How Best to Like a Post, Pt. 2

Just a quick note that I lost my request list a while ago and had to reconstruct it from memory, so if you’ve made a request and it isn’t filled in the next few rounds of Moments, please just remind me of it!

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Franz VS posted a picture: Woke up the next morning and it was still real!!!

Boey DG commented: You guys look so happy together!

Frederick DG commented: Love that for you! Genuinely shook you took the dress off though.

Franz VS commented: The dress was expensive, it wasn’t like I could sleep in it.

Eclipse Moth commented: bakeijaidk!#*3

Silas DG commented: I think @Frederick DG was surprised you didn’t fuck in the dress.

Silas DG commented: oop. Donny still can’t read right?

Eclipse Moth commented: He insists he can. He wants to know if he can get in bed with you.

Gabrielle VS commented: Sure.

Gabrielle VS commented: @Silas DG we tried, but it turns out it’s hard when you’re both wearing gigantic structured skirts so we took them off.

Franz VS commented: Wow I’m sure everyone on this public post doesn’t need to know that!

Gabrielle VS commented: We both know literally everyone wanted to know about this.

KingNiall commented: It’s not impossible, if you guys want some tips.

NialltheKing commented: How flexible are you both, though?

Frederick DG commented: @Franz VS is pretty flexible.

Franz VS commented: Well, I guess you were right, dear wife.

Gabrielle VS commented: You should get used to that, dear husband, it’s the rest of your life.

Franz VS commented: Looking forward to it. ❤️

Gabrielle VS commented: Me too. ❤️

Eclipse Moth commented: oajkdkjaieaj????:3

BlackWitchClan posted: Our garden buddy of the week is Charlie the Chokevine! A chokevine is so named because it constricts around living prey and kills them, then draws them to its centre so their bodies can decompose and provide nutrients to the root system. Gruesome! 😨 But Charlie is a friend, so don’t worry about saying hi to him. His vines spread about three metres in every direction, but don’t let that fool you! Most of them are close to five metres long 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Some chokevines have been known to grow twenty metre vines in the wild! Charlie is currently in his flowering phase, which is a chokevine’s reproductive phase. It’ll only last a few days but it’s very pretty and he knows it! 🌺 This won’t stop him from grabbing you though; a mature chokevine can very easily restrain a full-sized human!

Micha commented: Is…that the picture you meant to attach?

Jed commented: It probably is, he’s as big a perv as you.

Micha commented: I can literally see you touching yourself.

Jed commented: Stop looking at my dick, perv.

James commented: @Micha @Jed Stop fighting on the public posts. Ron works very hard on the clan’s PR and if you can’t behave, the next set of Charlie’s publicity photos will include the two of you.

Jay commented: Yeah I can see Ron working very hard.

Greg S commented: He’s okay in there right?

James commented: Yes, he’s fine. Charlie is his best friend.

James commented: He got so excited about Ron taking pictures of him that he wanted to give Ron a hug. Fortunately Ron had already written the post so all I had to do was attach the picture.

Orel Q commented: Hey can people come visit you? I’d like to meet Charlie.

Arty P commented: We visited Charlie last time we were there and he was a great host! @Todd B liked him a lot!

BlackWitchClan commented: @Orel Q We accept walk-ins but if you want a tour you need to book in advance.

Orel Q commented: Perfect. @Roderick 👀

Gus H commented: How many people can Charlie hold at once?

BlackWitchClan commented: He has enough vine space for four or five people usually.

Gus H commented: @Silas DG let’s take the boys here.

James commented: Seems like a lot of people like this publicity strategy. And Ron always tells me I don’t have the temperament for it.

Leo P posted: Shoutout to @Isaac of C @SirCalf and @Daniel S for their help (and by help I do mean they did all the work) in closing a literal hell portal under the city, wtf

Isaac of C commented: Nbd, just glad the wedding didn’t get ruined!

SirEdwin commented: @Hell could have waited one fucking day. Thanks for handling it guys.

SirCalf commented: Anytime!! And by anytime I do mean hopefully never again because ouch.

Daniel S commented: Did you even end up bruised??

SirCalf commented: My pride was bruised having to fight the @RockiestBoys like they were a real threat tbh.

Theodore S commented: @Daniel S, what exactly were you up to while I was waiting for you?

Daniel S commented: Nothing. I was barely there.

Leo P sent five pictures and commented: You were so awesome though @Daniel S!

Daniel S commented: Hey maybe you could have helped instead of taking pictures???

Ozzy of M commented: omg ocrs are so tall

Hell commented: @SirEdwin We’re very sorry our recent marketing campaign inconvenienced you! Please feel free to contact our customer service department and seek recompense at (link flagged as spam)

Isaac of C commented: Why do they have an account?

SirCalf commented: @Cal T Can you do something about them please?

Owen S commented: Cal and them have dropped off the face of the world again. They’re not answering any messages.

SirCalf commented: This is a real problem for me theologically tbh. Did he at least appoint someone to run @God while he was gone???

Gavin VS sent a message: Drew where are you?

Gavin VS sent a message: We want to help you.

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2 thoughts on “How Best to Like a Post, Pt. 2

  1. Oh hey, I was just thinking about requesting a continuation of this. How fortuitous!

    I…may have fallen a bit behind on the main story, so I don’t fully get the context for all of this, but some things need no context.

    James seems to be a bit more outgoing online than off, doesn’t he? One imagines the degree of separation makes social situations easier on him.

    Also lol @ Hell’s ‘marketing campaign’. And of course their apology comes in the form of spam.


    1. Fortuitous indeed! I loved writing the first part and I really wanted to do a sequel, so honestly a third part might just appear again someday as well for the same reason, because I loved writing this part too. 😀

      Some things are understandable without context for sure. I had an interesting relationship with spoilers while I wrote this because clearly three of the four sections of this are talking about Events That Occurred, the way the characters are just assuming each other’s knowledge of those events that that vagueposting social media way removes just enough context that (hopefully) it won’t be boring when you get to it in the main story!

      I think that the barrier of the internet really does make James more comfortable being outgoing; he’s not big on people being in his space, but he can control his level of interactions online and can just mute his notifications if he doesn’t feel like talking to people, plus he can take time to think about what he’s going to say, so he’s more comfortable all around.

      The Hell stuff was too funny to me not gonna lie. Of course they’re out there spamming people, that’s where spam was invented!

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked this! 😀


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