Character Profile: Alse

Name: Alse Nonth-Mel, Alse Nomel-Allen (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): Emvel Prime of the Imperium of Ran Errevir, Ninth Envoy to the Deepest

Scale Colour: Pink

Eye Colour: Red

Height: 153 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Build: Slight

Distinguishing Marks: Long spines on his upper arms, back and neck, frills on the side of his face and down his sides, marriage tattoo on his upper right thigh

Papilum Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Denver and Louis (Degma) Hyel Moulth (friend)

Family Relationships: Hien Nonth-Mel and Kay’y Molel-Pat (parents), Elna, Oura, Benge and Shayn Nonth-Mel; Roya, Dalle and Yoa Nonth-Sor; Hiar and Wyan Nonth-Fess; Toay and Kel Nonth-Nym; Poia and Rushe Nonth-Pat; Tann and Tlai Nonth-Gan; Pia, Kan, Wakkl and Shov Nonth-Ran; Hannga and Shavel Nonth-Zosh; Rial, Sheyl, Vaani and Toura Nonth-Aka; Shopenji and Selekesh Nonth-Hun (siblings), Fogesh and Teah Sheph-Mel; Niy, Wel and Shyn Gellyn-Mel; Cath and Koial Soir-Mel (half-siblings), Tekki (pet shark)

Sexuality: Tamel

Preferred Positions: Bent over, near a window, braced on the ceiling

Kinks: Rough sex, submission, manhandling, being overpowered, cockwarming, bondage

Orgies Attended: The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born on the floor of a Nilmeain Kasar trybben to the fourth spouse of Ran Errevir’s Emvel Prime, Alse was raised in the palace of Sembel Nok as one of the Prime’s many offspring. He was educated with the rest of the Prime’s offspring, expecting a life of service to the imperium, most likely through a series of marriages when he was older. When the Prime died, Alse was as surprised as anyone that the Deepest chose him as his parent’s successor, and he is the youngest Emvel Prime Ran Errevir has had in six hundred years. With no pre-arranged marriage alliances and a ruling council that has made it clear the Deepest can be convinced to change their minds if he doesn’t prove a good Prime, Alse’s position is a bit precarious. He has, however, recently strengthened this position by taking two sky people as his Degma, the unprecedented alliances they are bringing with them vastly strengthening his position even before he’s gotten pregnant with their children. Though he is looking for additional tidal spouses per tradition, Alse is much more comfortable than he was, and has committed Ran Errevir’s resources to the fight against the Sea King, a major agreement that still pales in comparison to the strength that his Degmen lend him every single day.


  • Alse’s greatest source of anxiety is having children. He wants to be a parent but he’s worried he’s not ready, and the knowledge that he’s expected to bear children despite that is stressful for him
  • The consensus among Alse’s siblings was that he shouldn’t have been chosen as Prime. All of them publicly support him, but only seven of his twenty-six siblings continue that support when nobody is looking
  • Alse’s parent made considerable gains in strengthening Ran Errevir’s relations with the nearby dragon colony in Avaska Nareni, a plan Alse hopes to continue. He hoped from the start to open diplomatic relations with the sky people, which went much better than he’d dared hope
  • Because Alse took over so young, his ruling council, which includes several of his siblings, makes a lot of his decisions for him. Since his marriage, Alse has managed to diminish a lot of their power, and is confident he can continue this trend
  • Once every other year, all the ocean’s Primes must travel to the Low Vents, the place closest to the Deepest, for a peace conference. Alse has only been once and he was disappointed by how boring it was
  • Kein has been an occasional advisor to the Emvel Prime for centuries. Alse’s advisors keep telling him they can trust him, but Alse can’t help but be incredibly suspicious of his motivations
  • Since he was so successful in negotiating with the sky people, Alse is planning to try to re-open negotiations with the kraken next
  • Alse didn’t think he’d fall so easily in love with Denver and Louis, but he’s very glad he did
  • Alse really likes sex, but can’t have it as often as he likes because he has to be careful not to get pregnant, so he has to be very conscious to make sure his partners have all taken contraceptives. Now that he’s Prime, it’s harder for him to discretely find partners in Nilmeain Kasar like he used to
  • Alse is in the process of making his second and third marriage alliances and it’s going more easily than he’d hoped; Louis and Denver helped him pick potential partners and open negotiations, so he’s less worried about his advisors interfering


