Noble, 52

A Date with Your Husband Can Bring You Closer than Ever before

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It was nighttime, it was cold, and Janus was in Geoffrey’s lap kissing him. That last part had happened kind suddenly while they’d been trying to figure out how many hills were in Three Hills and Geoffrey was used to not totally remembering how something horny had started, but he hadn’t had any alcohol tonight.

He wasn’t complaining though, because he had his hot husband in his lap and they were kissing and the last few days hadn’t sucked as much as they could have, so everything was okay. Or as okay as it could be. “I’m sorry,” Geoffrey said, between kisses.

“Stop being sorry for things,” Janus said, lifting Geoffrey’s shirt. “Trying to make out with you.”

Geoffrey nodded, because he was also trying to make out with Janus. “I’m sorry we can’t vacation in Dolovai like I promised.”

Janus shook his head, his lips brushing Geoffrey’s. “Not your fault. I didn’t realize how cold it really was up here anyway. We’ll come another time. In the summer. Stop apologizing.”


Janus stuck his tongue in Geoffrey’s mouth, which cut off Geoffrey’s objection pretty effectively. It was something Giacomo had used to do, too.

Geoffrey wrapped his arms around Janus and kissed him back, hands sliding down. The carriage bumped, which made Geoffrey hold Janus tighter. Javier and Dalton had arranged for them to go on a date to get away from the inn for a night. “We probably shouldn’t have sex in the carriage,” Geoffrey said, slipping a hand under Janus’s shirt.

“Mm,” Janus agreed. “Seems a bit rude.” They were going to a brothel. “But also, I really like having sex with you.”

“Yeah,” Geoffrey said, kissing Janus again. “Me too. I hope Javier and Dalton…”

Janus kissed him again, then gave him a look. “Do me a favour and spend less time worrying that other people are unhappy? We told them they were welcome and they opted not to come. They’re fine.”

“Okay.” Geoffrey sighed. “Sorry.”

“I know. I love you.”

“I love you too. I think we’re going downhill again.”

“This city is very stupid.” Janus laughed as he rested his head on Geoffrey’s shoulder, and Geoffrey held him like that for the rest of the ride.

Eventually it let them out in front of a building with three floors that still managed to be squat. It was mostly featureless except for a sign with a blue donkey on it. They went inside, saw what looked mostly like a normal common room, except half the people weren’t properly dressed.

A woman with a very low-cut shirt came up to them. “Are you Dalton and Javier?”

“Uh,” said Geoffrey.

“Yes,” Janus said, taking Geoffrey’s hand. “That’s us.”

“Good to meet you. Your room is top floor, number eight.” She handed Janus a key. “Come on down and order some dinner when you’re ready, your tab’s prepaid.”

Geoffrey let a breath go as they headed for the stairs. “Why’d they give us their names?”

“So nobody would know the king’s brother and his husband are here, I expect,” Janus said. “Doing debauched things.”

“Going to a brothel isn’t that debauched,” Geoffrey muttered. Not that he’d really done it before. “Lots of people do it.”

“I think it depends on what you pay for in the brothel,” Janus said. There were a lot of stairs, but they didn’t see anyone on the way up. Janus led Geoffrey down the hall, to the room with an eight painted on the door. Janus unlocked the door.

Inside was a room that looked like the one Geoffrey and Giacomo had used in the Spongecake, but the bed was a little bigger and there was no door to the balcony. Sitting on the bed were two light-haired boys, twins, who smiled identical smiles when Geoffrey and Janus came in. “Hi!” they said together.

“Hi,” Geoffrey said, watching them as they got up. They were wearing long shirts and as far as he could tell, nothing else. They came over as Geoffrey shut the door, and one of them started unbuttoning Geoffrey’s coat.

“Let me hang this up for you?” he asked. “I’m Timothy.”

“I’m Titus,” said the other twin, helping Janus with his coat. They were both moving in a way that made Geoffrey think they were older than they looked, but it was hard to say. “It’s nice to meet you, sir.”

Geoffrey smiled at Timothy as Timothy took his coat, and he tousled Timothy’s straight, pale hair. “Thank you,” he said.

Timothy beamed, twirling around and taking Geoffrey’s coat to a rack in the corner. Titus went with him. The backs of their long shirts had cuts up the centre, letting their otherwise bare asses occasionally be visible. They had to stretch to hang up the coats, letting their shirts ride up as they did.

