Nicholas, Ritual

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Nicholas didn’t know what to do. Nobody was the school and he was up here on the sixth floor where nobody ever came and all the doors were locked. Where was the headmaster? He’d been invited up here for something important, but the doors were all locked and there was a man in a robe and he couldn’t get out and…

His birthmark was tingling. There was a big set of double doors up there, and Nicholas didn’t know where they led, but they’d lead somewhere, if they were open.

And they were. They pushed open into a huge…church? Full of candles and a few pews even, but there was no altar…or at least there was no normal altar. In the middle of the room was a raised dais ringed with candles with a stone altar on it.

The doors shut behind Nicholas, and when he banged on them, they wouldn’t open again. Fuck. “Hello?” he called, wandering into the room. “Is anyone here?”

“I’m here.”

Nicholas jumped, falling backwards into the dais between two candles. The robed man was there, slowly approaching. “Who are you?”

“Nicholas,” said the man, pulling back his hood. It was the headmaster. “Surely you recognize me?”

“Oh…” Nicholas felt relief flood through him and he stopped backing up. “Sorry,” he said. “I guess I got a bit freaked out.”

“Not a problem.” The headmaster knelt before him. “Are you unhurt?”

Nicholas nodded. “Yeah, I…what are you doing?”

The headmaster pushed Nicholas down, forcing one arm, then the other, above his head and into manacles. He produced a knife. “Oh, shush,” he said, when Nicholas screamed. “I’m not going to hurt you. This is necessary for the ritual, you see.”

“What ritual?” Nicholas demanded. What kind of fucked up crap was this?

The headmaster just smiled and he started cutting Nicholas’s shirt off with the knife. “You’ll see,” he said. “Nudity is required, I’m afraid. But I’m told you’re not a shy boy.”

“That’s not…stop!”

The headmaster didn’t stop, no matter how many times Nicholas demanded, begged. His clothes were cut away one piece at a time until he had nothing, just the cold floor against his back. Then the headmaster removed his own robe, and he was naked too. “Now,” said the headmaster, putting Nicholas’s clothes into some clay pots and setting them on fire, “let’s purify you. It shan’t take long, you’re not that naughty a boy.”

He was so strong, he hoisted Nicholas up and chained him to a wall, pouring water all over Nicholas from a big pot. “What do you want?” Nicholas pleaded, no longer struggling. “What do you want, please, just tell me, I’ll do it.”

“I only want you to participate quietly,” the headmaster said, picking something up behind Nicholas. He hit Nicholas with it. “This won’t take long.”

“Ah!” The strips of leather hit Nicholas over and over again, not cutting or breaking skin, not even that painful, but Nicholas didn’t like it, he wanted it to stop, he wanted…

It stopped, and Nicholas was pulled again, laid down on the altar, face up. He was so naked. The headmaster smiled down at him. “Now, for the final portion. Do cooperate, will you? It makes it far easier.”

Nicholas didn’t cooperate, but he was chained wrist and ankle to the altar, so when the headmaster climbed on top of him and started kissing him, kissing his chest, sucking his nipple, touching between his legs, kissing his dick, what else could he do? The headmaster sucked him for a good minute, getting Nicholas hard and even making Nicholas like it, even making Nicholas…

No, he didn’t. He stopped just then, smiling up at him. And the headmaster climbed up again, his hard dick brushing Nicholas’s leg as he went. Settling himself, the headmaster put a hand on Nicholas’s cheek. “Don’t be afraid. It’s almost over.”

Nicholas was afraid. That tone of voice said it wasn’t almost over, and his heart was pounding. His arm hurt. The headmaster touched his birthmark, then kissed Nicholas, then rammed his cock inside Nicholas, and Nicholas screamed into his mouth.

Thunder rolled outside, flashing lightning across the high windows as the headmaster moved back and forth inside Nicholas. It didn’t even hurt, weirdly, it was just happening. Nicholas’s body felt distant, hard, like he was just a statue this was happening to. He shut his eyes, trying not to feel anything, trying to be that statue.

He did feel it, though, he felt the pleasure, the way the headmaster’s cock touched him, the way his hands caressed him, the way his mouth kissed him. He felt it all and he felt himself building more and more, and as the headmaster’s movements got faster so did Nicholas’s panting, and then, and then…

And then Nicholas came, contorting all over. He didn’t, he didn’t…

His thoughts were still, like a statue’s.

The headmaster climbed off him with one more kiss, and covered him with a small sheet. “And now the ritual is complete. Its final price has been paid. Thank you, Nicholas.”

Nicholas didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t say anything. Part of him knew he was the price. Part of him knew the headmaster was getting something. Money or power or immortality or whatever. Part of him, part of him that wasn’t petrifying, turning to marble, turning into a permanent statue, turning…

Nicholas couldn’t move. He was frozen, rock-hard in place. He felt so good. He felt so good. He felt so…

The last thing he heard before his ears turned to stone was the headmaster walking away, promising him that it would all be worth it someday.



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