  • “I’m tired of waiting for things to happen on your schedule, Kein. Not all of us are immortal.”
  • “Good, me too. Now. Which of you is going to get me pregnant?”
  • “I assure you, we *are* sexually compatible.”
  • “I’m of childbearing age. I’m ready. The Deep have spoken through the Shards and decreed it so, else my council would not have elevated me to my station. This is my duty.”
  • “It doesn’t work that way. Listen. I’m sorry, but if you want my help, one of you needs to marry me. You don’t have to get me pregnant, as long as you’re willing to pretend to try. I assure you I have discreet access to very effective contraception, and have already begun using it.”
  • “You two will comport yourself as befits representatives of Ran Errevir. I do not want to hear that you embarrassed us as the first ambassadors of our people to the world above the water.”
  • “They took care of me. I’m sorry to see them go. Even if they’ll be back.”
  • “It’s technically against tradition for us to see each other when we’re not married, but I’m told humans often mate for life, and it would be awful of me to expect Denver and Louis to live in my kingdom but never once respect their culture.”
  • “Denver actually suggested it. He implied that you were getting increasingly concerned as your sky people reinforcements didn’t arrive, so we thought that reassuring you might be in order.”


  • Alse wishes he had a tail like a lot of his siblings, just because he likes the way they look
  • Alse always turns upside down in his sleep
  • The first time Alse had sex was with a thief named Enny in Sembel Nok who was stealing jewellery. Alse caught xer by accident and xie tried to distract Alse by kissing him. They ended up distracting each other for several hours before Alse let Enny escape
  • Alse’s siblings Elna, Oura, Benge and Shayn are his biggest supporters politically, which he assumes is because they share the same parents as him. Rial and Vaani are his biggest defenders, and Toay is his best friend. He rarely speaks to his other siblings anymore except in council meetings, and he misses them  
  • Alse doesn’t find human gender legible and just relies on new humans to tell him their gender when they meet him
  • Alse dated Hyel quietly for two years and stopped being sexually active with xer when he was made Prime, but Denver and Louis convinced him it was okay to keep seeing Hyel if he wanted to, which he did
  • Alse has had Tekki since he was extremely young and tells Tekki everything
  • Alse learned Gronnde as part of his education because merpeople find it useful for training sharks, one of his tutors taught him Daolo because he had a proficiency for it even though merpeople don’t have any reason to use it
  • In the first week of being married to Denver and Louis, Alse had had more sex than he’d had in the past year. He has also been opened up to a lot of new kinks and has learned how to ask for what he wants sexually instead of just doing what his partner likes
  • Alse liked to pretend not to be royal and mingle with people in Nilmeain Kasar when he was younger. He rarely does it now, but plans to start again if he can. Someday he’d also like to get a human disguise and try to mingle with the sky people, just for fun

Modern AU: Modern Alse is the heir to a massive indoor aquarium called Deep Sea Kingdom, which he inherited after his parents, along with some of their donors, died in a tragic shark accident. Fortunately everyone saw that there was nothing that could have been done to stop it, and Alse has rapidly been able to rehabilitate the aquarium’s reputation and make up for the donors he no longer has to personally appeal to on his parents’ orders. Due to tension within his family over the inheritance, Alse has rapidly arranged a legal marriage agreement with local businessman Louis Allen, who is officially running the aquarium and scaring his predatory family members away along with his other partner, Denver. The three of them are expanding the aquarium and running it more humanely than ever, expanding their educational programmes and facilities to take in more animals. Though Alse works most of the time, he also attends school and swims competitively. As a hobby enjoys video game design, and he has been working on a co-operative scuba diving and marine exploration simulator for over a year now, which he refuses to let anyone but his husbands play until he gets the underwater dragons right.

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