Sex Demons’ Working Vacation

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The little werewolf boy Donny was fucking hadn’t even needed his mind zapped to convince him to hop on. Donny had had a go at his thoughts and found that he mostly didn’t have any, so he was thinking he’d spend some time up here on Nova’s northernmost landmass.

“Oh, oh,” said the werewolf, whose name was Maple Song. “That’s really awesome! Do it again!”

Donny shrugged and did it again, whatever it was. All he’d done was thrust pretty hard. He pinched the kid’s nipple, which made him yelp. “So you were telling me about your pack?”

“Oh yeah!” said Maple Song with an exaggerated nod. “Yeah! They’re awesome! You’ll like them because they all like sex and you seem to like sex too! You can have sex with whoever you want there! Especially me!”

Donny rammed into Maple Song and let an orgasm overtake him, filling the kid up with demon cum. “I can have sex with whoever I want anyway,” he said, standing Maple Song up. “But sure, take me there.”

“Okay! But you’re not allowed to like any of the other werewolves better than me! Unless you want to! But you shouldn’t! Oh, you know who I think you’ll like?” Maple Song asked, leading Donny by the dick through the streets of the city called Narwhal Junction. “Shadowwatcher! He also likes sex a lot! And he’s my favourite person to have sex with, even more than you! No offence, but I know that was mean so I’ll suck your dick after to make you feel better!”

Donny chuckled, but he let Maple Song prattle on as they walked, because it was cute. He did stop them on the way there to take that blowjob, then again for another round of anal, then again so they could have a small orgy with some merchants and their cute sons. But eventually, they got to the Horn District, and Donny casually waved at the sign to change it to the Horny District, because he was juvenile.

There, Maple Song led him to a house with a red door, and inside was a redheaded human guy fucking a little boy in a chair while some other boys were having fun on the floor. “You must be Shadowwatcher,” Donny said, not bothering to use magic on the room. “Love the work you’ve done here.”

“He’s, he’s the guy who made the big-big orgy happen, right?” asked the boy in Shadowatcher’s lap.

Shadowwatcher nodded. “Yeah. Hi, I’m Mads, this is Nuka. The other boys will introduce themselves to you when you get to them. But first, Crow wants to talk to you, Adonis.”

Donny tensed at his name, but the smallest boy in the house took his hand, looking up at him. And through him. A seer. He held up his other hand and Donny picked him up, laying him on the table. “I’d like to know how you got here,” said Crow, as Donny slid inside him.

“And I’d like to pound your ass for a few hours,” Donny told him with a smirk.

Crow surprised him by smirking back. Something dark reared up behind Donny. “We’ll both get what we want, then,” he said. “Now, tell me about the angel named Cecil.”

“So you just turn everything you see into a fuck cult,” Kai said, letting some boy eat his ass while he talked to the star god named Lyren. He didn’t seem like much of a god to Kai, but Kai had never met a god, so what did he know?

“It’s not quite that straightforward,” Lyren said, bouncing his high priest Drew in his lap.

“I should hope not, my department only deals in straight things in exceptional circumstances. Tell me.”

Kai’s powers didn’t really work on Lyren, but at least Lyren’s didn’t work on him either. He’d found him when he’d tried to zap some guy who’d turned out to already be under Lyren’s control. He seemed like a fun guy, though his fuck cult was way smaller than it could be.

“We’re trying to rebuild something important, that let my people control this world,” Lyren explained. “Some humans destroyed it a long time ago.”

Well, that was suitably vague that Kai certainly believed that Lyren came from a long line of management. “And you’re using a fuck cult to do it because…”

“Because humans are controlled by their sex drives,” Lyren said with a shrug. “Surely you know that. And also because my high priest is very horny.”

“What good vibes he has,” Kai said, though Drew’s vibes were kind of dull. He seemed a bit dumb, though, and that wasn’t a bad thing. “Okay well, I’m here for a little while. I’ll help you expand your fuck cult and take over the world if you want. For fun.”

“It’s not that simple, there’s this other god called Nathen…”

As he said that, something shifted about Drew’s vibes and they became sharper, spikier. He turned to Kai in a motion that looked arachnid and frowned. “Hello,” he said. “You’re the one who’s been causing all this chaos.”

There were black threads arising from him, a particularly interesting possession spell. “I guess you have me at a disadvantage,” Kai said, pushing his ass-eater back and sitting on his face.

“My name is Klaus. I’m rather afraid you’re causing me problems on this world. I wonder if I could convince you to take your business elsewhere.”

Kai smirked, waving another one of Lyren’s boys over to suck his dick. Lyren didn’t seem surprised by Klaus’s appearance, which Kai would talk to him about after. “Oh but Klaus,” he said. “I’m not here on business. This is all pleasure.”

“And this is the kitchen, I guess.”

Nat nodded, trying to remember that. “Okay.”

“Uh, that’s it,” said the human boy named Todd. “You’ve seen everything in the castle.”

“Oh.” Nat looked around. It was just a hallway. “I thought when your king said I’d get a tour that it would be like, a horny tour.” It had been a bit horny, but only because people liked fucking in this castle. Nat had been making everyone in this plateau fuck for practice when he’d come across this castle.

“I mean, do you want a horny tour? You can fuck me if you want,” said Todd, who was naked and wearing a cock cage. The tour had been interrupted several times so people could fuck him.

“No, I’m good,” muttered Nat. He wished Jake were here. “I’m just going to hang around a bit and then leave. You can go back to getting fisted or whatever.”

“Whatever,” said Todd, and he fucked off. He didn’t seem very friendly. Nat’s powers were supposed to make people friendly.

Nat wandered off, looking around the castle. It felt like there was something powerful here, but he couldn’t track it down. A few hallways over, Todd was getting fisted by some guy, and he didn’t even see Nat pass him.

Then suddenly Nat felt the power he was looking for, right behind him. “Hi there,” said a boy’s voice.

Nat turned, saw a chunky, dark-skinned boy with bright eyes. “Hi,” said Nat, reaching his powers out. “Maybe you can tell me what I’m looking for.”

“Maybe I can,” said the boy. “And maybe you can tell me how to do what you’ve been doing to my people.”

Nat snorted. “I think you’ve misunderstood this situation, kid.”

The kid smiled. “No,” he said. A circle snapped into place around Nat, blocking his powers. “I think you have.”



2 thoughts on “Sex Demons’ Working Vacation

  1. So I guess that answers the question of whether sorcerers have power over these particular demons.

    Also, they’ve gotten Sam’s attention, and they’ve done it by messing with what’s /his./ /Without his permission./



    1. Yep! Our sex demons may just have run afoul of the wrong people here. Should have stayed in Narwhal Junction with Maple Song. The worst part is, Sam would probably have lent them his stuff if they’d just ask.

      Course, seems like they’ve also run afoul of Derek, which is quite possibly worse. 😀

      Thank you!


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