Ray/Cal/Beatrice/Lillian, Exposition

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“It’s great,” Ray explained, nodding. “Because Belinda knows everyone. It turns out girls have a sex hierarchy like boys, but more intense, and Belinda’s kind of the boss of it? So all the girls have to do what she says and she’s going to make them all tell me which of them is Ladybug!”

Cal and the rest of them all looked at Ray in what was either appreciation or dread. “But only after she makes you get pegged by all of them, right?”

Ray blinked. “Well, yeah. For thoroughness. But don’t worry, it’s not like I’m being taken advantage of or anything. Getting pegged is awesome! Have you tried it?”

“Yes,” Cal assured Ray, which wasn’t surprising because Cal was cool. Sully was also nodding. On the other side of the room, Beatrice was smirking, but Ray didn’t know if that was because she’d pegged them or if it was just because she was feeling superior because of the sex hierarchy. “It’s great. Nobody thinks you’re being taken advantage of.”

That was good. Ray wouldn’t want Cal to worry about him. He was a big boy—well, smaller than usual at the moment thanks to the small cage—and could solve his own mysteries. So he nodded again. “At this rate it should only be a few weeks before I get it all figured out.”

“Right. That’s awesome,” said Cal, and Ray knew he meant that, because he was awesome like that. “So, about the thing I actually asked about.”

“Oh.” Ray thought back to a few minutes ago, before he’d started excitedly explaining to Cal and everyone all the progress he was making in his investigation. Cal had asked him how the sleepover had gone and… “Oh, right! Why did I come back from a mostly-girls sleepover with a cock cage on! There are two reasons.”

“Of course there are,” Cal said, sounding amused again.

“The first is because Belinda didn’t want me to cum on stuff, and boys can’t be trusted. But not in the gross way! She promised that if I were a trans boy she’d still have put me in chastity.” That was very important, Ray thought. He wouldn’t have still wanted to be friends with Belinda if she was transphobic.

“She’s right,” said Beatrice.

“Yeah, sure.” Cal nodded. “Let’s assume that’s true. You’re still wearing the cage?”

“Oh, well, yeah, that’s because of the second thing, which is that in return for the favour Belinda is doing me in helping me find Ladybug, I’m helping her set an example for all the boys in school who want to get in her pants. Some of them have already started being more polite, and some of the ones who didn’t want to fuck her before like Darby have asked now because he’s good at being polite and he likes getting fucked.” Ray beamed, pleased that not only was he improving the lives of all the straight boys in the school, but also helping boys like Darby practice their bisexuality. “So I’m going to wear the cage to school all week so that in gym class or the bathroom or health class or lunch or recess or social studies or any of the other places where I normally take my pants off, everyone can see the best way to get Belinda to like you!”

It was such a good plan, honestly. Belinda was so smart.

Cal was nodding slowly as he processed her brilliance. “Okay. And next weekend she’ll take it off, or…”

“Uh…she actually didn’t say anything about that, but she did kind of imply that she’d think about it!” Ray had his doubts, but he also trusted Belinda. Partly because he had no choice, but mostly because she was helping him with something important and also she seemed like someone who knew a lot about boy/girl sex and BDSM.

“Right.” Cal shrugged and patted Ray’s cage. “Well, whatever floats your balls. Glad you’re having fun and let us know if you need any help with your investigation.”

“Thanks, but I should be able to do it on my own!” Ray was really determined and he’d always been able to do things he was really determined to accomplish.

Oh, speaking of which. He turned to Beatrice. “Hi! Belinda says I need to practice eating pussy before lunchtime on Monday. Can you and Lillian help me out?”

Beatrice laughed at that. “Sure thing, kid. Lil, why don’t you go get the strap-on?”

Ray was so lucky to have such an understanding and accommodating group of teammates.


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