Character Profile: Gloria

Name: Gloria Sanct

Aliases/AKAs: Her Majesty, Goya, Evangeline, Sun Nail, the shadow

Title(s): Lady of Saffron Keep, Protector of the Ten Towers

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Build: Slender

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Turner Feestings (fiancé, deceased)

Family Relationships: Grace and Edward ven Sancte (parents, deceased), Gerard and Georgina ven Sancte, Reid Skyhan (uncles and aunt), Emma Skyhan (aunt, deceased), Gabrielle and Gavin ven Sancte, Elle and Rupert Skyhan (cousins), Gretchen ven Sancte (cousin, deceased), Owen Sanct and Franz ven Sancte (cousins’ husbands), Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (cousins once removed)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On top

Kinks: Whips, masks, role play

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: The only daughter of one of two potential heirs of House ven Sancte, Gloria’s parents died in a mysterious house fire when she was very young that she believes was not an accident. Gloria is now the niece of the king instead of the heir apparent, and has made what peace she can with that, realizing that to become queen as she deserves to be she’d have to start a civil war, which she isn’t willing to do to her family or the nation. She has instead dedicated herself to protecting her family from behind the scenes, making sure that House ven Sancte is kept safe from various threats that it can’t face publicly. This has included allying with certain unsavoury people, but Gloria doesn’t feel bad about that, because whatever their goals are, hers have never changed.


  • After Gloria’s parents were killed, she was raised by Gerard and Georgina. She created intentional distance between herself and Gavin and Gabrielle, so nobody would think she was trying to usurp Gabrielle
  • Gloria’s father was from northern House Skyhan, who tried to insist she live with them after Edward’s death, but were rebuffed because Gloria didn’t want to
  • Gloria is absolutely certain that had her parents survived, her mother would have been coronated queen upon her grandfather’s death. She realized at thirteen that anyone who might agree with her on this had motivations that were damaging to Dolovai, and forced herself to give up one ever being queen herself
  • Gloria was one of the first people to befriend Dominic of the White Nail when he arrived in the capital, and got him as spot on the king’s council
  • When she was fairly young, Gloria realized that putting on plain clothes, eschewing cosmetics and covering her hair were all she needed to do in order for nobody to recognize her as a royal
  • Gloria met Solomon of Clan Netzer when she was a teenager, and sussed that he was a danger to House ven Sancte. So she decided to work for him so she could keep an eye on him, neglecting to tell anyone about this
  • Gloria regularly donates to orphanages across Three Hills under the pseudonym Evangeline, after her favourite saint
  • Believing it’s important to give the royal family deniability, Gloria often works without their explicit approval. When she does work for them directly, she usually speaks with Georgina
  • When Gloria was a child, there was a plan to marry her to Gavin in case of any succession disputes. She was grateful that plan was cancelled before Gavin learned about it
  • It was not Gloria’s idea to get married to an Imperial prince, but the longer she sits with it the more she thinks it’s the only way to stop an invasion


  • “You know you’re outside where people can hear you, right?”
  • “Good. Gavin’s too nice to castrate you if you wander, but I’d do it for him.”
  • “I’ll leave you two alone. Just wanted to say hi, glad you didn’t get eaten by a sexually frustrated lizard.”
  • “This is why we can’t have nice parties, I swear.”
  • “So, any word on when someone’s going to die?”
  • “What am I going to do? Storm into a church full of homeless kids and stab an orphan to death? That would play really well with the public. A great mark on the ven Sancte record.”
  • “Usually it’s Gabrielle who comes to accuse me of crimes.”
  • “We were manipulating you, moving you around so that you’d find what we wanted you to find. You’re not very good at uncovering conspiracies, you know.”
  • “The whole family knows I should be the queen. But I never will be, and I know that. The world doesn’t work the way we want it to.”
  • “We’ve got nations to protect, lands and the people who live in them. Surely you don’t need me to remind you that real people suffer when we pick fights with each other. Me marrying an Imperial prince might stop the next fucking Flame War. And if that’s not enough for you, the world’s ending.”
  • “There’s dessert for you today.”
  • “You’re very annoying, do you know that?”
  • “All I’ve ever done is try to protect House ven Sancte.”


