Team Togetherness

Travis had just taken his pants off when his phone buzzed and made a treasure sound from his favourite video game. That was his boyfriend group chat, so he picked it up right away. Joey had sent a message.

Is it okay if I make a bet where I have to give someone a blowjob if I lose? he’d asked.

Before Travis could type anything, he added, I’m not going to lose, I just need to bet something.

What do you get if you win? Travis asked.

The whole team will give me their underwear and go commando with me tomorrow!

Travis laughed out loud. Of course. What are you betting on?

Whether or not I can suck my own dick! They didn’t believe me when I said I could!

Friend, 13

A week later, and Travis could still barely sit down without being sore. He was pretty sure that even after a few baths he still smelled like Joey. He’d lost count of how many times Joey had gone after the first night.

After three days of it, Travis was glad that dragons only rutted once a year.

Still, he was happy to have helped Joey out, and he’d do it again if he had to. Maybe with a bit of warning next time, but still.

Friend, 12

“We cannot help you, small one.”

“But…” Joey made an exasperated noise. “I’m not asking for much. I just want to know how to transform!”

Travis just hung back and watched Joey argue with the tall dragon lady. She was apparently the matriarch of all the dragons in this area, and the fact that she’d taken the time to talk to Joey was a big deal. She was the fifth shapeshifting dragon they’d met since coming here to the southern cliffs, and like all of them, she was really, really pretty, and really, really naked.

Travis had seen a few naked ladies before, but he had to admit that Mathilda the dragon matriarch took the cake, even if she was three hundred years old. She was very pretty, just like all dragons were, and Travis had realized upon meeting more dragons that his sexual attraction mostly seemed to skew towards dragons.

Which was fine, because it skewed almost entirely towards Joey.

Friend, 11

“These are too small for you, dear,” the shopkeeper said, as Travis went to pay her.

Travis smiled at her. “I know. They’re for my friend.”

He and Joey had gotten out of the mountains and were heading east, but they’d come to this big town with a wooden wall and Travis had made them stop. Joey had thought he was being stupid, but Travis had put his foot down.

If they were going to start going where there were towns, Joey needed clothes, whether he wanted them or not.

Walk Home

“See you tomorrow!” Travis called to his teammates as he jogged out of the locker room, opening his phone to see what he missed during practice. He knew what he’d missed.

Sure enough, there were forty-eight (and counting) texts from Joey, whose wrestling practice finished a half-hour before Travis’s baseball practice. The first several were just some highlights of what his practice had been like and how many of his practices he’d won (only half today, Travis owed him a handjob when they got home), and then the rest were variations on telling Travis to hurry up and come meet him, even though Joey could tell time perfectly well and knew that Travis had been in practice.

There were also five different dick pics, which Travis wasn’t complaining about. He just hoped Joey hadn’t whipped it out on the sidewalk to take them again.

Friend, 10

The entrance to the cave where Joey’s sire lived was huge, and also most of the way up a mountain. It was pretty hard to miss, but it had also taken them a while to get to. Travis guessed that it was easier for people who could fly.

Either way, they were here now, standing outside and looking at the hole. “Is he in there?” Travis asked.

“Probably,” Joey said. “And if he’s not, he won’t be away for long. He won’t want to leave the princess.”

“Right.” Travis nodded, starting to slip his pack off his back.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to get dressed,” Travis told him. “So the princess doesn’t freak out.”

Joey and Louis both looked at him for a long moment. “That’s stupid,” Joey told him. “We’re not putting fur on.”

“I know, but…” Travis gestured vaguely at himself. “I’m not a dragon. She might be annoyed.”

Louis snorted. “She’s going to see dicks no matter what. There’s not much difference between two dicks and three. Get over it.”

“There’s an entire dick’s worth of difference there!” Travis insisted.

Friend, 9

The hill was very steep. Which wasn’t so much a problem, except that it was also really long, and they’d been climbing it for a long time.

“It’s not much farther,” Joey panted, as they hiked up it.

Hiking up a steep mountain hill barefoot was not something Travis had ever expected to do, and he was kind of wishing he’d stopped to put his boots back on. But he’d gotten so used to not wearing them that when he’d been packing up before they left, all he’d thought it important to take was the food they had, his knife, a blanket and Joey’s hoard, which he didn’t want to leave alone, just in case someone came by and stole it. He had a set of clothes with him for when they got there, because he thought it might be a bad idea to be bare-ass naked if he was going to meet a princess, but he hadn’t though to pack his boots.

Friend, 8

“You lost.”

“I know.” Travis sighed, got down where Joey was pointing. “Like this?”

“Perfect.” Joey grinned, sat back with his legs spread, hand around his dick, pointed right at Travis’s face. “Hold still.”

“I know, I know.” That had been the deal when they’d wrestled in the pond just now. Whoever lost had to sit there and let the winner cum on him.

Since Travis knew now that Joey cumming on him was a mark of ownership, the terms seemed a lot more important than when it had just been a funny game. He didn’t mind. He kind of…liked it? In a funny way. He liked Joey claiming to own him. Plus he came on Joey a lot too, so he guessed the owning was mutual.

Friend, 7

The mountain goat was sitting there, munching on some grass that was growing in a crack in the ground.

Travis swallowed, lifting up his knife, prepared to leap. Beside him, Joey crouched, arms out. They book took a step forward. Travis kicked a pebble by accident. The mountain goat looked up, made to leap away.

A glut of flame hit it from above and Travis jumped back in alarm. When the fire died down, they heard laughter. Standing there on a perch a dozen feet above them was Louis. “I win.”