Dragon, 118

If You Get A Good Workout in and Your Kids Tell You They Love You, it’s A Good Day

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“You know what we should do?” Gavin asked.

“What?” asked Owen, mentally counting to sixty as he did another push-up. He pushed back down, letting his cock sink all the way back into Gavin’s ass.

“When we’re ready to leave Great Scar. We should go north first. Your orchard isn’t that far away, probably not even a week.” Gavin had a writing board in front of him and was answering mail while Owen worked out.

“Yeah?” Owen had known they were pretty close together, but that hadn’t occurred to him. “Sure. We can meet the new Calvinists. It’ll be too early in the year for fruit.”

“But you can find out what kind of fruit the orchard will eventually grow,” Gavin teased.

Owen rolled his eyes and counted sixty-one. “I think that’s a good idea. We can swing east on the way back, stay a day or two in High Haven.”

“Stick a portal there so it’ll be easier when we’re ready to move,” Gavin agreed. “How many houses is too many houses to ask Ian to manage all at once? The country house doesn’t really count, but I still feel like four is pushing it.”

“Probably,” Owen agreed, counting sixty-two. Gavin clenched around him this time. “I think at the very least you have to hire him some under-stewards to manage the different places. If he hasn’t already hired them himself.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already planning it,” Gavin admitted. “You know he mostly hires freed and escaped slaves? It’s basically impossible for them to get good jobs, so he’s doing everything he can to give them opportunities.”

“That’s awesome.” Owen didn’t know anything about what happened to slaves when they ran away or got freed, but it was pretty safe to assume that they didn’t just all go become rich.

“Yeah. You were right to hire him.” Owen counted sixty-three as Gavin said that. “I think we should take the riverboat south from High Haven to Lonely Peak, and come back to the capital from the east.”

Sixty-four. Owen nodded. “Okay. Hopefully we don’t have to come back to the capital a bunch of times during the vacation.”

“Between Rudy’s trial and Edwin’s labour disruptions I have no doubt we will,” Gavin said with a sigh. “But it’s not too bad if it’s only to visit.”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to visit home during your vacation,” said Owen, counting sixty-five.

“Yeah, well, as much as the world can run itself without me,” Gavin said, making a noise as sixty-six went deep, “it can’t actually do that.”

“I think your parents and sister would all have something to say about that,” Owen said, pausing for just a second before going down for sixty-seven. He was going to cum again if Gavin didn’t stop clenching his ass like that.

“Hm,” Gavin disagreed, because Owen had known him long enough to know that was his ‘hm’ of disagreement. “Well, they’re welcome to walk in and say something about it right now if they feel that strongly about it.”

Owen looked over at the door as he did sixty-eight, but it didn’t open, because the world loved to do things for Gavin. So he did sixty-nine, which ended up making him cum. “Aw, fuck, fuck…”

Gavin sighed as Owen filled him up. “Start over,” he said, with a wave of his hand. “You’ll get to a hundred eventually.”

“I’ve never failed a workout in my life, so I’m sure I will,” Owen agreed, doing another push-up and starting over at one. “Maybe I’d have more success if we tried it the other way again?”

“I’m still answering letters and I can’t do that with your cock in my throat,” Gavin told him.

“Have you tried?”

Gavin frowned. “I don’t need to try.”

“I think you should try.”

“Just for that I’m accepting this dinner invitation and you have to come with me.”

Fuck. “How many of those have you accepted?”

“Mostly just the ones from people who are about to be our neighbours,” Gavin said, grabbing a clean sheet of paper. Owen was already up to five. “Among others. Don’t worry, you only have to come to some of them.”

Owen nodded, kissing Gavin’s shoulder as he went down for six. “Have I mentioned that I think your job is a lot harder than mine?”

“Not recently,” Gavin admitted. “But…” he looked up as there was a soft knock on the open door, which then pushed open. “Hi, Greg.”

“Hi.” Greg looked at them, not seeming surprised. “Sorry to interrupt. But also I knew that you’re not likely to stop anytime soon.”

“Owen is struggling a bit with doing a hundred push-ups,” Gavin agreed. “What’s up?”

“Grey Rain and I are going to go have supper at Stag Keep, if that’s okay,” Greg told them.

As he said that, Grey Rain poked his head into the room. Hi! You have to say yes because we already told Light Stag we were coming even though he said we had to ask you!

Owen blinked, counting to seven. “Are the portals back up?”

“No. But Edwin is going to go there tonight and he invited us to come with him. We’ll come back in the morning.”

Okay, Gavin said, giving a nod. Have fun.

We will! Honeybird is coming with us and he said we could see his sex room!

“And try to get Grey Rain to eat at least one vegetable at supper,” Owen added, his hands too busy keeping him up to talk in sign. Gavin translated for him, and Grey Rain made a face.

“I will,” Greg promised. He smiled at them. “Thanks, Dad.”

Thank you, Dad! Grey Rain said, tail wagging. We love you!

Oh. Owen felt warm all over, and he could tell Gavin did too. We love you too, Gavin said.

“Damn right we do,” Owen promised.

The boys smiled at them and withdrew, not shutting the door behind them. Gavin looked up at Owen. “When I was that age I only told my parents I loved them unprompted when I was trying to get away with something.”

Owen chuckled at that, speeding up to get to ten. “Who cares? Even if they are up to something it doesn’t make it less true.”

“I know. I’m so glad that we have them,” Gavin said. “And hey, now that they’re gone we can have sex in the sitting room.”

“We could do that anyway.”

“I know, but it feels different now. Let’s go finish your workout out there.”

Owen, of course, got up and deadlifted Gavin off the ground with his cock still buried inside him, which made Gavin laugh, and between that and Owen’s kids saying they loved him, Owen was having a good day even if his workout was causing him more problems than it should.

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