Chosen One, 122

When the door opened again later in the day, it wasn’t Bernie or Blair, but another boy who was around the same age. He was a southerner, though. “Come on,” he said, standing in the doorway. “Out here.”

Isaac spent a second trying to decide whether it was worth being a pain in the ass, and stood up. “Sure. Where are we going?”

“Don’t waste your time, please. I’m not a horny idiot like my brothers.”

Considering he was looking at Isaac’s dick, Isaac doubted at least half of that. “Sure.” He held his hands behind his head and followed him out of the room, trying not to fully let out the breath he was holding. He’d managed to restrain himself enough that he could touch it without it totally filling him, but he wasn’t totally sure yet what that would mean if he had to try and use it.

Chosen One, 121

They were taken underground, through a series of tunnels Isaac couldn’t have kept track of if he’d tried, mostly in the dark. Then their kidnapped blindfolded them and had them walk through more tunnels—how many fucking tunnels were under Three Hills—and then put in a room with a metal door and a small stove overnight.

Yancy had suggested they all sleep, but Isaac had been nervous about all of them being defenseless, so they’d taken turns staying awake, sitting huddled near the stove. “They could have given us blankets,” Isaac muttered.

“Indeed,” Yancy agreed. “This has been a most uncouth kidnapping. These Rock Boys require a series of lessons in proper illegal confinement etiquette.”

Chosen One, 120

“I appreciate you both attending with me, lads. No doubt the events were dreadfully dull for both of you.”

“Not at all,” Isaac said to Yancy, as they walked back to the academy in the dark. It hadn’t been the most exciting thing Isaac had ever done to go with Yancy to the king’s funeral and the new queen’s coronation, but it had meant a lot to him and so of course Isaac had gone with him.

The funeral had been depressing, but the coronation had been kind of cool. Isaac hadn’t really been able to help but feel bad for the queen, though. Her dad’s funeral had just happened and then she’d had to get saddled with the most important job in the world. There’d also been a party after to celebrate the king’s life and the queen’s coronation, but they’d only stayed for an hour and were going back now.

Chosen One, 119

“Jackie, why is magic so hard?” Isaac complained, leaning on Jackie as they left Juno’s class. He’d been officially placed in the advanced Dark magic class and he agreed that it was a good idea because intermediate had been boring and easy, but advanced was fun and hard and as much as Isaac normally liked fun and hard things, he thought that it could also be fun and easy.

“Because if it was easy, anyone would do it?” Jackie asked, trying to lean back on Isaac and failing because he was shorter than Isaac. He was wearing a black armband, which Isaac was too. The king had died the other day. Isaac was more upset about it that he’d thought he would be, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. He knew Gavin and his family would be upset. And Yancy was really upset. The last time Isaac had seen him he’d obviously been crying.

“But that’s not true,” Isaac said. He sighed. “Because no matter how easy magic was, most people can’t just start touching the Pillars. So they could make it easier for the rest of us, is all I’m saying.”

Chosen One, 118

Isaac sucked lightly on Cormac’s nipple, teasing it with his tongue as he did. He rolled Cormac’s other nipple between two fingers, not pinching too hard. He did, after a few licks, give just the gentlest bite, making Cormac gasp.

Then Isaac switched nipples, playing with the wet one and putting his mouth over the other one, immediately earning a whimper from Cormac. Isaac sucked harder this time, and Cormac made a loud sound. “Okay, okay,” he said, panting. “Okay, stop, I get it, I believe you.”

Isaac stopped, getting up. He was straddling Cormac, who was flushed in the face and looking up at Isaac, his hair a mess even though Isaac hadn’t touched his head. “So anyway,” said Isaac. “The reason why we have nipples even when we don’t need them is because touching them feels good.”

Chosen One, 117

“Man, this class is hard,” Isaac muttered, looking at the diagrams Catria had handed out to all the automation students. “I’m really glad I’m not in it.”

It turned out that automation magic was really fucking complicated, which was probably why most people couldn’t do it. Ignatius had said that wizards could make automatons a little easier than mages could, but even for them it was a really high level spell that had so many moving parts—literally and magically—and automatons had a tendency to explode if any part of the spell wasn’t perfect, so most people didn’t bother.

So much for Isaac’s plan to make a sex automaton, which was why everyone thought he’d wanted to take Catria’s class. His plans to free Nicholas from the control of an evil demon were also looking a little dicey, but he was still going to make those work.

Chosen One, 116

“You know you are allowed to come with me,” Isaac said, as Peter walked him to the portal. “I think you’d like James.” They were both grumpy and brilliant, so they’d probably get along.

“If you think I would, I’m sure it’s true,” Peter said, holding Isaac’s hand. “But I have homework. Some of us actually take classes at this school.”

“Seems like a mistake,” Isaac teased, sticking out his tongue. “Did you consider having a mental breakdown so that everyone feels bad for you and lets you out of all your classes?”

Chosen One, 115

“A ley line isn’t quite the same as the Pillars or the rest of the Web,” Ariel explained to Isaac.

“Because the ley lines are alive,” Isaac said, nodding. “Right.”

Ariel blinked. Yancy put down his tea cup. “Huh?”

“Are you quite certain, lad?” Yancy asked.

Oh. Isaac had already fucked this lesson up, shit. “Yes?” he asked, looking between them. “No? Sorry. I just thought that was what you were going to say.”

Chosen One, 114

Landon Archerloft was a noble boy who was a little younger than Isaac, and he was friendly and he knew how to use his dick on a boy, which may or may not have been because of his twin brother Bradley, whom he’d been swordfighting with when Isaac had come into the privy fifteen minutes ago.

Bradley was currently beside them fucking Nicholas’s ass while Landon fucked Isaac, so even though Isaac could have had both twins inside him, he was glad he hadn’t come to the privy alone. There was still plenty of time before the royal wedding started and there was no reason for anyone to have a boner during it when none of them would be allowed to get up and do anything about it.

Isaac had barely fucked anyone today, so it was hardly a surprise when he came a little early. Well, it wasn’t a surprise to him, anyway. Landon made a bit of a surprised sound and started fucking Isaac a little harder. Beside them, Bradley picked up speed inside Nicholas to match him. It was cute that they were so synchronized.

They held hands as they started to cum, which was also cute. The twins came a good amount and then pulled out, Bradley noticing that Nicholas hadn’t shot and reaching around. He came after one stroke.

Chosen One, 113

“And then I did this super cool flip,” Jacob said, standing up to do a backflip to demonstrate. “Right onto this cultist’s face, and I used it to kick off and jump onto another cultist, and I made him fall into another cultist, and they all fell down and I was, of course, fine.”

Isaac smiled. He’d had no doubt that Jacob would have come out of it fine. He’d taken a portal up north to a city called Narwhal Junction, where his brothers and sister had been fighting an apocalypse. He’d assured Isaac it hadn’t been a serious apocalypse, though, so Isaac was trying not to be too worried. “How many cultists were there?”

“Um, like fifty?” Jacob asked. “I’m not sure, it was hard to get an accurate count since they were all dressed identically and everything was on fire. One of them was the governor of Narwhal Junction, though, which sucks for them. Oh, and some of them had magic, which is…”

“Cheating,” Isaac finished. “I know.”