Sex Demons Playing Games

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“Can I ask you a question?” Gavin ven Sancte asked, sitting next to Kai as Kai got his ass fucked by Emir Magna Demna Aergyn.

“Sure, sweetie,” Kai said, pulling Gavin closer so he could play with his dick. It tasted nice, which seemed to run in his family. So he swirled his tongue around the head, pushing back Gavin’s foreskin with his tongue. “What is it?”

“Why Owen?” Gavin asked, nodding over to where his husband was pummeling Piitaq Nuorn’s little ass.

Kai grinned. “I needed testers who I knew were good at fucking.” Owen Sanct wasn’t the only one fucking a royal—well, Nuorn wasn’t technically a royal, but whatever. Kai had also picked up a few dragons and an orc to help the process along.

Gavin nodded, leaning back and letting Kai have unrestricted access to his cock. He was watching Emir fuck Kai, clearly appreciating the view. “Sure, and I can see why you’d pick Owen for that. But when you ask him which royal has the best ass, he’s going to say me. It’s not a fair contest.”

“It’s not a contest, it’s a scientific study,” explained Kai, around Gavin’s cock. “I’m going to write a book about your planet when I get home, and in the chapter outlining the different nations, the readers are going to want to know which nation’s leader was the best at sex.”

“Setting aside that I’m not the king of Dolovai,” Gavin said, in that tone he used when he thought he was smarter than someone else, “Your results are going to be skewed because my husband is one of your judges of bottoming prowess.”

“That’s why there are other judges,” Kai said, taking a minute to deep throat Gavin.

“Mm,” Gavin agreed. “If you think Owen can’t bully a bunch of dragons into agreeing with him, you’ve got another thing coming. I’ve never seen him bully an orc, but I have full faith that he can.”

Kai nodded vaguely, bobbing up and down on Gavin’s cock. Once Emir had cum inside him, Kai looked over his shoulder. “Thanks, babe. Go tell your brother it’s his turn.”

“Yes, sir,” Emir said, heading off and tapping his brother Evgeniy’s shoulder.

Once the next Imperial prince was working—he was already better than his brother—Kai looked back up at Gavin. “You telling me that you’re planning to cheat?”

“I’m telling you that you’re cheating and I want to know why,” Gavin said. “Why am I the only one you didn’t turn into a drone?”

“That’s just temporary,” Kai promised, as he played with Gavin’s balls. Gavin was a pretty smart little tree. “I’ll explain everything when I feel like explaining everything. Now lay back and cum in me like a good boy.”

Gavin obviously didn’t have a choice but to do that, and he thrust his cock up into Kai’s mouth, feeding him a bellyful of cum while he kept up his assessment of Evgeniy.

It was good that he was paying attention, though. It wouldn’t change his ranking, but it might make him more useful to Kai in other ways for the little game he was playing on his vacation.



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