Geoffrey/Kyle, Summer Vacation

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Giacomo was on a big camping trip with a bunch of his friends to celebrate the summer, and Geoffrey had the house to himself for a while. Or at least he had.

“Hey, baby boy,” Kyle said, coming out of nowhere to wrap his arms around Geoffrey from behind.

Geoffrey stiffened and tried not to lean into Kyle’s hug. He’d just gotten out of the shower and had a towel over his head, which was why he hadn’t seen Kyle. “Hi,” he said, sounding nervous. “I didn’t know you were…coming over.” He’d known Kyle was coming over.

“Heard you were all by yourself for summer vacation,” Kyle said, kissing Geoffrey’s neck. “And thought I’d surprise my baby boy.”

Geoffrey nodded as Kyle pulled the towel away. “I’m surprised.”

“Good.” Kyle walked Geoffrey over to the sink, arms still around his naked waist. He reached a hand up, stroked Geoffrey’s jawline. “You did a good job shaving.”

“Th-thanks.” He’d done the normal job shaving.

Kyle’s reflection smiled in the foggy mirror, and his hand trailed down, snagging some of Geoffrey’s pubic hair. “You missed a spot, though,” he said.

Geoffrey shivered as Kyle reached for the electric razor on the sink and clicked it on. He stood still while Kyle shaved over his chest, carefully going around his nipples. “Lift your arms up, baby boy,” Kyle whispered, and Geoffrey did as he was told, letting Kyle shave his armpits too, then up and down his arms to get the hair there.

Kyle slid down, the razor buzzing as he went over Geoffrey’s legs in long, slow strokes, ending with his ass. Then he wrapped his hands around Geoffrey again. “And now for the most important part,” he said, carefully shaving off Geoffrey’s pubic hair, also getting his balls and between his legs. “There you go. Isn’t that much prettier, baby boy?”

Geoffrey nodded at his reflection in the mirror, thinking that he did look prettier.

Kyle gave his balls a squeeze, as if to remind Geoffrey that he could and would touch him anywhere. “What do you say, baby boy?”

“Th-thank you, Daddy,” Geoffrey stuttered. Why did he always have to sound like such an idiot when he was with Kyle?

But it made Kyle smile, and that made Geoffrey smile, so it was fine. “You’re welcome. Come on, I have a surprise for you.”

Geoffrey frowned. “What is it?”

Kyle just kissed his neck again and walked him out of the bathroom, out into his bedroom. Geoffrey almost stopped walking, but Kyle made him keep going, all the way to the chair he’d set up in the middle of the room. It already had rope looped through it, and Kyle got Geoffrey to sit right on the toy he’d stuck to the centre. It was lubed up but it was big, and the first half slid in easily. The second half was a little harder, and Kyle ended up having to force Geoffrey down onto the chair.

As Geoffrey whinged, Kyle went about tying him up. “How long are you going to…”

“Shh,” Kyle said, kissing Geoffrey to shut him up. “Good boys don’t ask questions.”

Geoffrey nodded, heart racing. Kyle hadn’t told him what he was going to do after this. He always left stuff out when he told Geoffrey his plans. But he trusted Kyle, so he let him finish tying him up.

Kyle stepped back and smiled, then held up his finger. He went away for a second, behind Geoffrey, and came back.

With a camera on a stand. “Daddy…”

“Don’t worry,” Kyle told him, fiddling with the camera. “The only ones who have access to the live stream are friends of mine…as long as you behave.”

Shit. Geoffrey swallowed. “I’ll be good, Daddy.”

Kyle finished with the camera, came over and kissed Geoffrey on the forehead. “I know you will, baby boy,” he said. He reached behind the chair and came back with a flogger.

Geoffrey whimpered, but otherwise kept quiet. He’d promised to be good. He’d be good.

He’d have a good summer, now that his Daddy was here.



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