Miles/Cain, Mirror

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Miles wasn’t supposed to go in elevators by himself, but that was only because a weird creeper was going around doing sex with people in elevators, and he wasn’t worried about that. Besides, he wasn’t by himself, because a nice old man was following him into the elevator.

He hummed to himself but quietly so he wasn’t annoying, shifting from foot to foot as the elevator went up some floors. Then, when it was between floors seven and eight, it suddenly stopped. “Uh-oh,” said Miles, looking around at all the mirrored walls. “Don’t worry, mister! I’m sure the elevator fixing man will come save us fast! And I’m not the elevator sex maniac, so you don’t have to worry about being trapped in here with me!”

“Oh, I’m not worried,” said the man, in a spooky sounding voice. “You’re much younger than my previous six, but you’ll do.”

“Huh?” asked Miles. “Do what?”

The man took a knife out of his pocket. “Everything I say,” he said with a smile. “You can call me Cain. Come here and take off my clothes, or else.”

Miles was scared, but ‘or else’ sounded scarier, so he carefully started taking off Cain’s clothes, struggling with the tie and buttons on his shirt a little. “What are you going to do to me?” he asked, as he tried to figure out Cain’s belt.

Cain didn’t answer, and Miles pulled down his pants and underwear, staring a little at his really big penis. It was bigger than Miles’s dad’s, even, and it was standing right up. Cain took Miles’s hair and pushed his dick right into Miles’s mouth, making Miles gasp. He started to choke on it too, but he tried really hard not to, making sure to breathe with his nose instead of his mouth. Cain pushed him back against the wall, his head hitting the mirror, as he started to move his dick in and out of Miles’s mouth.

It was hard, hard to pay attention to anything like this. Miles didn’t know what was happening, or what he should do. He heard tearing, realized Cain was ripping his clothes off, and he started to cry because he liked that shirt, but crying made it harder to breathe, and his eyes started to go swimmy and dark, and by the time Cain took his dick out and squirted goo all over Miles’s face, he was hardly paying attention at all.

Cain kissed him, biting his neck painfully, sucking on him, and Miles looked at the mirrored walls, watching as the boy in the mirror had his skin marked up, dark marks appearing all over his neck and shoulders. He watched as Cain moved lower, kissing the boy in the mirror all over, then laying him on the floor.

He watched as Cain spread the boy’s legs, and pushed is big, big dick inside of him. It hurt at first, but Miles stopped feeling it, watching the boy in the mirror. Cain fucked him until he squirted more goo, all over his belly this time. Then he put the boy on his hands and knees and fucked him until he squirted all over his back. Then he made Miles sit on him so it all the way in and fucked him again, making sure to squirt it in his hair this time.

Miles got really close to the boy when he was pushed up against the mirrored wall, and he watched Cain fuck him really hard, his feet not even touching the floor this time. And this time, this time Cain squirted inside his butt, and when he was done, he stepped back, letting Miles go.

For a second. He bent down, took the boy’s arms, binding them with the shreds of his shirt, gagging him with a former pantleg. Then he put his own clothes on, and pulled a marker out from his pocket.

The boy in the mirror got a seven drawn on his belly, and then Cain pressed a button so the elevator started moving again. He got off, fixing his tie, not looking back.

And he left Miles there, all alone except for the boy in the mirror.



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