Someone has sent me a link to Homestuck through the question forum, which I assume is a veiled threat of some kind, haha. Thanks for the reminder that Homestuck exists, friend.

I really thought I was good at tagging consistently

I am, as it turns out, not. Part of trying to sort the new blog out has been trying to find all the posts that I want categorized together, and it has revealed that actually I am way less consistent at tagging stuff the same way every time it happens. 

So I guess another upside of all this is that when it’s finished, the tags will actually be consistent and therefore actually useful. 

5. On Adult Content

Tumblr, what the fuck is adult content?

I’m asking you in this format, because once you navigate through the wasp’s nest of pages that you link to one another to disorient your user who wants information about what your new policy entails, you finally come at a link that says if you have additional questions, you can fill out a support request and someone will get back to you soon.