Sex Demons Always Working

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“Why do we keep having to rescue Nat again?” Donny asked as he and Kai sat in a small mansion in the city called Hawk’s Roost.

“Because he’s our brother and we care about him,” Kai said, propped up on his elbows while a teenaged boy named Geoffrey did what looked to Donny like a passable job fucking him. Tops were hard to come by on Nova.

“Ugh,” Donny decided, touseling the hair of little Uri, sucking his cock. Geoffrey had been fucking him when they’d come in, but they’d mutually decided that they’d rather service Donny and Kai when the demons had arrived at the house they’d decided to make their BnB for the night. “Fuck him. We don’t even know that he’s missing. He probably just got lost or fell into a pit of snakes or something.”

“There are a lot of big snakes living in the caverns under the surface,” Kai agreed. “They don’t seem very fun, so I ignored them. Something happened to him, Donny. And we brought him here, so we can’t go home and pretend we didn’t notice he got eaten; Daddy will spank us again.”

Spankings were fun, but Donny had not enjoyed the last one he’d gotten from Dad. And that had just been minor fraud on an expense report (he’d claimed the GDP of Latvia as a business expense). “Fine. Where is he?”

“How should I know? I don’t keep tabs on Nat,” Kai said, rolling his eyes. “This kind of shit is your job, Donny.”

“The last time I put a tracker in his ass he took it out so he could get fucked by hobgoblins,” Donny complained.

“Yeah, that’s succubus vibes. Cut him some slack.”

“He’s not even a succubus!”

The door opened as Donny said that and a boy who looked a bit like Geoffrey but with cuter hair came in, naked already. “Hey, Geoffrey, sorry to drop in unannounced, but…oh, hey.”

“Hey there,” said Donny, stretching out a wave of magic towards him. “We’re your brother’s guests.” It was just a guess, but Donny had seen lots of horny brothers before.

His magic didn’t do much to the boy’s mental state. He just smiled. “You must be Bear’s friends. He was telling me about you.”

Donny blinked and looked at Kai. Kai was looking at him. “Did you call Bear here?” Donny asked.

“No, did you?”

“No, he had a math test and I didn’t want to interrupt his studying.”

“I got a hundred percent,” said Bear, coming in behind Giacomo, because if there was one thing Bear liked more than cock, it was a suitably impressive entrance. “Then I came to hang out with you and all I found was the remnants of a summoning spell. Just thought I’d check if you needed help. But then I made friends with King Giacomo!” He gave a wide grin that Donny thought did a great job hiding the fact that he was annoyed because his powers hadn’t done much to Giacomo.

“Yeah, Bear’s great,” said Giacomo, sitting in a big chair. Bear kissed Donny, but then followed Giacomo and sat in the chair with him, tickling his balls. “So if these two are your friends, that means the demon Derek kidnapped must be someone else, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Bear, shrugging.

Kai sighed. “Of course Gnat would get kidnapped by someone named Derek.”

Of course he would. It was very much his vibe. “Should we go rescue him?”

“Derek’s my friend, he’s perfectly safe,” Giacomo assured them. “We can go pick your friend up once Derek’s done torturing him.”

“Oh, Nat’s not really our friend,” said Kai, shifting a little and letting Geoffrey go harder.

“Yeah, he’s more like…” Donny paused to cum in Uri’s mouth. “A co-worker.”

“And really, he’s technically an intern.”

“We had to give the boss’s son a job is all.”

Bear rolled his eyes. “We’ll go get him later. First you guys tell me everything you know about this planet. I promised Giacomo we’d make him king of the world once we turn it into an orgy planet, but I want to know what progress you guys have made first.”

Donny snorted and got Bear and Giacomo to come sit in his lap while he told them what they’d been up to on their vacation. It was bound to get better now that Donny was here with his favourite human.



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