Borey/Poeu, Wait

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Borey hadn’t believed in love at first sight until he’d seen Poeu hee’Nin, and he still didn’t, but he sure did believe in lust at first sight, because damn, his new husband was adorable.

They’d been engaged for years but were only old enough—their parents were impatient enough—for them to get married now, and Borey had never met Poeu before. He was a little younger than Borey, and a little short for his age, and he had big eyes and nice lips and soft arms and Borey hadn’t been able to wait for the wedding feast to be over so they could spend the whole night fucking because sex was great and sex with Poeu was going to be even better.

Plus Poeu was cool and funny and he laughed really prettily and the way he touched his ear when he was nervous was cute and he ate so daintily and the Sphinx’s representative had said he had a glowing future and he’d told a great story about zebras at the feast and love at first sight wasn’t a thing, but Borey thought love at first night might be, because he was pretty sure that he’d break anyone’s hand who did anything Poeu didn’t like, so there was that.

They were holding hands now, going back to Borey’s…to their bedroom. Borey was so excited his hands were sweating, which was probably gross. “Tomorrow I’ll take you to see the hyacinth towers,” he told Poeu. “I think you’ll really like them. They’re really pretty at this time of year. Like you.”

Poeu blushed at that, touching his ear with his free hand. “You’re very handsome too, Borey.”

That was a two-pronged attack that went right to Borey’s heart and his dick, which was already hard under his formal kilt. “Th-thanks,” he stammered, sounding like a dumbass. “I’m glad we got married.” That was a stupid thing to say. They didn’t even know each other.

Poeu smiled, but it was a little bit distant. “Me too. I’m sure our families will have a great alliance now.”

Borey nodded, looking sidelong at Poeu. “Yeah. Um. I’m glad we got married because I like you, though. A lot. I know that’s silly when we don’t know each other. But you seem really great and…I’m glad we’ll get to spend our lives together.”

“Oh.” Poeu looked down at his feet and Borey tried not to let his heart fall. He didn’t feel the same way, because of course he didn’t. But that was okay. “You seem really great too, Borey. I like you too.”

That didn’t sound true, but it would be true someday. Borey would be the best husband he could be until it was true. “What do you like to eat for breakfast? I’ll ask the cooks to make it for you in the morning!”

“Oh…I don’t really mind? I’m not a very picky eater. I don’t usually eat much at breakfast.”

“You might be extra-hungry tomorrow, though,” Borey said, nudging him. They were almost at the bedroom.

Instead of smiling or laughing or saying anything, Poeu started crying.

“Woah, woah,” said Borey. He stopped, turning to face his husband. “I’m sorry! What’s wrong? I didn’t mean to…”

Poeu shook his head, sniffing. He wiped his eyes. “I’m fine. Sorry. I just, I’m fine. I’m a bit nervous. I like you a lot, Borey, really. But I’ve never, uh, had sex before. And I’m a bit scared…but I will! I don’t want to disappoint you, so I will! I’m just a bit nervous.”

Oh. Oh, no. “You don’t have to be nervous,” Borey promised him, holding both of Poeu’s hands now. “Sex is really fun! You’ll like it, I promise. And, and we don’t have to do the scary stuff if you don’t want to! We can just kiss or touch each other or, or…you still seem scared.”

Poeu nodded, looking away. He seemed ashamed. “I’m sorry. And everyone said I’d like it, and like you, and all your friends and family said you were gentle and kind, and I believe them, I really do. I’m just…I really don’t want to. Please don’t be mad.”

“Poeu…” Borey swallowed. And he smiled at Poeu. “Then we won’t.”

“W-won’t what?”

“We won’t have sex.” It was pretty obvious what the answer was. “It’s only fun if you want to do it. So if you don’t, then we won’t.”

“But…we have to. We’re married.”

Borey shook his head. “That’s just what other people want. It only matters what we want.”

“But you want…”

“You to be happy,” Borey promised. “So here’s what we should do. This is the bedroom. You can sleep here. There’s a guest room right across the hall, and I’ll sleep there.”

“You should…”

“It’s your bedroom now too, and I want you to feel safe in it,” Borey insisted. “And we can hang out during the day and do husband stuff, and I’ll take you to see the hyacinth towers and trick you into telling me what you want for lunch. And if you ever change your mind, then we’ll do sex stuff someday.”

Poeu’s eyes were watering again, and he looked at Borey’s hands. “What if I don’t ever want to?”

“Then we won’t.” Borey kissed his forehead. “Promise. Swear.” He said it in the same voice he’d said his marriage oath in.

“O-okay,” Poeu said, wrapping his arms around Borey. “Thank you. I…I love you. Maybe.”

“I love you too,” Borey whispered, holding his close. “Not maybe.”

Poeu giggled at that, and he stepped back. “I think I will want to someday. Probably. Just not right now. Um. It’s not that late, so maybe instead of going to bed you could come in with me and we could talk a bit more? If that’s okay?”

Borey felt like he’d been given the greatest gift ever. “That’s perfect,” he said, and he and Poeu went into their bedroom together. They stayed up half the night talking.

Sex would be fun, but any time he spent with Poeu was going to be special. So Borey could wait.



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