Character Profile: Arty

Name: Arthur Pfiln

Aliases/AKAs: Arty, Shade Owl, Softie

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Todd Beckt (boyfriend/sub)

Family Relationships: Andrea and Dustin Pfiln (parents, deceased), Archer and Denice Pfiln (brother and sister), Axel Pfiln (nephew)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Seated, partner in his lap

Kinks: BDSM, spanking, manhandling, dominance, control, gentle sex

Orgies Attended: Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The youngest child of a House Arkhewer butler and a painter, Arthur was born in Jdinrma-Hash but grew up in Shenti, where his sister and brother moved after their parents died. He was taken care of his by his sister and brother, though as he got older he ended up doing more taking care of the house than they did since they both had jobs. As such, Arthur learned to cook, clean, sew and otherwise take care of a house, which eventually led to his brother Archer deciding he was too soft and, when he left to join the Sorcerer King’s castle guard, taking Arthur with him to toughen him up. This hasn’t really worked, but Arthur has fallen in love with the castle butt-boy, who recently gave him a knife and made him the happiest thug in the world.


  • Theoretically both Arthur and Archer send money back to their sister whenever they’re paid, but Arthur isn’t sure Archer ever does, so he sends more than half his pay back every time, just in case
  • Arthur never wanted and still doesn’t want to be a castle guard for Sam. He does it to the best of his ability so he doesn’t get hurt, but he’s been putting together and exit plan for himself and Todd
  • Though he’s sure Archer doesn’t care about him, Arthur can’t help but love his brother and he doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to him
  • Arthur isn’t that skilled with a sword. He practices as much as he can, but he also hasn’t found his lack of proficiency to be a problem since coming to the castle
  • Arthur used to like Derek even if he was a bit unnerving, but seeing how nervous he makes Todd has changed his position on Derek completely
  • Arthur doesn’t remember his parents, whenever he tries he thinks of his sister and brother
  • Though he understands that Henry is doing his best to lower the level of violence, Arthur believes that Henry is the biggest traitor the plateau has ever seen
  • Arthur has always gotten along with Archer’s son Axel. He’s sad that he never sees him anymore
  • Arthur knows he has to keep his relationship with Todd a secret so that neither of them gets hurt. It’s constantly difficult for him not to kiss Todd or acknowledge him in public
  • Arthur has only ever killed one person, during the violence when Solomon was killed he and Archer were some of the first guards Sam recruited to his side. He had to stab another guard to save Archer. He has never stopped regretting it


  • “Not wanting to rape someone isn’t soft.”
  • “Okay, okay. I’ll fuck him tomorrow.”
  • “Do you like wearing that cage?”
  • “Are you really naked if you’ve got the cage on? Doesn’t it count as clothes?”
  • “Just because I’m a thug doesn’t mean I have to act like one, right?”
  • “Don’t be stupid, I’d obviously rape your corpse before I dismembered you, jackass.”
  • “I hoped you’d say that. Can…you call me Arthur? My brother calls me Arty and I kind of…hate it.”
  • “I think you could stop me if you wanted to.”
  • “I know what you mean. If I’m gentle with Todd for more than half an hour he starts getting mad. Last night I tried to take his cage off and he smacked me.”
  • “I don’t want to rape you, Todd. I get that we pretend that’s what it is, and that’s okay. We can keep doing that. We can keep pretending that I’m a thug and you’re just a hole for me to put my cock in. I promise I’ll pretend that as much as you want, Todd. I love pretending to be one of them for you. But I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want to be like the king and Henry and Archer. I never want to hurt you for real.”
  • “I don’t think eyeballs would make good marbles. Too squishy and irregular, you’d have to file down a finger bone or something.”
  • “These suck, how do you wear one all day every day?”
  • “Okay. My shift ends after sundown. I’ll come sleep with you. See you.”


  • Arthur occasionally gets a song stuck in his head that he’s never heard in real life before. He doesn’t know what it is and nobody’s he’s ever sung it to has heard it before either
  • Arthur wore his hair in braids as a child, but stopped when he got older so people wouldn’t pull on them
  • Arthur used to mess around sexually with his slightly older friends Rob and Dart, mostly at their behest. Rob first fucked Arthur when Arthur was eleven
  • Arthur is averse to a lot of foods but pretends not to be so people don’t force him to eat them
  • Sword and strength training are the main means of socializing with the other guards aside from drinking and gangbangs, so Arthur has gotten more muscular than he really feels is necessary recently. Todd assures him it is necessary
  • Upon finding out that Arthur usually bottomed for his friends, Archer took it upon himself to teach his brother a lesson by fucking him as well
  • Arthur has been bitten by several venomous snakes since he was a child, but has never had more adverse effects than being ill for a few hours after
  • Arthur’s aim is impeccable when he’s throwing something and terrible if he tries to shoot a bow
  • Arthur was never into hitting people before he met Todd, but now he can’t imagine any kind of relationship being sexually fulfilling except for the one he and Todd have
  • Arthur can walk on his hands for up to ten minutes without falling

Modern AU: Modern Arthur was part of a small-time gang thanks to his brother, and then when the gang got absorbed into the Netzer Syndicate he ended up being a small-time enforcer for them. He’s moved up in the ranks recently, seemingly mostly due to his connections with the younger Netzers, and is currently Sam and Henry’s primary driver. This lets him spend a lot of time with Todd and he rarely has to commit any crimes himself, so he’s not complaining. When he’s not driving crime bosses around or consensually knocking Todd around, Arthur reads a lot about BDSM and likes to visit his sister and nephew. He also enjoys horror movies, car shows and craft fairs.

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