By the time they got back, Geoffrey was hard and he could see that Janus was too. “Come on,” Timothy said, taking Geoffrey’s hand and pulling him to the bed. “You should rest before supper!”

“I didn’t know we were having supper,” Geoffrey said, mostly amused. And turned on.

Timothy got him to sit, then got down on his knees between Geoffrey’s legs. He nodded. “Me and Titus are going to bring it up here once you’re relaxed. For discretion.”

“And so that people don’t have to see you downstairs!” Titus added, grinning as he pulled Janus’s cock out.

It was an act, but Geoffrey couldn’t help but laugh at it as Timothy pulled him out of his pants as well and started sucking him gently, stroking what wasn’t in his mouth with his little hand. Geoffrey couldn’t help but touch his hair again, finding it oddly soft.

Timothy didn’t swallow his cock, just bobbed up on and down on it, drooling on Geoffrey. Janus was pushing Titus’s head down, but Geoffrey just kept petting Timothy’s hair, wondering what he used to wash it. It was so thin and fine, Geoffrey didn’t understand how it didn’t fall out.

He looked over when he heard Janus grunt, and got to watch his husband cum in Titus’s mouth, leaning back a little and making a satisfied noise. Geoffrey couldn’t help himself; he leaned over and kissed Janus, earning Janus’s tongue back in his mouth while Janus came. That got Geoffrey to cum too, his balls tightening as he flooded Timothy’s mouth.

Geoffrey sighed into Janus’s mouth, letting go of Timothy’s head to touch Janus’s face. “Did you know what they’d planned?” he asked.

Janus shook his head. “No, but I’m glad they did.”

“Me too.” Geoffrey was acutely aware of how lucky he was to have so many people who’d be willing to make something like this happen for him. He looked down at the twins. “How about you guys come up here and kiss for a bit?”

“Okay!” The boys scampered up onto the bed, and they sat between Janus and Geoffrey and started making out. No hesitation at all, and Geoffrey honestly couldn’t tell if it was because they actually wanted to kiss or if they were just that good at acting. Probably the latter, but that was a testament to how good they really were. And at their age, too.

Geoffrey couldn’t resist Timothy’s ass anymore, and he lifted up the boy’s shirt so he could see it, touch it. Timothy made a happy sound as he did.

“I used to think being a prostitute must be the coolest job in the world, you know,” Janus said, groping Titus. “I’m sure it’s not, but when I was these guys’ age I figured having sex with people all day must be the best thing ever.”

“Yeah,” Geoffrey agreed, though he’d never thought that himself. He touched Timothy’s asshole, found it slick with oil. He swallowed, and lifted Timothy by his armpits so he was up on his knees. Janus did the same with Titus.

Geoffrey wasn’t surprised by how easily he slid inside Timothy, but it was a bit surprising how tight the kid was. But no doubt he’d been taught to be, so Geoffrey gave it no more thought as he got started moving inside Timothy.

Janus fucked a little harder than him, and Geoffrey picked up his speed to match him, leaning over the boys and kissing Janus. He ran his hands up and down Timothy’s soft sides and chest and belly, feeling him rut against his brother as he was fucked.

At some point they fell down onto their sides, which made things easier, and he and Janus sped up, working together to pound the boys. After a bit they were shuddering and moaning against each other, and Geoffrey didn’t think that was acting.

And he knew it was real when his balls started to tense, and he came inside Timothy a second time not long after, feeling Janus follow him through their tongues as they pressed the boys close together.

They cuddled like that on the bed for a minute, slowly disentangling themselves from each other. “I think we’re ready for supper,” Geoffrey said to Timothy, touching his hair again.

“Okay!” Timothy got up, pulled Titus to his feet. “We’ll go get it, discreetly and secretly. You should take your clothes off while we’re done, so they don’t get dirty.” He winked seductively, and the twins left the room.

Geoffrey snorted, pulling Janus closer. “I didn’t know you liked boys as young as I did.”

“That’s because I was too nervous to say anything,” Janus said, resting his forehead on Geoffrey’s, their eyes locked. “I love you.”

He meant something more by that. “I love you too,” said Geoffrey, meaning the same.

“Good thing we didn’t have sex in the carriage.”

“Yeah, I’m smart like that. Let’s get undressed.”

“Yeah, okay.”

They didn’t, though, at least not for a few minutes. They just lay there in the bed in the brothel, looking at each other, seeing each other.

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