Character Profile: Solomon

Name: Solomon of Clan Netzer, Solomon Netzer (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Ballerina

Title(s): The Sorcerer King

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Build: Lithe

Distinguishing Marks: Spiked bracelet tattoo on his left wrist

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Winifred (wife, deceased), Hadrina Nekit Ze’Milla, Mathilda (partners), Donna Glakken, Leda Long, Daisy H’Boll, several others (victims)

Family Relationships: Stephanie and David of Clan Netzer (parents, deceased), Scott and Marsha of Clan Netzer, Salazar and Walton of Clan Netzer (uncles and aunt, deceased), Sylvain, Shannon, Molly, Wilson, Stewart and Wanda of Clan Netzer (cousins, deceased), Clan Netzer (clan, deceased), Sylvia, Sarah, Saul, Samson and Delilah of Clan Netzer (children), Shem, Selma, Sabrina, Stephen, Seamus, Simone and Sidney of Clan Netzer (children, deceased), several illegitimate children  

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: On top, standing, partner against a wall

Kinks: Control, pain, moaning

Orgies Attended: Teown’s Sound Tower Orgies, Clan Netzer Sex Contests

Bio: Born into a clan of Dolovin sorcerers that inhabited the eastern city of Teown’s Sound, Solomon had a relatively normal upbringing with his clan, until he was met by powerful forces that convinced him the world was in peril and that he needed to steal a powerful artefact from his clan. This resulted in him killing the whole clan, but also in the death of his beloved wife. Solomon went on the run, trying to fulfill the plans he felt were necessary, and fathered several other children. He ended up naming himself Sorcerer King in Ech’kent, where he began experimenting on people and setting up plans to steal objects or harm people across Menechit. He was ultimately killed by his youngest son Samson, who finally managed to bind the leystone to himself after years of being a disappointment.


  • When he was young, Solomon wanted to be a curator of Clan Netzer’s collection of magical artefacts. He enjoyed learning about their abilities, but mostly about their histories
  • Not long after he was married to Winifred, Solomon began speaking to a bodiless voice that wanted his help to reconstruct magic, and a few months after that, was assured he wasn’t crazy by a seer who accurately predicted several events for him. This ultimately led to Solomon realizing he had to steal the sorcerer’s leystone from his clan
  • Solomon loved Winifred more than anything, he thought the world revolved around her, and when she died, he felt there was no reason to ever try and love anyone again
  • Solomon blamed himself for Winifred’s death for twenty years; he knows if he’d planned more carefully and tried harder to convince members of his clan to join him, he could have avoided the fighting and therefore Winifred’s death, as well as the massacre that followed that
  • Solomon was the most versed sorcerer on Nova in the arts of demon summoning, and also knew considerable sorcery that was otherwise thought lost
  • Not long after stealing the sorcerer’s leystone, Solomon attacked and killed a group of wizards in northern Kyaine in an attempt to steal their stone. He did not successfully do this, and after that chose more subtle means of trying to get the stones
  • With his considerable skill and the help of his allies, Solomon travelled all over Nova, and even a few times to other places before his death
  • After Winifred’s death, Solomon began to see everything in terms of what it could do for him, including the women he later raped and the subsequent children he had with many of those women. He occasionally reflected that he should be more attached to his children, but couldn’t remember how to make himself be
  • Based on information he received from his seer ally, Solomon believed himself to be related to Dolovai’s House ven Sancte. He did not have aspirations to be king of Dolovai
  • Solomon filled dozens of notebooks with research over his lifetime, most of them in code. He never told anyone the ciphers, and also never told anyone that several of the books were magically linked with other books that someone else was filling in alongside him
  • Solomon contracted Scott after reading about him in one of Clan Netzer’s older books and summoning him despite warnings not to. The first thing Scott told him was that he’d already been there, so Solomon kept him around to keep him under control
  • Over the course of his life, Solomon grew to hate women, because they all reminded him of Winifred
  • Solomon is the only Clan Netzer sorcerer in nine hundred years to speak with the Angel of Unyielding Mercy, to whom Clan Netzer still owes a favour
  • Solomon was devastated when Sylvia left, and decided that he would in future send his other children away before they could abandon him. This is ultimately why he tasked Sarah and Saul with missions to find the stones, even though he knew there was a high chance they’d betray him
  • Solomon believed firmly that the messiah’s forces, in a coming apocalyptic battle, would be those attempting to destroy the human race. He did not know who the messiah was, but he did believe the Leader who would oppose him would be Gavin ven Sancte and hoped, in the long term, to make either Saul or Sam befriend Gavin to better control him


