Villain, 98

It’s Hard Not to Imagine Your Abuser Is Getting Kinder

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“Todd’s Law could be extended to a lot of other crimes, if you think about it,” said Sam, as Todd toweled him dry after his bath. “Not just rape. We could abolish prisons and just have everyone who’s committed a crime be a plateau butt-boy.”

Todd rolled his eyes, moving down to do Sam’s legs. Sam wasn’t talking to him, he was just talking out loud to annoy him. He’d made up some stupid law where rapists had to wear cock cages and get fucked by everyone and he thought it was really funny.

It was really funny, but Todd hadn’t said that because Sam wanted him to hate that it was named after him. He kind of did, because Todd didn’t think things should be named after him and besides, it would make more sense if it was called Derek’s Law.

“Even just for stupid shit like stealing,” Sam continued, pulling Tobias’s head back and forth on his cock. He wasn’t really getting a blowjob so much as he was just using the kid’s face to jerk off with. Tobias barely talked, but he was a better cockwarmer than Darius because he didn’t cry all the time, so Todd liked him better. “Someone could be a Todd for like two weeks or whatever.”

“You can’t just be Todd for two weeks, it’s a lifestyle,” Todd muttered, because he was too stupid not to open his mouth.

Sam paused with his hand in Tobias’s hair. Then he laughed. “Sure,” he said, going faster. “I’m glad you’re finally owning your calling in life.”

“It’s the only thing I own, right?” Todd asked, finishing up. “There. You’re dry.”

“My cock’s pretty wet.”

Todd couldn’t help a snort of laughter at that. Sam seemed to be in a kind of good mood today, so it was probably fine. “It’s really important to you that I be wrong about everything, huh?”

“No,” Sam said, slamming Tobias’s head down on his cock and cumming in his throat. He sighed. “Nothing about you is important to me.” He pushed Tobias to the floor. “Go away.”

Tobias scurried out of the room without a word. Todd ignored him and put the towel in the laundry. Sam followed him over to the basket and hit the back of Todd’s head, pushing him so he’d bend over. Then he rammed his still-hard cock inside Todd and started fucking him. But he wasn’t fucking Todd anymore than he’d been fucking Tobias. He was just jerking off using Todd’s ass.

“Hey,” Sam said, reaching around and grabbing Todd’s cage as he fucked him. “Do you like getting fucked?”

The fuck kind of question was that? “No?”

Sam snorted, gave a good thrust. “Liar.”

“Do you like it?” Todd retorted. “I walk in on you getting fucked by Lord Henry practically every day.” It had only been like twice, but Todd wasn’t that stupid.

Sam smacked the side of his head and kept going, and Todd made a face and just braced himself on the side of the basket.

Sam didn’t even try to hurt him, he just fucked Todd for a while. His cock wasn’t as big as most of the people who fucked Todd regularly, so Todd barely even needed his cage to stay soft. He needed to take this laundry out and do it, which was annoying. Now that nobody in the castle wore clothes there wasn’t as much of it, but that just made the laundry he did need to do even more annoying.

After a while Sam finished, shooting all up Todd’s back. He wiped his cock on Todd’s asscheek, then went to sit on the bed Todd had made while he was in the tub. Of course he wasn’t going to go back to whatever magical shit he’d been working on when he’d decided he wanted a bath. Without a word, Todd pulled the damp towel out of the basket and used it to clean himself up.

“I do like it,” Sam said, just as Todd was almost done.


“What?” Sam demanded, a sharp, mocking sound in his voice for just a second. He smirked. “I like getting fucked in the ass. So what? Only dumbasses think that sex is only fun if you’re on top.”

“Whatever,” Todd muttered. He sat on the bed too. It was weird, when Sam was like this. He was almost friendly. And Todd could almost remember a time when he’d thought they could be friends. And even though he knew it would eventually end with Sam hurting him or something, it was still weirdly easier to talk to him than to Henry or Derek or even to Arthur. Todd felt like they were similar.

Maybe Sam thought so too. Maybe that was why he spent so much time hurting Todd.

