Short Break

Hi all! Sorry to do this at the last minute, but I need to take this week, including the weekend, off from posting. Nothing serious, just a little time management issue on my end! I’ll be back next week. Thanks for your patience!


Hi all! I’m going on a three-week vacation starting today! There will be no updates to How Best to Use a Sword until the first week of September! Bonus content will resume on the 7th and chapters on the 10th.

I’ll still be around to answer comments and so forth while I’m gone, but I will be in a different time zone for a good portion of the vacation, so I may be a little slower than usual! I hope you guys all enjoy the rest of your month!


Hi everyone! I’ll be taking two weeks off starting today. Nothing serious or awful or anything, I just haven’t taken a break since Christmas and now is a good time for me to do it. Bonus content will come back on May 30th and chapters will resume on June 4th. See you all then!