Warm Up

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Hey! I think they jerked my race time off so it might be a while before I’m up if you want to go out and get lunch or something!

Robby felt bad lying to Edwin, but it was necessary. He sent the text, then he copied it and sent it to Erik too. It was the last swim meet of the year and Robby’s parents couldn’t take him, but Robby had really wanted to go because it was a really big meet and it was one of the provincial qualifiers, so Edwin had sucked Owen off and taken him, which was awesome of him. He’d said he’d be happy to take Robby to any of his meets that his parents couldn’t make, which was even more awesome of him.

Robby had invited Erik because Erik had been getting so much less shitty and he thought this might be a safe place for him to talk to Edwin and see if they could work things out at least a little.

But the problem was now they were both here, and they were going to see Robby.

Robby loved being seen. He loved being seen in his swimsuit. He had a lot of cute swimsuits that showed off all the parts of him that were worth looking at. But his competition suit, the one he wore when he wanted to break his best times, was…not great. It was one of those long ones that covered his whole legs, and it made his ass look flat and didn’t give him a bulge and Robby didn’t look fuckable in it, he just looked generic, and Edwin had never seen him in it and what if he saw Robby and was disappointed in what he looked like?

Edwin would never be disappointed in him, and would never love him less for thinking his ass was flat sometimes. But that didn’t stop Robby from worrying. He hadn’t even given one of his teammates a good luck blowjob before the meet had started, because in all the chaos of them getting here, by the time he’d been able to do it, Sean and Benji had been the only boys left in the locker room and they’d both worn their lucky cages to the meet.

And so Robby wasn’t going to pull on his flat-ass swimsuit until he’d lied to his brothers to make them go away. Just in case he fucked the whole meet up.

He sighed, putting his phone down. He’d make it up to both of them later on. He sat on the bench and started to pull his swimsuit on, grimacing as it covered up the calves and thighs he’d worked hard to make look good. Stupid conservative swim association forcing everyone to wear swimsuits. If Robby could swim naked…

Well, his dick would cause some drag, but if everyone swam naked…maybe that wouldn’t work since not everyone had a dick? Robby wondered how much drag it would really cause. Probably not a noticeable amount, at least not once Robby gave them their lucky blowjobs. Maybe if he tucked it, too?

He grabbed his phone, saw two messages both asking if he wanted anything from the restaurant nearby, and responded to them saying he was okay. And then to kill a few minutes, Robby started texting Coach Anthony to see how much drag a dick caused. He was one of the few people who said to ask him anything and then actually meant it. And he’d won every kind of medal out there, so there’s no way he hadn’t thought about this.

He heard footsteps coming into the locker room from the outside but didn’t look up until he realized—too late—that he recognized both of those steps. “Hey,” said Edwin, making Robby jump. “What’s going on?”

“What, nothing,” Robby insisted, hoping that if he kept very still Edwin wouldn’t see him. Edwin and Erik. “Hey! You’re both here!”

“Yeah, well,” Erik said, sitting down beside Robby. “We both got a text trying to trick us into not watching your race. It didn’t fool Edwin and it sure didn’t fool me. I have a lot of experience with nervous little brothers.”

“Yeah, but,” said Robby, knowing there was a good way to deflect away from his problems here, “I meant you’re here together in the same room!”

“Yeah, well,” said Edwin. He looked at Erik just a tiny bit warily, but he didn’t seem upset. “We have some common ground. What’s bothering you?”

Robby shook his head, his hair falling in his eyes. He reached for his swim cap to distract himself. “Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Uh-huh,” Edwin said, sitting on his other side. “It’s okay to be nervous. We won’t think any less of you. Is it because I spent the drive here telling you how great you were going to do? I didn’t mean to put pressure on you, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s not that!” Robby didn’t want Edwin to think this was his fault. “I’m fine, I’m not nervous.”

“You’re shaking,” Erik observed, reaching out as if to put his hand on Robby’s back and then stopping.

Robby frowned and made himself stop shaking. “I’m fine,” he protested. “I just…it’s stupid.”

“It’s not,” Edwin told him.

“It is,” Robby promised. “I didn’t want you to see me in this suit. It’s ugly.”

Edwin frowned, looking down at Robby’s legs. “No it’s not,” he insisted.

“Yes, it is. I normally wear cute speedos and stuff. This is just tight pants and not even the good kind of tight. I was…I was worried you’d see it and think I looked like everyone else.” With caps and goggles and the same suits on, everyone looked basically the same at a swim meet.

“Honestly how dare you think I’d ever confuse my little brother with anyone else,” Edwin said, crossing his arms. “Robby, you’re still hot.”

He said it so matter-of-factly that Robby had to look up at him. “But…”

“No buts,” Erik agreed, now putting an arm around Robby. “Especially since that’s not what you’re really nervous about, right?”

Robby scowled. He hadn’t read the part of the brother contract where he didn’t get to keep secrets. He made a mental note to add it to the Nakedness section in his draft. “I’m not not nervous about it,” he muttered.

“But you’re also not not nervous that you won’t do well and we’ll be disappointed, right?” Edwin asked quietly.

Robby nodded. “I kept talking about how I’m the best at this, but I mean everyone else is good too and…”

“And that’s fine,” Edwin told him. “You know that we’re proud of you regardless of whether or not you do well, Robby. Just do your best.”