So Todd sighed, knowing he’d regret this, but what did it matter? “I like it too. Sometimes.”

Sam punched him. “When was the last time you even got to cum?”

“I don’t know, two months ago, maybe?” Todd couldn’t remember. He guessed it had been at that orgy Arthur had made him go to back when he’d thought Sam was dead. “Doesn’t matter.”

“How the fuck do you like getting fucked if you don’t even cum from it?” Sam demanded.

“Only dumbasses think that sex is only fun if you have an orgasm at the end,” Todd said, feeling good about that. It would probably get him tortured but it was also funny.

Instead of lighting him on fire, though, Sam actually laughed. “I forget you can talk sometimes,” he told Todd.

Todd shrugged. “When I talk, you’re more likely to hurt me.”

“Yeah,” Sam agreed, lifting a leg up to pick at his toenails. “So you’re really into the cage thing, huh? You were supposed to hate it.”

“I taught myself to like it,” Todd muttered.

“You did?” Sam asked casually. “Or Arty did?”

Todd froze on the bed, a cold fear running through him. He didn’t care what Sam did to him, he really didn’t. But if Sam decided to hurt Arthur… “That’s one of the guards, right?”

“Good try,” Sam told him calmly. “Henry says you guys spend a lot of time together. So you ditched Derek for a guy with a bigger cock, huh?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. “I didn’t ditch Derek,” Todd said, not sure what else to say. Fuck. Derek had been spending most of his time with Levi lately. It hurt, a little. But not as much as Todd thought it should.

“I would, he’s fucking weird,” Sam muttered. “So what, everyone in the castle is mean to you and Arty kisses it better and tells you you’re pretty at the end of the day?”

“If you hurt him I’ll kill you,” Todd blurted out, heart racing.

Sam was quiet for a minute, still. Then he laughed again. “Cute. Todd, I don’t care enough about you to hurt your boyfriend. Kiss Arty if that makes you feel better about yourself.”

That wasn’t true. Sam pretended he didn’t care about Todd, that he barely knew Todd was there. But he’d gone out of his way to systematically destroy everything Todd had and everything he liked.

There were still ways he could make Sam less likely to do anything, though. There were ways to keep Sam the right kind of interested in something. “He hurts me more than you do, most days,” he offered, thinking of how sweet it felt when Arthur hit him.

“Let me guess, that’s something you like about him.”



“You have bruises on your throat from the last time Henry choked you.”

“In my kingdom we don’t apologize for the things that get us off,” Sam said, putting his foot back on the floor. “You want to be a freak, go right ahead.”

“I will,” Todd muttered. This didn’t make it better. It didn’t make it less scary. But part of him…wanted to believe Sam.

But part of him had wanted to believe Sam before.

Sam stood up. “Come over here. I’m trying to work out this spell and I need someone to talk at about it while I figure it out.”

“Okay,” Todd said, following Sam over. “Why me?”

“Because you’re here.”

“But you wouldn’t let anyone else do it,” Todd said, shaking his head. “I know you wouldn’t. Is it just because you know you can hurt me if I do something you don’t like?”

Sam made a funny face at that while he worked that out. “I don’t know. I don’t hurt you because you make me mad. I hurt you because that’s what you’re for. Besides, apparently you like it now.”

“Not when you do it,” Todd said, truthfully. It almost sounded like Sam was admitting he trusted Todd. Or maybe Todd was just fucked in the head.

“Thank God. Now shut the fuck up. Sorcery is dual-natured and necromancy isn’t, which means that structuring a spell requires twice the amount of binding as usual…”

Todd was so fucking stupid. It shouldn’t be hard to remember every minute of the day that Sam had hurt him and would again. But once in a while he had a good day like this and it was hard not to trick himself and think it could be like this all the time.

Because the longer Sam kept him there, just talking at him and letting him make jokes once in a while, the more Todd started to think that maybe Sam thought Todd was easy to talk to as well.

Even Todd wasn’t stupid enough to think they were friends. But he was stupid enough, just stupid enough, to wonder if they could keep getting along like this for a while.

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