hard. They had lots of time, all day and their whole lives, and there was no rush.

Gabrielle gripped him hard, but didn’t encourage him to go faster. He kissed her, then moved down and kissed her neck, her shoulder, her breast. But it was her lips he kept returning to, kissing them over and over again as if addicted, because he was.

She kissed him back, moved her hips along with his, but mostly let Franz do the work this time, and Franz was more than happy to do every bit of work necessary to make them both feel good. He did, all over, and Gabrielle’s breathy sounds, the moans she let out every few seconds, her fingers leaving bruises on his hips, told him that she was feeling good too.

So Franz kept going, tasting Gabrielle and letting her pleasure consume him as they moved together, one body, a partnership that would last forever. He didn’t know which of them came first, but they rode it together, the waves of orgasm that took them both away from the room and the castle, but not from each other, never from each other.

When they were done, however long later, it was Franz’s turn to rest his head on Gabrielle’s shoulder. “I love you,” he muttered.

“I love you too,” she said back, hand on his back now, stroking between his shoulders.

“I think we should eat something today, though.”

“Hm. In a little bit.”

Franz nodded. They had all the time in the world. And he was happy to take some of it to just be together.

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