  • “You’re impatient, son. Somewhere you’d rather be?”
  • “I don’t like you taking that tone with me. Try again, boy.”
  • “Go, then. Play with your pet in the dungeon. We’ll talk in the morning.”
  • “You haven’t forgotten that you’re a sorcerer in all your time downstairs, have you? Even you ought to be strong enough to kill a few ordinary people.”
  • “Sit down, son. Your breakfast is getting cold.”
  • “You fool boy. You have no idea. You don’t know anything.”
  • “The king of what, boy?”
  • “All of this, for him, Samson?”
  • “And what could you possibly want?”
  • “Husband. You are an absolute fool.”
  • “A seer told me all my children would turn their backs on me.”
  • “He told me about the end of the world. He told me about the human race’s only hope for survival. He told me about my family. He told me that my son would be instrumental in finishing my work.”
  • “Tired, son?”
  • “You compelled me to tell you the truth and assumed that meant you’d compelled me to tell you everything.”
  • “The world can’t be saved. But the human race can. The Leader’s army will be necessary when our real enemy begins its attack.”
  • “I shall wait for you in hell, son.”


  • Solomon never liked physical labour and often used magic to make it seem like he was doing physical work when he really wasn’t
  • Solomon regularly communicated with people in his dreams, from the time he was a child. Most of them he never met in his waking life, but most of them also gave him advice and instructions and warnings
  • When Solomon was twelve his cousins brought him to a clan sex contest where all the young clan members were deciding who was best at sex in various categories including oral, anal, vaginal, velocity of orgasm, stamina, and so on. Despite having been a virgin that morning, Solomon was declared winner in six categories. He is also pretty sure he’s the one who impregnated his cousin Molly, though it was a moot point since she had an abortion
  • Solomon was afraid of cats throughout his life and refused to have them in his homes
  • Solomon had a huge crush on a local boy from outside the clan named Dave, with whom he had an awkward friendship for several years. Unfortunately, Dave got a girlfriend on the day Solomon finally worked up the nerve to say something. Solomon met Winifred the next week
  • Solomon and Winifred had sex upwards of five times a day when they were together. He was always shocked that she only got pregnant once
  • Solomon enjoyed reading adventure novels with overblown and silly plots about heroes saving princesses from dragons and having sex with them, along with other tacky tropes, and had amassed quite a collection of these before his death
  • Solomon’s connections caused him to amass a small personal collection of rare artefacts, including a sword that increases the swing power based on the user’s confidence, an icon of Saint Daniel that is designed to kill gods, a book with an elf-king’s soul bound in it, a bowl that can communicate across time, a box containing a powerful sex spirit, all of which he kept in his study. He also kept other items, such as a brooch that only a soul can wear, a hat that makes the wearer look like anyone, twin daggers that allow a person to be in two places at once, and a red gemstone that shows its holder everyone else’s dates of death, are locked away in secret locations only he knew about
  • Solomon tried several times to invent a functional sex automaton that would sate his desires, but consistently failed and so kept using human women for this purpose throughout his life. Though he usually just raped women, he also sometimes disguised himself and had consensual encounters and even sometimes short relationships with women that would last a few weeks. One such relationship that he had in Three Hills is one that he is certain resulted in the birth of a child, but he never saw his former fling again
  • Solomon spent the last ten years of his life deeply afraid of his son Sam, whom he knew to be more powerful than him, and dedicated himself to making sure Sam never realized that

Modern AU: Modern Solomon was the CEO of Netzer Pharmaceuticals, as well as the head of the Netzer crime family, a mafia family organized around smuggling and human trafficking. He was stabbed to death by his son’s boyfriend some time ago and no longer runs much of anything, though his plans and allies continue to work beyond his lifespan, irritating everyone who knew him. When he was alive, aside from his work, Solomon liked to kidnap and rape women. Among his less unsavoury hobbies were an enjoyment of gangster shows, old movies, pulpy fantasy novels and bonsai.

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