Bad Idea

Jude had a migraine when he woke up, which wasn’t super unusual. It probably just meant he’d been drinking last night. He was in a nice comfortable bed with a lot of blankets on it, which was super nice. He’d obviously fucked someone classy last night, so good on him.

And someone nice, seemed like. There was aspirin and a glass of water on the side table, which Jude happily took. He vaguely remembered last night being a lot of fun, and the sex being really good, and he was sure that with just another few seconds he’d remember other details, such as who the sex had been with.

After downing the aspirin, Jude stood up, went to the bathroom and other exciting morning things. Then he began the process of finding his way through someone else’s house, which was always a fun experience. Whoever this was sure had a lot of books. It was probably someone from the conference, Jude thought vaguely. Seeing as he’d been at the conference for days and the reception had been last night and yes, Jude remembered this now. He’d drank a lot of free wine. It had been pretty decent wine for free wine.

A lot of the books were about history and politics, and a distressing amount more of them were about philosophy, which probably meant he’d fucked someone from the philosophy half of the conference, which was good, since it meant that Jude wouldn’t ever have to talk to them again. Except that a disturbing amount of the books were specifically about moral philosophy, and that started to trigger a lot of memories about who he’d been talking to at the conference, and who he’d gone drinking with after the conference, and yes, he’d definitely fucked Tam Matthews, which made sense because that was, in fact, who Jude had slept with every night of the conference. Right, okay.

Angel, 10

At least, Jude thought, the chairs in the meeting room were comfortable to sit in for hours.

It had been three of those since Klaus had disappeared with the rest of them to talk about his secret plan to save the world. Or destroy the world. Jude wasn’t sure there was a difference. They were upstairs in one of the meeting rooms; their power was obvious to everyone in the meeting room.

They’d talked themselves into a stale silence, questions like ‘do you think they’ll kill him’ and ‘it won’t really come to a war, will it’ and ‘would Nathen even win’ and ‘would we really be okay with that much collateral damage’ circling around the room endlessly and never answered because they didn’t have any answers, because all of them, honestly, and they’d realized this after a while, were permutations of the same questions.

What does Klaus really want? Are Cameron and Raphael going to give it to him?

And nobody knew.

Angel, 9

“Well, we’re absolutely fucking not doing that,” Sullivan burst out, cutting through the silence Klaus had caused.

“That’s completely insane,” Bartholomew agreed, at almost the same time. “The collateral damage would be catastrophic.”

“Last time Nathen fought the other gods they destroyed a fucking city and half the world’s metaphysics, and that’s without the fucking fallout,” Sullivan added, raising his voice. “And without the fact that he fucking died.”

“Without winning,” Bartholomew interrupted. “He didn’t defeat the gods anyway. He’s no more powerful than any of the rest of them, especially now.”

“The human death toll of another war of gods would be in the millions,” Sullivan said, tail lashing angrily behind him, eyes flashing. Demons and angels alike were backing away from him and Bartholomew. “It’s our job to deal with the gods if they’re waking up, not his.”

“And you’re wrong that he wouldn’t be violent. He’d turn on all of us as soon as they were dead and you know it,” Bartholomew had never seemed quite so…sturdy to Jude. He wasn’t reaching for his sword, but it was suddenly very noticeable on his back, between his wings.

Well, this was it. They were all going to die right now. Sullivan and Bartholomew were going to pick a fight with Klaus, and Cameron and Raphael were going to join in and it was going to become a melee and they were all going to die, that was just how it was.


Angel, 8

“Well, we’re all fucked,” Jude said, hugging himself. “We’re all going to die.”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Rebecca told him, rolling her eyes.

“Me? Dramatic? After that little display?” Jude asked, shaking his head. “No, I think I’m being eminently sensible in saying we’re all going to die.”

They were huddled together, murmuring quietly at one another. Cameron and Raphael were consulting in a corner, and Bartholomew and Sullivan had gone to join them just a minute ago. Klaus was leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets like the boy he appeared to be, strings flowing up into nothing. He looked impatient to be past the part where Cameron and Raphael decided whether to kill him or not.

Which they obviously weren’t, or they’d have done it by now. Jude wondered what they were talking about. For the first time he was starting to wish that he was more important so he could go over there and join them.

