Silas/Drew/Edgar, Voices

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This was…it was terrible. It was awful. Silas hated it. He couldn’t watch any more.

It was so hot.

Little Edgar, that poor little boy with the pervert dad, the poor little boy who Silas had, had molested. He was on the bed, on his dad’s bed, legs spread, giggling and clinging as his dad pressed his huge cock, well it was a normal size, Silas thought, but it looked huge because Edgar was so small.

But he pressed it right at Edgar’s hole and, with a low sigh that spoke to Silas of years of frustration, he started pressing it inside his son.

Silas whimpered as he knelt beside the bed and watched, and behind him, Drew giggled. “Isn’t it great?” he whispered in Silas’s ear, arms around Silas’s bare chest. His hard dick was pressed up against Silas’s ass, not penetrating him yet. But he would. Silas couldn’t move. Drew wouldn’t let him move. “We did that. You did that, Silas. Aren’t you proud?”

“No,” Silas whispered. He couldn’t talk above a whisper because Drew didn’t want him to distract Edgar’s dad from his big moment. He’d started fucking Edgar properly. Edgar looked so happy. He was so little. “No, this is awful, it’s…”

“Shh, stop being so selfish,” Drew said, nipping his ear. “Just because Edgar’s getting real dick and now he’ll never need anyone as small as you again, but there’ll be other boys.”

Silas didn’t want there to be other boys. He wanted this to stop. Or at the very least he wanted Drew to do whatever he did so that he didn’t remember or think about what he was doing. Not this. Not this thing where he couldn’t move, whatever orders Drew had given him still inscribed in his brain, but he knew everything that was happening. Why did Drew want this?

“Think about how instrumental you were in all this,” Drew said, licking the rim of Silas’s ear. “Nobody else on our team was small enough to warm Edgar up for this. We’d never have fulfilled our contract without you.”

“That would be better,” Silas insisted quietly. “You can’t do this. You can’t keep doing this.”

“Oh, shush,” said Drew, reaching down and brushing Silas’s twitching boner. “Frederick isn’t here, you don’t have to pretend you’re not enjoying yourself. Or maybe you’re just upset because you’re seeing someone who’s actually enjoying being on bottom? That’s what Frederick would look like every night if you knew how to deliver.”

Edgar was clearly having the time of his life as his dad pounded his ass, squealing and laughing and making so many noises that it wouldn’t have mattered if Silas had been talking at full volume. But Drew had done that to him, just like he’d done this to Silas. He’d made him want that. Nobody would be enjoying this that much.


“Frederick loves me.” Silas knew his voice was barely audible now but he didn’t care. Frederick was happy with Silas, he was.

“I’m sure he does. But just imagine if he also loved fucking you.” Drew giggled. “Well, maybe you can’t. But that’s okay. He’s got me and you’ve got the only people who’ll ever find you satisfying. We have another client lined up soon. Here, look, I have a picture of his little boy for you.”

Drew had barely shown Silas a picture of a little brown-haired boy in Superman pajamas before Edgar and his dad got louder, and Edgar’s dad—Silas didn’t actually know his name—was cumming inside his son. He pulled out with a sigh, gave his son a kiss, and sat beside him on the bed. “Amazing. Thank you.”

“We’re glad you’re happy with the service,” Drew said. “Would you mind if Silas took a quick turn? He’s very proud of himself.”


Silas didn’t want to, he didn’t, but he stood up and went over to the bed, crawling on and over Edgar, and he didn’t know if it was his idea or Drew’s. Edgar looked completely out of it, a huge smile on his face, and that didn’t change when Silas pressed inside him, easily sliding all the way down, moving so fast he was fucking Edgar before he even noticed.

And fucking so Edgar so fast he was cumming before he’d barely realized it, not even a minute later with another whimper. “Oh,” said Drew, behind him. “That was fast. Are you always that fast? If you’re going to be small you should at least have stamina, Silas, God. Oh well. Clean him up, will you?”

Tears on his face and every word Drew was saying pounding into his brain, Silas got down and started licking Edgar’s stretched hole clean. Drew started fucking him and Silas barely noticed. “So for the first week we suggest you fuck him at least three times a day to keep him tightening up again too much. It’s also a good idea to get him so suck your cock once a day just to prevent his gag reflex from coming back, though if you’re not up for that, using a toy for twenty minutes should do the same thing…”

Silas didn’t hear the words Drew was saying. All he heard was Drew’s voice, and that was enough. Drew’s voice never left Silas’s head, and it just kept saying things over and over about Silas not being enough, not being adequate, and Silas didn’t want to think they were true, but he worried that the more he heard them, the more he’d believe them.

And he was worried he’d never stop hearing them.

Lyren wasn’t here yet, so Drew just started walking home with Silas after they’d left the house. He was humming to himself, pleased with how well that had gone. Hope trailed behind them a little, but Drew would hang out with him later. “So next time I think it’d be better if you try to jerk off before we come over,’ he said to Silas, with his arm around him. “So you can last longer while you’re working.”

Silas just nodded glumly. In a little while Drew would put him back under, but he liked having Silas know what was happening and not be able to do anything about it. “Don’t look so sad. There’s lots of other boys. Our client list is a mile long and most of them are going to need someone like you.”

Silas just nodded again. He looked like he might cry again. Drew smirked. Lyren had told him this was a silly plan and that it wouldn’t work. But it had worked perfectly. Silas felt the way Drew wanted him to feel.

And it was what he deserved for taking the only person Drew had ever wanted away from him. He should feel this way. Forever and ever, like he wasn’t enough and never would be. Until he decided to let Frederick go and be happy with someone else. Like Drew.

The garden looked really nice, Drew thought, as they left the yard and walked up the street. He’d done a lot of good work here.



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