Edwin/Robby, Silver, Wedding Gift

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“You guys are going to have a good time, promise!”

Robby’s friend Silver wasn’t the most energetic werewolf Edwin knew, but he was energetic enough that he came off a little younger than he was, but that was the way with werewolves. Anyone who hadn’t fucked Grey Rain would probably think he was like six years old.

Anyway, Silver was old enough to be a knight and to know about brothels and he’d apparently insisted on putting together a brothel visit for Edwin and Robby to celebrate their wedding in lieu of any kind of celebration beforehand. Or at least that was what Edwin had managed to get out of him between his constant insistence the they were going to enjoy themselves.

And of course they were, Edwin always enjoyed himself with Robby and brothels were fun because they were a place to have sex at. As soon as Edwin thought that, he frowned, erasing the thought from his mind because it sounded a little too much like something Owen would say.

He loved Owen, but someone had to be the smart one in their marriage.

Anyway, he held Robby’s hand. “I’m sure it’ll be great,” he said to Silver. “Thanks for bringing us here. Should we go in?”

“Yeah, have fun!” Silver said, waving even though he was standing right beside them.

“Are you…not going to come in?” Robby asked.

“Nah, this is your guys’s party, I wouldn’t want to…”

Edwin rolled his eyes and tugged Silver along, taking him into the brothel with them. “If you’re going to pretend not to be interested in getting laid, at least don’t have an obvious boner while you say it.”

“Well…Harry and Zac are waiting…”

“And will come looking for you here when you don’t come back,” Robby assured him. “Come on.”

Together they dragged him inside the brothel, where Silver waved at the woman on the desk. “Hi, I made an appointment for my friends?”

“Right, upstairs, second door. You only booked for two people.”

“I’ll pay extra if we can book him as well,” Edwin said, taking out his coin purse.

“Edwin, don’t pay for your own wedding present…”

Edwin paid for Silver and they went upstairs, Robby explaining to Silver that this was just what Edwin was like and that he should just get used to it. Edwin though that he was a student with no job and no money and he shouldn’t feel bad about someone who owned a whole castle paying for him to get his dick sucked.

This brothel seemed to traffic in muscular guys, which was a good look, especially since most of them seemed not to bother wearing much or any clothes even as they walked through the hallways. And most of them were hung. Hm.

The room had a muscular man in it with shaggy hair and no shirt, a pair of tight pants that didn’t hide how big he was. Edwin paused, more than enough time around Louis registering dragon for him. And that explained the guys outside.

None of them had horns or wings, but Silver had brought them to a brothel staffed by dragons. Huh.

The guy stood up, smirking at them. “Hi. I’m Byron.”

“Edwin,” said Edwin. “My husband Robby and his friend Silver. Hope you don’t mind that there’s more of us than planned.”

“No problem,” said Byron, stretching as he came over to them. Silver shut the door behind him. “I can go more than enough times for all three of you. I’ll start with the cute one.”

He was looking at Robby, and Edwin nodded. He grabbed Byron by the ear, running a thumb up over his head to where his horn wasn’t. He saw Byron shudder, his eyes a mask of surprise. “You sure will,” Edwin told him, hand on his chest. Robby was whispering to Silver excitedly. Silver was looking very smug. “You can start by sucking his dick.”

“You’re not in charge here.”

“Good try,” Edwin whispered, giving him another rub over his horn, watching him gasp. He tugged, got Byron on his knees. He’d never talked to a prostitute this way, but he knew how to talk to a dragon. “Make my husband very happy and if you’re good I’ll let you fuck him in a little while.”

Byron did as he said, taking Robby’s dick into his mouth without complaint. “How did he do that?” Silver whispered, clearly thinking Edwin couldn’t hear him.

“Edwin is magic,” Robby panted. “Just watch. You’ll learn something.”

It wasn’t like Edwin was teaching anything hard. Dragons weren’t a struggle to figure out.

Silver had been right. He had a great time that night, and he made sure everyone else did too.



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