Owen/Louis/Travis/Odin/Joey/Ron, Language

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“It’s not bullying,” Owen explained, using Louis’s horns to pull him back and forth onto his cock. Louis kept his tail wrapped around Owen’s ankle, but he wasn’t pulling or trying to get Owen to stop. “This is just how dragons talk.”

“But he…can’t actually talk?” Odin observed, pointing at Louis’s mouth, which was full of cock.

“Yeah,” Owen agreed smugly, pulling Louis all the way towards him so he was right down Louis’s throat. “If he wanted to talk, he shouldn’t have lost.”


“It’s really fine,” Travis said to Odin. “Trust me, this really is how dragons deal with, uh, all social situations.”

“Well, okay,” said Odin. He fiddled with the tie on his pants, which he was still holding after having taken them off earlier. “Dragons are really cool.”

“Yeah,” Travis said, with a vague nod. “I love them.”

Owen started to cum, and he pulled out of Louis’s throat so he could do it on his face. Louis just quietly let him. “There. Now go do that for Travis,” Owen ordered him.

“Whatever, I was going to do it anyway.” Louis went over and started sucking Travis off.

Owen followed him, lifted up his tail to expose his ass. It was a nice ass. “You want a go?” he asked Odin.

Odin’s dick twitched, leaking precum. “S-sure,” he said, dropping his pants and coming over and getting into position. He backed off when Louis growled a little.

Owen smacked Louis’s ass. “None of that.”

Louis went quiet, and Odin pressed his cock inside Louis, making a needy noise. He started fucking away.

Owen stepped back and watched them for a few minutes and, well, it only took a few minutes because Odin hadn’t cum in like an hour or something. Owen patted Odin’s ass as Odin pulled out of Louis’s. “How’s that feel?” he asked.

“Great,” Odin said, nodding fast. “I feel all like, dominant and stuff. Take that, Louis’s ass.”

Travis smiled at him, but he was pretty distracted, so Owen gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Good. Now go practice on Joey.” He was the easier dragon, since he was short.

Nodding determinedly, Odin turned around and went over to Joey, who was still pounding Ron’s ass. “Hey, uh, you!” Odin said. “Let’s fuck and you don’t get a choice. Unless you want one. But, uh, not really! And you have to be on bottom! Please!”

Joey pulled out of Ron and puffed his chest at Odin, and Owen stepped around them, pulling the panting Ron into his lap while they squared off. “How you doing, bud?”

“Great,” Ron said, leaning back onto Owen. “A bit tired.”

“You can take a break,” Owen promised, slipping his cock inside Ron. “I’ll protect you from the big scary dragons for the next little while.”

Ron snickered. “They’re not so bad. They’re just like you but with bigger cocks.”

Owen kissed his temple. “Sounds like someone doesn’t actually want a break.”

But Owen still gave him one, going gently as they watched Odin immediately lose his dominance contest against Joey. Dragons weren’t so bad, now that Owen had gotten to know them.



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