Sean, Cassius/Benji, Filmographer

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Sean zoomed the camera in on Benji and Zach’s faces, because they were making kind of the same face and he thought it would look cool in the movie. Then, after a few seconds, he panned down their naked bodies slowly, pausing again once he got to their hard dicks, bouncing up and down as they were fucked. He let the camera move just a little farther down so it could catch Cassius and Castor’s cocks pistoning in and out of them.

After a bit of that, he moved the camera to catch Rupert as he started to cry, a whole morning of shooting catching up with him. Wimp. It just made Claudius fuck him harder, and Sean made sure to get some good shots of his face, making sure the bunny ears he had on were framing the shot.

He moved around behind them, not lingering on the behind shot because nobody watched a Heng Studios movie to see Cassius’s ass, and got down to Benji’s eye level to get a good angle on the fucking, working the other guys into the shot too. He had to make sure that every shot was good, because Cassius liked his fucking scenes to be unbroken takes. He didn’t want a lot of obvious editing that made his viewers think he’d fucked the boys in increments. He’d said to Sean once that if his cock was inside a kid for two hours, then his audience deserved to see those two hours in full.

Sean thought it made his movies overly long and a bit pretentious, but he wasn’t the auteur child pornographer.

The cumshot portion of the scene started with Claudius, which didn’t surprise Sean because Rupert was still crying. He moved over there to catch it, and Claudius pulled out after a few squirts to paint Rupert with the rest. The other two brothers followed and Sean caught it all, then swung around to get a good shot of three stretched and cummy holes for the closing shot. He panned up as the three boys huddled together, praying his friends would remember their lines and not mess up.

“Hoppy New Year,” said Benji to the other boys.

“I can tell it’s going to be great!” Zach was a little pitchy, but they could fix that in post.

Rupert hiccoughed, sniffed, and then wiped his eyes. Cutely, Sean thought. “We should go out and make sure everyone has a good start to the Year of the Bunny Boy!”

The boys got up, and Sean filmed them hopping out of the room, waiting until they were full gone. “Cut,” he said, and he stopped filming. Whew. That had gone well.

“Get them showered and plugged and in the van,” said Cassius, wiping his cock off with the shirt Zach had been wearing before the shoot. He’d never be getting that back. “The park is booked for two for the outdoor shots.”

The twins nodded and left after the boys, and Cassius took the camera from Sean, reviewing the footage. While he did that, Sean helped Gino put the sound equipment away since they’d need to take it with them. Gino smiled at him, and Sean smiled back. If Cassius was happy, then maybe Sean would get his cage off today. He’d been carefully not thinking about it while he’d been working, but watching his friends get ploughed all morning had him really wanting to get hard.

Instead, Cassius pulled Sean over his lap with no warning and spanked him. “Hey!”

Cassius didn’t listen, hitting him five, ten, fifteen times, his always hard cock grinding into Sean’s stomach as he did. Then he stood Sean up. “Good job. Your camera work is getting better.”

Sean blinked, rubbing his ass. “Then why the spanking?”

“You looked like you needed one,” Cassius said, ruffling Sean’s hair.

Sean rolled his eyes. He never needed to be hit, actually. “Whatever. Can I get the cage off?”

“If the rest of the shoot goes well I’ll let you have it off for the wrap party,” Cassius promised. That was weirdly nice of him. Maybe he’d invited the Middle School Rape Gang to the party or something.

Whatever, Sean was going to get his cage off and that was all that mattered. He smiled again and helped Gino put the camera equipment away. “Thanks.”

“Come on,” Cassius said, swatting his ass again. “You can cockwarm for me on the drive to the park. Gino, you’re going to be in charge of recruiting extras for the big bunny bang. Ideally, we need at least ten…”

Sean followed after Cassius, thinking that just maybe this movie would actually be watchable. If only because he’d worked so hard on it. It was a good attitude to start a new year with, he thought.



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