Daniel/Theodore, Kyle, Tacky

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“This is stupid and so are you.”

“Now, Daniel,” Theodore chastised. “That is no way to speak in front of a guest.”

Daniel rolled his eyes, picking at the fuzzy, kiddish pajamas Theodore had made him put on. “I’m saying it to you, not him.”

“And yet, he can hear you, Daniel. Don’t be rude.”

Oh, for…this was why Theodore shouldn’t be allowed to have friends. “I’m sorry I was rude, Mr. Kamaka.”

Kyle smiled at him, giving a shake of his head. “It’s okay, Daniel. Everyone says naughty things sometimes. But you don’t have to call me that, you can just call me Uncle Kyle.”

“I’m really not going to do that.”


“Theodore,” Daniel said, crossing his arms. “Be nice.”

“I’m being nice,” Daniel promised. He didn’t even have any knives on under these pajamas. “And I’m really glad this is working for you. But you can’t actually expect me to play along.”

Kyle snickered. “You’re right,” he said to Theodore. “He does struggle with behaviour a little, doesn’t he?”

Daniel didn’t struggle with behaviour. Behaving however he wanted was pretty easy for him.

Theodore nodded. “Alas. I fear it is my fault for so frequently failing to discipline him.”

“I have some good spanking tips if you want them.”

“That would be most helpful, thank you. Daniel, go await us in your bedroom. We shall be there presently.”

Oh, for… Daniel sighed. Fine, whatever. “Don’t take forever or I’ll fall asleep.”

He headed off, listening to Theodore and Kyle’s voices fade away behind him. He didn’t care what they were saying; whatever it was, it was probably just more tacky roleplay anyway.



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