Silas/Drew/Frederick, Revenge

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“Hey, Silas, have you seen my phone?”

“Not recently,” Silas said, since he couldn’t actually lie to Drew. “It’s not in your bag?”

“No, I thought I’d left it in my locker here, but…” Drew frowned. “It’s not here. Help me look for it.”

“Sure,” Silas said, since that had clearly been an order. He got up with only his underwear on and started looking around the area. The first place he looked was where he’d left Drew’s phone after he’d taken it. It wasn’t there, so he kept looking.

“Someone better not have taken it,” Drew said, clearly mad.

“I’m sure it’s in here somewhere,” said Silas.

“It’d better be. We have work after school and the details are all on my phone.”

The details, except for the address, were in Silas’s head too. A small yard with a big rose garden, two little boys and a dad who really wanted them. They were cute. The part of him that Drew had built couldn’t wait to fuck them, though that wouldn’t be for a few sessions.

“We could ask if anyone saw it?” Silas suggested.

“No, that would just let whoever stole it laugh at me,” Drew muttered. “Check the garbage can.”

Silas nodded and went over there, ignoring that the garbage can was gross. It wasn’t that bad, mostly just filled with paper towel and people’s empty deodorant and stuff soap or whatever. There were a few used condoms in there too, but it wasn’t too bad.

Drew’s phone was under some paper towels, wrapped in his underwear. “Found it,” Silas said, pulling it out of the garbage.

“Fucking,” Drew said, coming over and snatching it. “Gross, God.” He looked at his phone, making a face when it didn’t turn on. “Battery’s dead. Whoever thought this was funny is going to get sold to a dog breeder.”

Silas just went back to his bag and started getting dressed, letting Drew stew. There wasn’t anything he could do when Drew was in a mood like this. There wasn’t anything he could do to Drew.


Drew sighed, coming over and putting his dead phone in his bag. “I’ll charge it in class. Give me your underwear.”

Silas did as he was told, then got dressed, waiting for Drew to do the same. He followed Drew out of the locker room, hefting both their bags over his shoulder. “Oh, hi, Frederick,” he said, not that surprised to see Frederick waiting for them. “You okay?”

“Yeah!” Frederick said, brightly. Drew had shuffled behind Silas a little, taking his bag back. “Hi, Drew.”

“Hi,” Drew said, smiling awkwardly. “How are you?”

“Great. I got your texts and figured I’d come talk to you in person about them, with Silas here and everything.”

“My…” Drew went noticeably pale, reaching for his dead phone. “My texts?”

“Yeah. I can’t believe you’ve had a crush on me all this time and you never said anything. You’re really sneaky.”


Frederick nodded, scrolling through his phone. “You really are into me, huh? Like, Silas, he told me he’s basically been pining after me for like years? And kind of low-key stalking me, but I don’t think in a creepy way.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t creepy,” said Silas, trying not to smile.

“I wasn’t!” Drew’s voice cracked. “I didn’t!”

“It’s okay,” Frederick said, holding up a hand. “I really don’t mind. You didn’t have to take all these pictures though, I could have sent you selfies if you wanted…”

Drew squeaked, taking a step back.

“So I thought we should maybe chat?” Frederick asked. “This kind of thing it’s way better to talk about it, you know? Are you busy after school?”

“I…I…” Drew looked like he wished he’d never been born. He looked like he wished his parents had never had sex. He looked like he wished his great-grandparents had never had sex.

He turned and ran off down the hall. “Drew!”

Drew didn’t come back, and Silas watched him go, noting that he hadn’t given out any instructions, or an address. Damn. He smiled at Frederick. “He’ll get over it,” he said. “He’s just weird.”

“Yeah.” Frederick sighed. “I guess he’s a little embarrassed. It really does seem like he was stalking me a bit.”

“He does kind of do the perv thing in the shower sometimes,” Silas said, as if he’d just realized that. “You know, the weird perv thing, not the normal perv thing.”

“Huh. I never knew. Maybe I’ll go after…”

“Nah,” Silas said, hand on Frederick’s hip. The fog in his head was still there, but Drew not being around was nice. Seemed like he’d miss work today. “Maybe just give him some space. Come on, I’ll walk you to class.”

“Sure,” Frederick said, leaning on Silas’s shoulder.

Nothing would get Drew back for what he’d done to Silas, and would keep doing to him. But at least he’d gotten himself a little bit of revenge.



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