Niall/Nolan, Quiet Game

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Niall’s father was away at a technology conference convincing everyone that they needed smartphones with built-in something software that did something, but Niall didn’t care. He was at home all by himself, having sent all the staff home because one of them had looked at him weird. He was a bit lonely, but that was just what happened when there was nobody around who was as smart as him.

He didn’t know how the house’s security worked, so he didn’t realize there was someone in the house until he went down into the kitchen to see what the cooks had made for him before they left and found his uncle sitting there, drinking a gross beer from a can. “Afternoon, Niall.”

Niall blinked. He hadn’t seen Uncle Nolan in a while. “Hi, Uncle Nolan. Father isn’t here.”

“I know. Come give me a hug.”

Niall came around the kitchen island and hugged his uncle like he was supposed to, letting Nolan hold him there for a long time, hand on Niall’s backside. He wished he had a jacket on, but he’d decided to wear low-class chic and have just a pair of overalls on since nobody was home. “I thought you were in Cambodia.”

“I came back. Cute overalls.”

“Thanks,” Niall muttered, wishing he wasn’t wearing them.

“Come on, let’s go up to your room,” said Uncle Nolan, and he didn’t let Niall protest, just taking him by the strap of his overalls and walking him out of the kitchen.

“Wait, I haven’t had lunch…”

Uncle Nolan’s free hand patted Niall’s belly. “I don’t think you need it. You’ve gotten so heavy.”

Niall blushed at that. He’d eaten some ice cream on the weekend, which he’d known he shouldn’t have. Uncle Nolan was still controlling his movement with one hand, though. Ashamed of himself, he let his uncle walk him up to his bedroom, where Uncle Nolan closed the door. “You’ve started to get so big, Niall.”

“Not that big,” Niall protested.

“No,” said Uncle Nolan. “Not that big.” Still holding Niall’s strap, Uncle Nolan took something out of his pocket. He snapped it and it opened.

A knife. “Uncle Nolan…” Niall was scared.

“Shh, let’s play a quiet game,” Nolan said. And he brought the knife closer, cutting the strap on Niall’s overalls, which let them partly fall open, revealing part of his chest. “You stay quiet, and nobody has to get in trouble.”

Niall was scared and he whimpered, but he nodded. He didn’t want to get in trouble. Uncle Nolan got down on his knees, kissing Niall’s nipple and even sucking on it, and it felt really weird.

Uncle Nolan undid his other strap and pulled his overalls down. “Uncle Nolan…”

“Shh,” Uncle Nolan reminded him, kissing downwards. Then he pulled the overalls the rest of the way down.

Niall tried to step back, but Uncle Nolan put an arm around him and kept him in place. Then he started to pull Niall’s underwear down. “Uncle Nolan, stop!”

“No,” said Uncle Nolan, pushing Niall to the bed and almost ripping his underwear off. “I’m tired of waiting for you, Niall.” Niall didn’t know what that meant and he tried to stop Uncle Nolan, but his underwear came off and Uncle Nolan was there between his legs, and he licked Niall’s penis.

“Uncle Nolan! My father…”

“Agrees with me. Maybe he’ll watch on the cameras. Maybe he’ll come and join in.”


Uncle Nolan didn’t listen, taking Niall’s penis into his mouth and sucking on it like it was food. He paused to lick Niall’s butthole for a minute, then went back to sucking. And he stuck a finger inside Niall with no warning. Niall cried out. “Quiet,” Uncle Nolan reminded Niall, talking around Niall’s penis, which had gotten stiff.

Niall tried to stay quiet, he did, but he felt so weird and bad, and Uncle Nolan just kept touching him and it got weirder and badder, and Niall started shaking all over and crying as he felt his penis start to tingle like crazy. And he squirted something right into Uncle Nolan’s mouth, Uncle Nolan’s finger inside him feeling so big.

But it wasn’t big, it wasn’t big and Niall learned that very quickly. Uncle Nolan pulled it out and crawled on top of Niall, and then something even bigger was pressed against him. “You’re going to love this, sweet boy,” Uncle Nolan lied, licking Niall’s ear. His breath smelled like beer.

Niall didn’t love it. Uncle Nolan pressed his penis right into Niall and it hurt, and Niall didn’t like it at all. He’d used to like Uncle Nolan’s games…maybe? He couldn’t remember if he’d actually liked them or just pretended because Uncle Nolan had told him to. But he really didn’t like this one, and Uncle Nolan just kept doing it, panting and grunting and making so many gross sounds and he smelled so bad and he was touching Niall everywhere.

Niall didn’t fall asleep but he started to think he had, and everything slowed down and sped up and he went away a little, feeling himself go limp as Uncle Nolan kept touching him. A lot of time passed, he was pretty sure. Maybe.

After that, Uncle Nolan shivered and whispered Niall’s name, and he squirted a bunch of hot gross stuff into Niall’s butt. Then he finally took his penis out, and he kissed Niall’s forehead. “You did great, sweet boy,” he whispered. He stood up and started fixing his clothes. “Now, don’t you tell anyone about this, or they’ll want to play it with you too. It’s a special game just for us, got it? Got it, Niall?”

Niall nodded vaguely, not really listening.

“Good boy. Get cleaned up and get dressed.” Uncle Nolan kissed him again. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” he whispered.

And he left. He left Niall all alone, naked and dirty on his bed. Niall was supposed to get dressed and clean.

Instead, Niall just curled into a ball and thought about how hungry he was.



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