  • Gloria is an extremely adept dancer, far beyond other nobles who were educated in formal dance
  • Gloria has very clear mental images of what her parents look like, but she doesn’t actually remember them; her mental images do not accord with paintings of them that still exist
  • Gloria’s first sexual experience was with a blacksmith’s apprentice named Jake, who ate her out behind his master’s shop and then fucked her as well
  • Gloria is technically the owner of a small keep a day outside of Three Hills, but she has never been there
  • Gloria is allergic to cats and dogs
  • Though Turner wasn’t that good at sex, he did do everything Gloria said in bed, which was a trait she liked about him
  • Gloria often wears white instead of her family’s purple, which some take as a political statement but is mostly because she likes white
  • Gloria does consider Dominic her best friend,  and he is one of the only people she genuinely trusts, despite also knowing that he’s very sketchy
  • Also under the alias of Evangeline, Gloria occasionally acts as a dominatrix in Three Hills, rarely for the same person twice
  • Gloria often uses secret passages to get around not because it’s necessary, but because she enjoys being mysterious

Modern AU: Modern Gloria is the executive vice president of marketing for Saint Holdings, her family’s conglomerate. She obtained this position through nepotism, but has proven extremely skilled at it and many have commented that, since neither of her cousins seems interested in running Saint Holdings someday, she is the likely successor. Until then, she runs her arm of the family business efficiently and quietly, unofficially taking on the task of avoiding or mitigating any scandals that might pop up in other arms of the conglomerate as well. When she’s not working in behind the scenes crisis management, Gloria reads spy novels and tries to write her own, and goes to art auctions specifically to up the bid price on things she thinks are undervalued.

8 thoughts on “Character Profile: Gloria

  1. “Gloria was one of the first people to befriend Dominic of the White Nail when he arrived in the capital, and got him as spot on the king’s council”

    So Dominic is YOUR fault! *points accusingly*

    “Gloria does consider Dominic her best friend, and he is one of the only people she genuinely trusts, despite also knowing that he’s very sketchy.”

    Not helping your case…

    Between that and the fact that you protect your family even from the consequences of its own actions, even when this is counter to the good of Dolovai as a whole, I don’t think there can be any forgiveness for you. Into the trash you go!


    1. I think this is a fair perspective! Especially because of the Dominic thing, tbh. She really should have known better than to let that sketchbag into anyone’s inner circle.

      And yes, protecting people is all well and good but sometimes it’s better to let them experience consequences so they learn something, so that’s a bit problematic of her. 😀



  2. “Gloria has very clear mental images of what her parents look like, but she doesn’t actually remember them; her mental images do not accord with paintings of them that still exist.”

    Between that and the fact that even she recognizes that everyone who agrees with her on her mother’s suitability as a ruler doesn’t have the best interests of the kingdom at heart, it sounds like she doesn’t really remember what her parents were actually like. Just an idealized image of them.

    I wonder how much of that is due to having internalized the idea that she has to be worse off for having been orphaned? So her birth parents have to be better than her adoptive parents, and since her adoptive parents are pretty good as parents go, her birth parents had to have been impossibly perfect.

    Or perhaps someone mind-whammies her into having a specific image of her parents so as to manipulate her later on with “their” wishes.

    Of course, it’s not exactly unheard of for people to put deceased or missing loved ones on a pedestal in general, so it may well be no more than that.


    1. I think that’s very true! She was very young when her parents were killed, so everything else notwithstanding she simply doesn’t remember them that well because she’s remembering them through the lens of a toddler.

      I do think she’s internalized the idea that being an orphan is Worse Than Anything, and also very much internalized the idea that she IS an orphan, even though her aunt and uncle literally did raise her and the distance that she experiences from her family is entirely of her own making. Which is honestly kind of sad, I think, because she’s choosing to do that to herself to fuel the self-image she’s created.

      Now it is possible she’s being magically manipulated, of course. We do know that’s possible and we do know there are lots of people out there who aren’t afraid of using that possibility for their own gain. So definitely keep that option open, I think.

      But yeah at the end of the day I do think there’s no small amount of just her idolizing her parents because she didn’t know them, and she knows they were killed and nobody believes her, and she can’t help but think about what her life would have been like if that hadn’t happened, so it might be no more than that. It’s very sad but it’s also not healthy.

      Thank you!


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