Angel, 7

Jude woke up with Tam’s head against his chest, Tam’s body in his arms and Tam’s dick pressed against his thigh, and that was a pretty good way to wake up.

It was kind of a shame that he didn’t really know Tam well enough to wake him up with a blowjob, Jude thought. It was nice, but kind of an awkward thing to do with someone when they’d only fucked once and Tam might not like it.

Jude just lay there for a few minutes, enjoying having Tam in his arms, enjoying the smell of his hair. It had a bit of a citrusy tang to it, which Jude liked. He’d have to find out where Tam got his soap. Tam’s heartbeat resonated against his chest, and his soft breathing made his side rise and fall. The room was otherwise quiet, empty of all but them.

It was really nice. Jude wished they could stay here all day.

Networking Opportunity

Of all the parts of his job that Jude didn’t like, having to go to conferences was easily…

Well, it was on the list, anyway. It was nowhere near as high as grading, office hours, faculty meetings, grading, grant applications, and grading, but it was on the list. It was just so tedious, and they lasted several days, and he’d really much rather just read the papers afterwards.

But networking and kairotic space and the free flow of ideas and also sometimes an open bar, so Jude went to conferences. And he saw all the same people he always saw, talking about the same stuff they always talked about. The ones he was friends with he could see without the façade of a conference, and the ones he wasn’t he’d really rather not see.

Angel, 6

Jude had a migraine, and that migraine’s name was ‘everyone he knew.’

“I think we have to have someone follow him,” Rebecca said, for the third time. “The demons have someone there. It’s only sensible that we do too, especially if we do end up making an agreement with them about it.”

“If we just get someone to follow him, he’s going to get annoyed and probably kill them,” Theresa said. “The demons have Sullivan watching him because Sullivan ingratiated himself with him over time.”

“The demons don’t really have Sullivan watching him,” Jude muttered. He wanted to go to bed. “He’s doing his own thing and it happened to work out for them.”

“And you know what because what,” Roland asked. “You talked to him for five seconds earlier?”

Jude shrugged. “It’s just obvious. That’s what Sullivan’s like. It’s what he’s always been like.” Jude didn’t have to be his best friend to know that about him.

Angel, 5

“Do we know that it was really Nathen who attacked us?” Theresa asked, hair flowing. Everything about her seemed to flow to Jude. It was a good look for her. “Perhaps it wasn’t him—maybe it was that human he’s stuck in. Maybe he’s the one who hates us, and he managed to harness some of the lord’s power to his own ends.”

“You think there’s a human out there who hates us all that much?” Roland asked, sitting with his legs spread a little, taking up too much space.

“I don’t know, I can think of a few people who might have given him reasons to,” Theresa shot back, glancing at Asher. On orders from Raphael—and Cameron, it turned out—everyone was sitting in mixed groups today. Jude kind of thought they could have brought in more comfortable chairs. But at least there were chairs.

Angel, 4

Jude woke up to a summons, and he was really not happy about that. He was warm and sleeping in someone’s arms, and also as soon as he moved a little bit he discovered a nauseating headache.

But still, there was a summons, so with a quiet groan, Jude pushed himself up, looking down to remember whose bed he was in.

Oh, yeah. Tam. He was so pretty, sleeping. He was pretty all the time. Sleeping with him had been a huge mistake, fuck. But honestly it wasn’t a mistake Jude particularly regretted.

What he did regret was the drinking. It had given him a headache, made his mouth taste like cotton and worse, he didn’t remember most of last night except that he’d liked it. And now he had to get up because Raphael was summoning him.

Angel, 3

“This was a bad idea,” Jude giggled as he staggered down a street in Teown’s Sound with Tam.

“What was?” Tam asked, words running together a little. “The drinking?”

“No, the drinking was a great idea, I’m glad we did the drinking.” Sheila and Ned had left after supper, and Tam and Jude hadn’t left and had instead decided to go get a drink. Or ten.

“Good, because I’m glad we did the drinking too. Probably…” Tam trailed off, shaking his head suddenly. “Probably going to regret the drinking in the morning.”

“Whatever,” Jude said. “That’s what mornings are for. It’s not fair that we get hangovers. That should definitely have been a power we all got.”

“I agree. So…what was a bad idea?”