“I know,” Robby said, giving a sigh. “I’ll just feel stupid if I made you both come here to watch me fuck up.”

Edwin kissed his cheek. “Losing isn’t fucking up. It’s learning how to do better next time.”

“Hey, you’re not supposed to say smart sounding shit like that,” Robby said, glaring as he felt warm all over. “Dammit.”

“It’s something my big brother told me once when I was freaking out before a game,” Edwin said, looking past Robby to Erik. “You’re going to do fine, Robby. And stop worrying that you’re not hot. I’d fuck you right now if you weren’t getting ready for a race.”

Robby swallowed. “I mean…I do usually suck someone off for luck, so…”

Edwin was already undoing his pants. Robby loved him so much. He leaned forward, taking Edwin in his hands, stroking him to get him hard. As he was growing in Robby’s hand, Erik slid his hand down, but then stopped just short of Robby’s ass because the idiot learned every lesson at the exact wrong time. “Should I go?”

“I think Robby would like it if you stayed,” Edwin said quietly. Robby squeezed his balls, not saying anything, but he did nod so his consent would be apparent.

“Would you?” Erik asked.

Edwin was quiet for a second, reaching down and tousling Robby’s hair, making him glad he hadn’t put his cap on yet. “I used to get spitroasted before games, and Robby says blowjobs are lucky. I think we should give him as much luck as we can.”

“Not that he needs it,” said Erik, finally putting his hand where it belonged. “Okay.” He gave Robby a squeeze, then undid his own pants. “So you really hate this suit, huh?”

“Yeah,” Robby said, giving Edwin a lick. He heard Erik opening a bottle of lube. Edwin had said he usually kept one in his pant leg, as if that wasn’t the coolest thing ever. “I’d rather swim naked, obviously, but my dick would drag…”

But he didn’t get to talk about drag, because Erik grabbed hold of his suit and pulled, and pulled, and he…ripped the ass right out of Robby’s swimsuit.

Robby gasped, and that got Edwin’s cock in his mouth. He pulled himself all the way down onto it, and then back. And on the backward movement, he pressed against Erik. Erik was only a little bigger than Edwin, and his lubed cock pressed into Robby’s hole, gently, but firmly.

Once he was all the way inside, he pulled out, pushing Robby back onto Edwin’s cock. Then Edwin pushed him back onto Erik’s. And they built up a rhythm, pushing him back and forth easily like they’d planned it. They knew each other’s habits, obviously, and they showed Robby how well they still worked together even now.

“You seem…well…” Edwin said to Erik, as they fucked Robby.

“Y-yeah,” Erik agreed, throbbing in Robby’s ass. “I’ve been a lot better. You look, unh, you look good too.”

Edwin rubbed a thumb over the shell of Robby’s ear. “Thanks. I’ve been good. I heard…you have a, wow, a new boyfriend?”

“Mm-hm. John’s great. I’d…like you to meet him sometime…”

“I’d like that…” Edwin’s breath was a pant. “Can’t believe you’ve been…conspiring with Robby…”

“He did the conspiring,” Erik said, and Robby grinned. His cock was so hard in his stupid suit but he didn’t need to touch it. “Little brothers are the worst like that.”


As they talked, Robby noticed Ro out of the corner of his eye. He only swam in the endurance races and those were later, but he also liked to be late, so who really knew why he was only showing up now? It didn’t matter, he followed standard locker room etiquette and barely even looked at the three of them except for to politely check out Edwin’s ass on his way to the locker he’d claimed earlier. He opened it, revealing the meek, naked boy he called his suitcase, who handed him his swimsuit. Ro took it and closed the locker, going to change in a stall because he was weird.

But Robby didn’t need to wonder about what his teammate was doing changing clothes in a stall when he had two brothers inside him, so he focused on them. Edwin and Erik weren’t talking much anymore, and Robby’s throat felt tight, but both of those were in the good way. They picked up the pace as they moved Robby back and forth between them, and Robby sure felt like he was the recipient of a lot of good luck.

He was so lucky he came before they did, twitching in his suit as he stained the front. Robby sucked Edwin hard and clenched around Erik, and as his last spurt came, they both rammed deep into him. They came together, filling him from both ends. They stayed inside him for a good half minute, just breathing, and Robby breathed too. He felt so much better.

When they pulled out and stood him up, Robby stretched out his arms. “I feel much luckier. And much faster.”

“Yeah, a good warmup will do that to you,” Edwin said, kissing his cheek. “They must be almost ready for you.”

Robby nodded, and Erik kissed his other cheek. “We’ll go sit, then. You’ll hear us cheering you on.”

Robby beamed at them. “Okay.” He gave them both a kiss on the dick before going to put his phone and stuff away in his locker. As he pulled his cap on, he watched his brothers leave the locker room together. They looked comfortable and happy together.

Just like Robby had hoped they could.

Feeling totally ready now, Robby headed out into the pool. He’d probably get a few stern looks for his bare ass, but he looked great and he was going to smash the meet’s records, and they’d have a hard time telling him off then.

Let them look. He had two brothers cheering him on in the stands, and nothing mattered to Robby more than that.

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