Someone sent me a poke about unanswered comments, but I don’t have any unanswered comments in my inbox, so if you sent something in and I didn’t respond to it, sorry and please send it in again!

2 thoughts on “Poke?

  1. Really? Because when I try to resend the comments, WordPress gives me the message “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”, implying that they are there, but waiting to be played for display.

    I don’t know how the interface for this works, but…did you check replies to your replies to comments? Specifically, to your reply to the comment on “Sean, Cassius, Mourning”?

    If that doesn’t work, I can reply to this post, or send them in as asks, and you can move the comments to where they should go?


    1. I checked again and don’t see them, but then I took a look in my spam folder and I see what I assume are them there. Not sure why WordPress flagged them as spam, but they should be visible now! Sorry about that and if there are any still missing in a few minutes, do let me know again! Thank you!


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