Geoffrey/Kyle, Spring Break

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Kyle wanted to try something different this time, which was unlike him, but Geoffrey wasn’t complaining. He’d found a basketball jersey and some douchey shorts and come over to Kyle’s place on time. Kyle had given him a key, so Geoffrey let himself in.

Nobody was in the entryway, so Geoffrey went in, and there was Kyle in the kitchen, cooking. “Hi, Mr. Kamaka,” he said, trying to sound a big nervous. It was weird to call Kyle that. “Is Kayla here?”

Kyle shook his head, turning around as he did. “No, sorry, Geoffrey. She’s gone on a trip with her mother for spring break.”

“Oh…she didn’t answer my texts,” Geoffrey said.

Kyle smiled, putting some food on the table. He always fed Geoffrey. “You want a drink?” he asked, getting some beer out of the fridge.

“Uh…sure?” Geoffrey asked, sitting at the table.

He put a can in front of Geoffrey. It looked like he’d made a stir fry, and he put some on Geoffrey’s plate. Geoffrey cracked the beer and started eating the stir fry, which was really fucking hot. Kyle never toned anything down for him. “Kayla’s grades have been suffering, so I decided she’d benefit from a spring break without her phone,” Kyle said, finally.

“Oh. That sucks.” Geoffrey swallowed, reaching for the beer. It wouldn’t help the heat, but Kyle wanted him to drink it. Besides, he liked his food hot.

“For her,” Kyle agreed. “And you, maybe. You guys had big plans, right?”

“Huh? Oh, well, we were going to hang out a few times and stuff, yeah.”

“And stuff.” Kyle snorted. “Yes, you were planning to touch my daughter inappropriately, I know.”

Geoffrey pretended to choke. “Wh-what? No, I wouldn’t…”

“Oh, don’t lie to me,” Kyle said, shaking his head. “I was your age once, I know what you had planned…”

That was all Geoffrey heard before he passed out, the drugs Kyle had hidden in the stir fry working quickly. When he came to, his mouth was dry and he was tied to Kyle’s headboard. “Daddy?”

A gentle pinch to his thigh made Geoffrey realize he was naked from the waist down, and when he blinked his bleary eyes, he saw Kyle between his legs, licking and sucking on his cock, which was throbbing hard.

Kyle smiled at him. “There you are,” he said, giving Geoffrey one more lick. He crawled up Geoffrey, pulled out his phone and took a few pictures. “Just in case,” he said. “Wouldn’t want anyone to see those, now would we?”

Geoffrey shook his head. That would be bad. “No.”

“So you’ll do everything I say to make sure nobody does,” Kyle concluded, correctly. “You’re going to stay here for the whole week…actually. Your family went away, didn’t they? Nobody’s at your house?”

Geoffrey nodded vaguely, thinking of Giacomo. He’d gone on a trip with Cassius to Italy for the week. Geoffrey had told him he should. He’d been so excited about it. Geoffrey had a terrible feeling something was going to explode or there was going to be an international crisis.

“Good. Then we’ll go to your house,” Kyle whispered. He kissed Geoffrey. “I’ll lock away all your clothes. And you’re going to be my little slave for the week.” He kissed Geoffrey again, harder. “You’ll cook and clean for me, clean the pool and wash me in the shower and do everything I say, and I’ll fuck you whenever I feel like it and you’re going to like it so much, baby boy. How does that sound?”

It sounded like not what Kyle had originally paid for, but Geoffrey nodded so fast. It sounded so nice.

Kyle kissed him again, and then got up on his knees, his cock in Geoffrey’s face. Geoffrey opened his mouth and Kyle moved forward, fast. His balls were on Geoffrey’s chin a second later, and Geoffrey whimpered.

Kyle started moving, fucking Geoffrey’s face. “And if you’re a really good boy, I’ll let you cum at the end of every day,” he promised. “And if you’re a really, really good boy, I’ll let you have your clothes back before your family gets back next weekend.”

Geoffrey was pretty sure Kyle had forgotten about the game he’d invited him here to play. But that was okay; he was having fun anyway.

Plus, maybe this meant Kyle would forget his commitment to not letting Geoffrey cum, too.



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