Couples Gift

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Drew woke up with a boner, which wasn’t unusual. He stretched a little, snuggling closer to Lyren, who was holding him. Lyren was still asleep, but he made a soft noise when Drew touched him, which made Drew snuggle closer. He felt warm, and safe, and…


He wasn’t empty, though. The plug that he wore all the time was still inside him. Maybe he was just hungry or something, but he felt like he was missing something inside him that was supposed to be there.

He was so stupid, he thought, opening his eyes and looking up at Lyren. It was obviously Lyren’s dick. Carefully, he reached around and pulled the plug out, wincing a little. It was bigger than he’d remembered, not that he remembered actually putting it in. His ass was clean though, no cum inside it. He must have cleaned himself out after that party Derek had asked him to go to last night.

Wait a minute. That was what Drew was missing. Derek wasn’t there. Of course he wasn’t in bed with them; he rarely slept in the dollhouse. But Drew didn’t have any orders, anything pressing on his mind, anything he was supposed to do. Normally it should be something small like get up, get undressed enough for whatever tasks the day required, eat breakfast. There was nothing. Drew could just…stay in bed if he wanted to.

“Lyren” Drew said, shaking him a little. Lyren shifted, pulling Drew closer. “No, Lyren.”

“Mm,” Lyren agreed, mostly asleep. “What’ve I told you about silly mouth noises in the morning?”

“I’m only supposed to make them if I need sex or there’s an emergency,” Drew said dutifully. Derek wasn’t there but Lyren was, along with the parts of Lyren’s programming that Derek had found useful and left intact. And Derek loved him, so that was most of Lyren’s programming. But today that was all there was, with none of the new additions Derek had put on it.

“Mm-hm, good boy,” Lyren said, sleepily kissing Drew’s forehead. “So which is it?”

“An emergency?” Drew asked, unsure. “I think something happened to Derek.”

Lyren sighed. “Doesn’t sound like an emergency,” he said, and he rolled them over so Drew was on his back, Lyren on top of him. “Sex instead.”

If Lyren didn’t think it was an emergency then it was probably fine, so Drew just nodded and spread his legs. Lyren was already hard, and he kissed Drew sloppily, not opening his eyes yet as he pressed his cock against Drew’s well stretched hole.

Lyren sliding into Drew was a dream like it always was, a perfect moment that Drew’s entire body was built to want more than anything. And Drew did want it more than anything, letting out an involuntary noise as he was filled just perfectly. No other cock, no other person, nothing else did that for him, and never would, never could.

He clung to Lyren’s sides, hands coming up to try and hold his shoulder blades as Lyren fucked him, gently kissing Drew’s face all over the whole time. After a minute or two Lyren opened his eyes, giving Drew a lazy, lopsided smile as he looked down at Drew. Drew smiled back, the smile that made him look like the dopey puppy Lyren had shown him pictures of, and he kissed Lyren back when he could, wrapping his legs tight around Lyren. He didn’t even remember what had been bothering him earlier. How could anything have been wrong when he had this?

But he couldn’t have this forever, no matter how much he wanted to. Bodies could only be controlled for so long and whatever it was in Drew’s brain that usually kept him having orgasms too soon wasn’t there, and he exploded everywhere, capturing Lyren’s mouth as he did, tasting him like honey.

Lyren pushed Drew down, pinning him to the mattress as he sped up, just enough, just enough to drive Drew’s sensitive body crazy, just enough to fill him up with cum, just enough to make Drew whimper while Lyren moaned his name.

And though Drew was sensitive and wanted to go again, Lyren rested now, keeping himself inside Drew, holding him, kissing him, caressing every part of him he could reach. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” Drew said back, tears in his eyes. He’d said it so many times, but this was the first time it was him saying it. Just him, without Derek’s help.

Lyren sat them up, pulling Drew into his lap. “You’re right,” he murmured into Drew’s ear, licking the shell. “None of Derek’s instructions are in effect.”

Drew shook his head. “I should text him.” Whatever was happening, it was a mistake. Derek’s programming was too powerful, and eventually he’d be back. And he’d be disappointed that they’d misbehaved. Just because they were free from him right now didn’t mean they were really free. Unless he was dead. Maybe someone had killed him.

