Uri/Giacomo/Isaac, Lesson One

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“The most important thing about sex is that you usually do it without pants on,” Giacomo said, pulling Uri’s down without ceremony.

Uri giggled, and he wiggled out of his shirt with Isaac’s help. “The most important thing about sex,” Isaac disagreed, gently coaxing Uri onto the bed, “is that everyone should have fun and everyone should want the same thing.”

Uri didn’t know anyone like Isaac. He was so friendly. “Okay, okay, yeah,” Giacomo said, taking off his own clothes. “Consent is sexy and you should always make sure people want you to touch their dick before you do. Can I touch your dick?”

“Sure!” Uri said, beaming. He liked Giacomo a lot.

“Awesome.” Giacomo took Uri’s dick in one hand, letting Uri put a hand around his. He stroked the top of Uri’s dick with his thumb, until it was hard. “It gets hard because there’s more blood flowing to it,” he said, before Uri could ask. “Which is a normal reaction to someone touching it.”

“And a lot of other things,” Isaac agreed. “Can I touch you too?” When Uri nodded, he started rubbing Uri’s back, touching the top of his butt once in a while. “Sometimes just thinking about someone touching it is enough. Sometimes thinking about leaves is enough. Dicks get hard all the time, and you shouldn’t worry about it if your does and you didn’t want it to. It happens to everyone.”

“These are your testicles here. This is called the shaft,” Giacomo said, touching the main part of Uri’s dick after his balls. He tugged on the skin at the top. “This is the foreskin. Some people don’t have one because it got cut off when they were little, but their dicks work the same way. When you’re older, it will probably peel back like this…”

Uri swallowed a yelp as Giacomo pulled the skin back, exposing the pink part of his dick. “That’s called the glans,” Isaac told him. “Or the head.” He licked a finger and then touched it, and Uri did yelp. “It’s very sensitive. It’s very fun to touch. With us so far?”

“Y-yeah,” Uri agreed, as Giacomo kept touching him and Isaac started rubbing his butt now. “I thought you g-grew hair when you got older. How come you guys don’t have any?” Uri didn’t think he should have to wait that long. Geoffrey had some.

“I shave mine off,” Isaac told him, kissing Uri’s shoulder.

“Geoffrey shaves mine off,” Giacomo added, touching Uri’s glans again. “You’ll start growing it in a few years. You’ll also start to make cum.”

“That’s what m-makes babies!” Uri said, because he knew that one.

“That’s right,” said Isaac, giving him an encouraging kiss, on the cheek this time. “If you have sex with someone with the right parts your semen or cum can get them pregnant.”

“But if I only have sex with people with dicks that’s not a problem!” Uri concluded. Since he only really wanted to have sex with Geoffrey, Uri didn’t think it would be a problem at all.

“Exactly. But it doesn’t have to be one anyway, there are medicines you can take to make sure you don’t accidentally have a baby before everyone is ready. But it’ll be a while before you have to worry about that anyway. Making cum feels really good. It’s called an orgasm. But you can still have one even now.”

“Which of course you know. You ever rub your dick like this for a long time?” Giacomo asked with a grin, licking Uri’s ear. “Without anyone’s help?”

Uri nodded, feeling his legs and tummy start to curl. “S-sometimes…”

Isaac’s hand disappeared from Uri’s back for a second, then came back. He slipped it right under Uri. “Some boys like putting things up their butt. Giacomo told me you know all about that. I’m going to put one up there and show you a spot called the prostate, which helps you feel really nice.”

“O-okay,” Uri breathed, wondering how it could feel nicer than this, even though he knew it could.

Isaac pushed the finger inside and it mostly just felt normal. Uri squirmed a little, weird feelings spiralling out from a spot just under his testicles. “Here,” Isaac whispered, and then Uri felt it, the same feeling he felt when Geoffrey was up there.

He spasmed, an orgasm taking him over and making him cry out. His dick twitched in Giacomo’s hand, and he felt himself clench around Isaac’s finger. It went on for ever and ever, and when it finally stopped, Uri was leaning back against Giacomo with Isaac touching his chest. “I didn’t know that spot had a name,” he muttered.

“Most parts of the body have names,” Isaac told him, kissing Uri’s stomach. “Knowing what they’re called is lesson one. Any questions?”

“Yes.” Uri grinned at them both.

“Ask us anything,” Giacomo told him. “We’re experts.”

He reached out to touch them both, but stopped. “Can I touch your guys’s dicks too?”

They both kissed him at the same time. “Course you can,” Giacomo said.

“Good job remembering the lesson.”

“Thanks,” said Uri, and he took them in each hand. “I think I’m ready to start lesson two.”



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