Robby, Self-Insert

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Robby had just wanted a drink of water in the middle of the night and hadn’t really thought that when he opened his bathroom door he’d fall down a tunnel of light as everything around him exploded, but that was what happened, so oops.

He fell for a long time that only lasted a second, and halfway through that second he collided with something solid that came out of nowhere, dazing him. Then he landed hard in some water, making a big splash. “Ow,” said a loud voice beside him. There was another boy here, rubbing his head of spiky hair. “That one hurt.”

“Yeah,” Robby agreed, thinking that at least he’d gotten his water. He looked around, and they were in a river in a fairly arid area that had some trees but not much else in the way of vegetation. Lots of tall rocks, though. It kind of reminded Robby of pictures he’d seen of Colorado or something. “Are you okay?” He was a little sore, but it wasn’t too bad.

At least he’d gotten his water. He drank some.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” The other boy was wearing tattered orange clothes and stood up, brushing himself off as if there was dust on him, then he helped Robby stand. He was Robby’s height but really muscular, and Robby thought a bit older than him. “My name’s Goku!”

Robby blinked, taking him in. That was definitely Goku, who was not a real person. This was a very weird not-dream. Oh well, may as well go with it. “Hi, I’m Robby. I guess we bumped into each other while we were, uh, falling through the weird light tunnel.”

“I guess so!” Goku didn’t seem bothered, but he did wade out of the river. Robby followed him. “Are you on a training mission too? I got sent here to meet someone who will give me a reason to get stronger!”

“Well,” said Robby, looking around. It was pretty warm, which was good, because Robby had been in bed so he wasn’t dressed. “No, I don’t think so. I just wanted a glass of water and my bathroom exploded.”

“Oh, that’s weird,” said Goku, casually taking off his clothes. He wrung out his shirt, then flapped it in the air, then laid it on the ground, then took off his pants to do the same. He shook his tail out as he did.

He was hard like Robby’s, which kind of didn’t surprise Robby. Goku noticed him looking and beamed. “Yours got hard too! Mr. Popo told me it’s a side effect of time travel. I don’t know what that means, but I know how to make it go away if you want!”

Robby also knew how to make it go away, but why should he admit that when he was going to get to mess around with one of his favourite fictional characters? “Sure!” he said. “What do I do?”

“There’s two of us so there’s lots of stuff we could do!” Goku said, hopping over to stand in front of Robby, so close that the heads of their dicks were touching. He was a little smaller than Robby, actually, but that hardly mattered.

Goku surprised Robby by wrapping his tail around both of their dicks. “Me and my best friend Krillin used to do this a lot,” Goku said, as he started stroking them together. Robby shuddered. “It feels great, right?”

“Yeah,” Robby agreed, putting a hand on Goku’s shoulder. This was so cool, holy shit. He didn’t want to live in this universe since he didn’t have superpowers, but this was a great visit so far. He couldn’t help himself from touching Goku’s arms, his chest. He was built as fuck, and that made Robby even hornier. “You’re so strong,” he whispered.

“There’s lots of guys stronger than me, though!” Goku insisted, breathing fast. His dick was leaking all over Robby’s. “You should see my master, or Mr. Popo, or my grandpa before he died, or…”

Goku looked up at something, and Robby looked too, even if he hadn’t heard it. There was another boy on one of the tall rocks, looking down at them, looking a little startled. Some rocks hit the ground as Robby looked up at him.

“Hi!” Goku waved up at him. “Are you stuck up there? I can come get you!”

“No,” said the boy. “I’m not stuck, thanks.”

He hopped down, his descent way too slow to be natural. He was wearing a buttoned shirt and some tight pants that both contrasted with his slightly unruly black hair. He also, Robby saw when he landed, had a tail. Huh, that was weird. Gohan had never had a tail at that age.

There had been a lot of time skips, though, so maybe that explained it. Besides, Robby remembered this part of Dragonball; continuity was a bit wonky here.

“It’s great to meet you!” Goku said. “My name’s Goku and this is my friend Robby! What’s your name?” He was still jerking them both off without a care.

“Uh, I’m Gohan.” Gohan frowned as he looked at Goku, and considering he wasn’t stupid, it wasn’t hard to guess why.

“Oh wow, that was my grandpa’s name!” Goku said, waving for Gohan to come over. “Oh hey! I’ve never seen anyone else with a tail before!”

“Y-yeah, me either,” Gohan said, coming closer. He was blushing, and also looking pretty intently at his dad with a pretty clear boner.

“Did you time travel here too?” Robby asked, figuring he could throw Gohan the bone that would let him put this together.

And sure enough, a form of understanding dawned on Gohan’s face, and he shook his head. “No, I’m from here. Can I join you?” He blurted that last part out all at once.

“Sure!” said Goku. Robby reached over and undid his top button, which got Gohan to strip just as fast as his dad had, tail twitching. Goku unwrapped himself and Robby and re-wrapped himself around Gohan as well, and started jerking the three of them off. Gohan was the biggest of the three of them, Robby noted out of interest.

Gohan was also built and Robby was never going to complain about muscles or incest, and especially not both at the same time. He felt up Goku with one hand and Gohan with the other, and neither objected one bit. Gohan wrapped his tail all the way around them, keeping them all close together.

He so obviously wanted to kiss his dad that Robby tripped a little, letting both boys move forward to catch him, which brought them close enough together that Gohan took his chance when he saw it. When they started kissing, Robby started to cum, and so did Gohan, then so did Goku, all three of them holding each other as they did.

Robby kept his feet thanks to both tails on him, and two very strong boys holding him up. He also kept his boner, probably thanks to either time travel or the threesome with two of his favourite characters. Gohan looked a little dazed and like he might be overthinking, so Robby said, “So, uh, Goku told me time travel makes you all horny and stuff. Maybe we should…keep doing stuff until we’re not? If that’s okay with you?”

“Sounds great,” Gohan said immediately, hand on his dad’s arm.

Robby grinned at him. “Why don’t you pick what we do next?”

Gohan’s tail twitched and he got down on his knees. “I have a great idea,” he said, taking their dicks in hand and leaning forward.

As he started licking both of them in tandem, Robby couldn’t help but notice him curling his tail around Goku’s. Goku, of course, didn’t seem to make much of it, just holding Robby’s hand and gasping, but that was okay. There was lots of time for Robby to help Goku realize the reason he was here.



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