Sam/Gavin, Clarity

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“Nothing you do makes any sense,” Sam told King Gavin, on one of the rare times when neither of them had a dragon’s cock inside them. Ever since Gavin had taken over—liberated—the plateau, those moments only came a few times a day, and rarely coincided.

“Yeah?” Gavin asked, petting Sam’s hair, which Sam hated. “What do you mean?”

“I wouldn’t have kept you alive if our positions were reversed,” Sam told him. What was the harm in telling him? He already knew. He already completely ruled the lives of Sam and everyone Sam had used to own.

“Mm.” Gavin’s hand slid down to the back of Sam’s head, untangling the hair there. “I don’t need to kill you. I’m the only one who knows where the key to your cage is.”

Sam scowled, reaching down and tugging at his dick. He’d been wearing the cage so long he really only thought about it now when the metal bothered his skin. “Maybe I don’t care about that.”

“And if you’re to the point where you don’t care about getting your powers or your dick back, then I know you’re safe,” Gavin finished.

Sam knew he’d walked into that, and tried to pull away from Gavin, who pulled him back with an arm around his middle. “If I had an army of dragons I’d kill everyone I didn’t like. You’re just having nonstop orgies and giving food to starving babies.”

“And also building houses for them,” Gavin added. “I don’t dislike that many people. And I do like orgies. Speaking of which, where are all the dragons? It’s been like an hour since anyone fucked either of us, what the fuck.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “You gave the dragon queen everything she asked for. If I’d been…”

“She didn’t want anything I care about and she had things I did care about. It was a fair trade. Why would I pick a fight with her when she could be an ally?” Gavin asked. “It’s possible not every dragon colony will be as reasonable as the Roe colony or as small as the Amaran colony, so I’m going to need some allies when I start negotiating with them.”

So he was planning to take over the world. That was comforting, at least. Sam understood that. “But why are you also negotiating with Kyaine? And the other kingdoms? None of them has an army of dragons. I’d just go in and destroy their capitals and then I’d be king by default.”

Gavin kissed Sam’s cheek. “You know what?” he said. “I get where your confusion is coming from.”

“Yeah, you’re dumb, that’s where it’s coming from.”

Pulling Sam into his lap, Gavin kissed him again. Then he slid his cock into Sam’s always open hole. This must be what it felt like to be Todd, Sam thought. Well, no, because Todd was a stupid slut, and Sam was a prisoner.

“No,” Gavin said, bouncing Sam up and down now. “Everything you’ve said that you’re confused about has been you telling me what you’d do if you were me. But you’re not me. We don’t want the same things or think the same way. That’s what makes the world fun. Everyone thinks differently.”

“Says the guy who’s trying to make everyone into a dragon cumdump.”

“Everyone likes being a dragon cumdump,” Gavin told him. “That’s different.”

Whatever, Sam wasn’t going to waste time arguing that. “You shouldn’t let the dragons do whatever they want. You’re in charge, not them.”

The door opened, and Sam could hear some dragons stomping in. Gavin leaned in and whispered in his ear. “And as long as they can fuck whoever they want, they’ll never realize that,” he said quietly. “Hey, you two. Tell me how the roadwork is going? I want to have a functioning trade road out west by the end of the month.”

As the dragons started reporting to Gavin—one sticking his cock in Gavin’s ass and the other inside Sam’s already occupied hole—Sam thought about that. What he was doing was working. It was stupid, but it was working.

Maybe Gavin wasn’t so confusing after all.



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