Witch, 113

The Best New Toys Let You Do Your Favourite Things in New Ways

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“Hold still.”


“Excuse me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s better.”

“Sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine. I’m going to start cutting now.”

“Thank you, sir,” Ron said, and he heard the first clip of the scissors. The forest immediately started pouting as Ron’s hair started to fall to the garden, but it didn’t complain like it had been since James had told Ron he was getting his haircut today.

It didn’t complain, but it did start reminding Ron how pretty he was.

Ron could feel James rolling his eyes. “Ron is pretty all the time, no matter how long his hair is.”

As James cut more, the forest started to agree with this in a series of rapid notes, assuring Ron that it would always love him, but also assuring him that his hair would grow back. Meanwhile, the garden just chuckled. One of Olly’s roots snaked up and took a little bit of Ron’s hair when Olly thought Ron wasn’t looking. Ron chuckled.

“What?” James asked him.

Ron shrugged. “I never thought I’d be in a four-way relationship with a magic garden and an immortal forest.”

“Fortunately the magic garden and the immortal forest had more imagination than that,” James teased, snipping some more. “If you can cum before I finish cutting your hair, I’ll give you a reward.”

“Okay,” Ron said, stopping himself from nodding just in time. Ron’s hands were tied behind his back, and then also tied to his ankles so he couldn’t move, but his cage was off and he had a freshly picked pod from Jiminy inside him, bigger than usual. James was touching his shoulder every now and then. He’d be fine.

“If you can’t cum before I finish,” James added calmly, while Ron started thinking horny thoughts, “your next opportunity won’t be until the summer solstice.”

Ron shuddered. That was over three months away, over twice as long as he’d ever gone without an orgasm. And he hadn’t had one with the cage off for fifty-six days now. That would be so long if he wasn’t successful today. If he screwed this up he could be stuck.

And he’d like being stuck, he would, but he liked orgasms too and he’d been a very good boy and he wanted to have one and now all he could think about was how he didn’t know how to have one and he could feel himself getting soft.

No, he had to think horny thoughts. He had to think of James, and how much he loved him. He had to think of James’s hand on him, James’s dick inside him. He thought about the pod inside him, vibrating comfortably, and how happy Jiminy had been when James had picked that one. He thought of the feel of the ropes on his arms, and that helped a little, and he thought about what it would be like if he had a blindfold on.

He thought about having an audience. They didn’t have one now; Jay and Tanner were in their house and Jed and Micha were in their room practicing what Isaac had shown them the other day. But Ron imagined them there, and others too, feeling a flush of embarrassment about what would happen if Owen were to walk through the portal right now and tease him for not being able to stay hard.

Ron was still nervous, and that was making it softer instead of harder. How much of his hair had James cut? How much time was left? He needed…

“Shh…” James said, stroking Ron’s arm. “This is supposed to be fun. If it’s stressing you out we’ll do something else.”

Oh. Ron took a breath, and he felt himself stabilize, stop shaking. “Sorry,” he said. “I got a little worked up about the wrong part.”

He felt James nod. “Would you like some different rules?”

“No. I’m good now,” said Ron. He didn’t know if that was true, but he thought it was. He’d just needed a reminder that this was a game, that it was fun. He smiled, feeling warmer already. “Pull my hair sometimes?”

“Sure,” said James, giving a tug. Ron closed his eyes, and this time he thought about James spanking him, not because he was mad but because he loved Ron and wanted him to feel safe. He thought about getting hit on the butt like that, over and over again, and how that made him feel. He thought about James running a hand down his back, and whispering that he was doing good, that he was being so good for him. And that got Ron hard, and the more he thought about it, the more hard he got. James gave a pull. His head was so light now that his hair was all gone.

And with a light head, Ron imagined James wrapping his hand around his dick and whispering that Ron was such a good boy. And Ron came, whinging as he shot into the soil of the garden. It took over his whole body, denied for as long as he had been. It hurt, but in the way Ron liked, his balls aching as they finally emptied themselves, his head spinning as it cleared of everything inside it.

When Ron was done, he was sore all over and he’d fallen over, face in the dirt. James was there beside him like always, stroking his face. “That was so good,” he said. “You’re such a good boy, Ron.”

Ron smiled, looking up at him. “Did I make it in time?”

James nodded once. He reached down with the scissors, carefully trimmed Ron’s bangs, and then set them aside. “All done. If it’s still too long you can tell me.”

“Okay.” Ron couldn’t tell how short it was like this, but he’d asked James just to make it shorter. James would know how short was short enough. “Do I get my reward now?”

“Yes,” James told him, pulling his hair again. Then he slid his hand down Ron’s back, never breaking contact with him, and undid the tie connecting Ron’s wrists and ankles, so he could lay properly on the ground. He rolled Ron over, smiling down at him. Ron smiled back.

James kissed Ron’s chest, unconcerned about the soil there. He kissed his heart, then his scar, then down. He kissed the head of Ron’s dick, which was still hard, and with a whisper of magic it went soft. Ron couldn’t help but chuckle, earning himself a little slap to the thigh. “Sorry, sir.”

“You always are, runt” James accused, reaching into his pocket. He gave Ron another kiss, and covered his dick with the familiar feeling of plaster mud.

Only this was different, Ron noticed immediately. Instead of his dick being pulled through the mould, it opened up and snapped around his dick, and then it contracted, pulling his dick inwards. “Um…”

“Something I know you’ll agree with,” James said, kissing Ron’s thigh now. “You could really stand to have less control over this part of you.”

Ron nodded immediately. “Yeah.” The new cage had stopped contracting, and when Ron looked down, it had pulled his dick inwards, making it look much smaller. It wasn’t smaller, it was just stuffed in there in a way that was borderline uncomfortable, but in the right way. “I like this, thank you.”

“I’m not done,” James said, with another kiss. In a second, the cage moved, turning into a tight ring around the base of his cock. Another kiss, and Ron was getting hard again, not his idea this time. “The only problem with your cage is that sometimes I want to play with your dick, but I don’t want to make you feel bad with an orgasm every day. This way we can both have what we want.”

Ron shuddered all over, and James pulled the pod out from inside him. “I can’t believe you made this for me. Must have been hard.”

“It was tricky. But it was worth it, because the person it was for is worth it.” Ron blushed deeper. James slowly took off his own clothes, making Ron watch him helplessly as he took way longer than necessary. The garden caressed him while he waited, assuring him it would be worth it. The forest touched him too, telling him that his hair was still pretty and making a few flowers grow in it.

And then James was there, lifting Ron’s legs up to get to his ass, folding him almost in half so his bound ankles were above his head. He kissed Ron between his legs and then pressed inside without warning, filling him all the way. Ron cried out as his dick twitched uselessly. James leaned on his legs and started moving in and out, his free hand wrapping around Ron’s erection, stroking it towards an orgasm that would never come.

But that didn’t matter, because James was holding him, and the garden was holding him, and the forest was holding him, and when James came inside of him all of them felt it, felt warm and held and loved, and why would Ron need an orgasm of his own when he could have that feeling whenever he wanted?

Or rather whenever James wanted him to have it. Which turned out to be four more times that afternoon.

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