“Don’t,” Lyren said softly. “Just sit here with me a bit.”

Drew liked to pretend he had to obey Lyren, but he could choose. And he chose to obey in that moment, wrapping his arms around Lyren and holding him. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. You brought me back.”

“Derek brought you back.”

“You worked so hard, though, Drew. You worked so hard. I saw how hard you worked, even if I couldn’t help you. I’m so sorry I did that to you.”

“You didn’t do it to me, Robby did,” Drew muttered, no anger in his voice. Now that he was free of Derek, he understood. He understood why Robby had wanted this feeling. Maybe he’d felt the same way about Lyren that Drew felt about Derek.

No thought arose to remind him that Derek was his best friend, that he loved Derek, that Derek was never wrong. Nothing. Drew sighed. “I’m hungry.”

“Me too. Let’s go downstairs and you can make breakfast.”

Drew nodded, and let Lyren pull out of him. They got up, went to the bathroom together before heading downstairs.

Drew stopped on the way to the kitchen. There was a Christmas tree up in the living room, with milk and cookies out in front of it. “I thought it was September,” he said, a lump in his throat.

I thought it was January,” Lyren said, kissing his shoulder. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” Drew said back, wandering into the room. There were a bunch of gifts under the tree, some with Lyren’s name on them in Drew’s writing and some with Drew’s in Lyren’s writing. Derek had had them go Christmas shopping for each other? He remembered that, a little. He remembered being ordered to shop like he normally would, to get things Lyren would like.

Drew often ordered them to act normal. They’d had time together. Lots of time. Not like this. But they’d had time together thanks to Derek. Drew had Lyren back, thanks to Derek. Drew didn’t feel about Derek the way Robby must have felt about Lyren, not even a little.

Derek had given him back everything. And all he’d wanted in exchange was Drew. It was nothing to pay.

There was a small card on the table underneath the plate with the cookies, which were half-eaten. Drew picked it up. It was written in the sparkly ink that Derek liked, but in Drew’s own handwriting, which had gotten neater.

Merry Christmas, you two! You’ve both been such good boys this year! I hope you don’t mind that I got you the same gift. You both get the day off. No rules, no programming, no tasks. Just do whatever you want until you wake up tomorrow.

Love, Derek

Tears on his cheeks again, Drew handed the card to Lyren, hugged him while he read it. It was weird, he thought. Though Derek’s instructions were constant, he rarely had to think about them. Now, Derek was gone and he felt more present than he had since September.

“Only one day,” Lyren said, voice soft.

Drew shook his head. “One whole day,” he insisted. “We get one whole day together.”

Lyren didn’t answer for just a second, but then he put the card down and wrapped his arms around Drew. “Yeah,” he said. “We do.”

Drew understood, he did. Lyren was right, it was only one day. And Derek could have told them both to forget him completely for a day, and he hadn’t. The gift he’d given them was wrapped in razor wire. Every time they thought about it, they’d have to think about what would happen when it was over. Every minute they spent together was a minute to know what their lives could be like without him.

And Drew didn’t care. He’d wrap himself in razor wire to have this if he had to. “Let’s go have breakfast.” There were no rules. He was going to make the biggest, stupidest, greasiest breakfast in the world for them both.

“No,” Lyren said, letting Drew go. “It’s Christmas. We’ll open presents first, then we’ll have breakfast.”

Oh, right. Drew nodded, smiling at the tree. It was the most presents he’d ever gotten for Christmas. “Okay. I got you some cool stuff.”

“Me too.”

“What should we do after breakfast?” Drew asked, holding Lyren’s hand as they went to sit in front of the tree.

Lyren kissed him, pulled a gift out and handed it to Drew. It was perfectly wrapped in Nutcracker paper. “Anything we want. Merry Christmas, Drew.”

Drew nodded, handed Lyren a present too. Lyren was right. They could do anything they wanted. For one day at least, Lyren and Drew could do anything they wanted. Because for one day at least, they were allowed to be a normal family again.

And Drew didn’t need anything more than that. “Merry Christmas, Lyren.”

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