List of Orgies

The Great Pelican Bay Orgy

Chapters: Dragon 77, Team 68, Chosen One 76, Stowaway 70, Knighthood 63

Time/Place: Winter, DN 1991, a rented room in Pelican Bay

Participants: Owen, Gavin, Cal, Wes, Mick, Sully, Travis, Joey, Arky, Isaac, Seth, Pax, Nate, Denver, Louis, Edwin, Erik, Stuart, Parry, Stephan, Neville, Cyrus, Cassius

Description: As a wedding present to his husband Gavin, Owen Sanct organized an orgy between many of their friends and fellow members of the anti-apocalpyse coalition. The orgy was crashed by representatives of the demon Klaus, one of whom left after delivering his messages to avoid creating discomfort for his brother. The other three stayed, two because they ran into an old friend and the third because he likes sex. Notable additions to the orgy included the chosen one, who showed up as a sex ghost to help maintain everyone’s stamina far past the usual limits of the human body. Notable absences from the orgy include Owen and Gavin’s son Darby, who was put out when he was not allowed to come, but ended up having a even better, fully clothed time with his Snowball at Pelican Bay’s famous sea monster museum.

The Isaac of Clearwater Memorial Orgy

Chapters: Chosen One 74, Others 8

Time/Place: Winter, DN 1991, the entirety of the Elias Whiteriver Boys’ Dormitory at the Academy for Magecraft in Three Hills.

Participants: Isaac, Seth, Peter, Jacob, Nicholas, Spencer, Skip, Garrett, Aaron, Andy, Chester, Ezekiel, Hemi, Vinnie, Thomas, Neil, Jackie, Colby, Duke, Barry, Harry, Justin, several other academy students

Description: Isolated and lonely and stuck as a disembodied spirit in the Web, Isaac of Clearwater wanted to do something nice for his friends, and something that would let them know he was okay. He vanished all their clothing and cast a horniness spell on the boys’ dormitory, resulting in a dorm-wide orgy and much rejoicing as Isaac’s friends were made happily aware that their friend was alive, well and horny.

Giacomo’s Sleepover Orgy

Chapters: Noble 13 (offscreen)

Time/Place: Winter, DN 1991, the west sitting room of the DiSheere manor house in Hawk’s Roost, with spillover into a few other rooms

Participants: Giacomo DiSheere and his companion Alfie, Geoffrey DiSheere and his companion Javier, Darius DiFueure and his compaion Aleksander, Pietro Poilnan and his companion Eduardo, Raoul DiSenne and his companion Walter, Terry Grournight and his companion Colin, Dimitri and Deiter Chesthower and their companions Calvin and Calder, Janus DiCrawe and his companion Dalton, Hector DiWynn and his companion Karl, Uri Elderbyne and his companion Fabien, Lucien DiMeert and his companion Laslow, Marty Fyrnich and his companion Augustus, Oslo Felleroak and his companion Kyle

Description: Always fond of spending time with his friends, Giacomo invited as many of them as he could over to his house all at once for a nice wholesome sleepover, which totally by coincidence became an orgy. Having acquired a supply of Buck Leaves, Giacomo ensured that the party went late into the night and even invited his older brother to show his friends how it was done. Notable events at the orgy included the gangbang of Uri Elderbyne, who thoroughly enjoyed his time hanging out with the big boys.

Academy Shower Room Orgies

Chapters: Chosen One 53

Time/Place: Autumn, DN1991, the shower room in the Elias Whiteriver Boys’ Dormitory at the Academy for Magecraft in Three Hills

Participants: Isaac, Peter, Jacob, Nicholas, Gus, Ignatius, Aaron, Andy, Chester, Ezekiel, Hemi, Vinnie, Thomas, Neil, Jackie, Colby, Duke, Barry, Harry, Justin, several other academy students

Description: To celebrate the a successful semester, Isaac of Clearwater and his boyfriends organized an orgy, which they just called a party so that their more hesitant friends wouldn’t feel weird about attending an orgy. It was attended by almost the entire boys’ dorm, who all knew what they were getting into, so Isaac needn’t have worried. Isaac was anticipating mostly a gangbang and was pleasantly surprised when his friends all started fucking each other too. Isaac fully intends to make orgies a regular part of his and everyone else’s school experience, and will be organizing another event very soon. Notable inclusions at the orgy included Nicholas Wainwright, who bottomed for the first time, and Gus and Ignatius Harrow, the latter of whom reunited with his long-lost brother with Isaac in between them.

Garden Variety Orgies

Chapters: Witch 56

Time/Place: Autumn of DN 1991 onwards, in the garden outside of James’s house in the eastern woods

Participants: James, Ron, Charlie, Sparky, Finny, Jiminy, Howie, Olly, Cedric, Mateo, Milo, Doc, Gary, Stanley, Bobby, Harley, Julius

Description: Everyone knows witches have a special relationship with their plants, and these two are no different. James and Ron’s garden is a regular participant in their sex lives, and garden-wide orgies are not at all uncommon, with the plants as full participants who, they report through translators, fully enjoy the proceedings.

Isaac’s Going Away Orgy

Chapters: Referenced in Chosen One 3

Time/Place: Autumn of DN 1990, by the bank of the Saint’s River in the village of Clearwater.

Participants: Isaac, Martin, Michael, Caleb, Bernie, Ben, Kyle, Isaiah, Gabriel, Dustin, Lewis, Noel, Ned, Gary, Bill, Wendell, Dave

Description: Because he was being taken away to the academy, Isaac wanted to give his friends a proper send-off. They all gathered on the bank of the river the night before Isaac left and had an orgy that lasted most of the night. It was mostly a gangbang in which Isaac was the star attraction, but several of the boys did have sex with each other while they were waiting their turn with Isaac. There was an agreement, which was kept to, that nobody would cum unless it was in, on, or with Isaac. Notable events at the orgy included Isaac passing the torch to his friend Bernie, who became the town’s bottom (a position the other boys dubbed “the New Isaac”) that night and still holds the position to this day.

The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party Orgy

Chapters: Chosen One 92

Time/Place: The day after the winter solstice, DN1991, a common room in the Elias Whiteriver Boys’ Dormitory at the Academy for Magecraft in Three Hills

Participants: IsaacPeterJacobNicholasGusIgnatius, Skip, Spencer, Aaron, Andy, Chester, Ezekiel, Hemi, Vinnie, Thomas, Neil, Jackie, Colby, Garrett, Duke, Barry, Harry, Justin, Moira, Bianca, Samantha, Jessica, several other academy students

Description: In celebration of Peter’s birthday, Isaac threw him a party that was not at all a surprise. At Peter’s request, Isaac invited girls as well as boys, even with the knowledge that the party would likely turn into an orgy. Predictably, the party turned into an orgy, which contained a great deal more cross-gender sex than Isaac’s orgies normally do. Especially notable at this orgy was that among many people having sex with girls, including Peter, Isaac had his first sexual experience with a girl, as he was convinced by Nicholas and Bianca that, as he’d always said, sex is fun no matter who you do it with. Isaac reported that sex with Bianca was, in fact, fun and that he would consider having sex with a girl again in the future if the opportunity arose.

The Squires’ Pre-Anointing Orgy

Chapters: Others, 29

Time/Place: Just after new year’s DN 1992, the large bathroom in the Dolovin order of knights’ Desad Fortress

Participants: Edwin, Erik, Percy, Ty, Wyatt, Leo, Stan, Twig, Hector, Noel, Quentin, Parry, David, Stuart, Devin, Evan, Archie, many other knights and squires

Description: Starting as a gangbang organized as a personal gift from Sir Erik to his about-to-be-knighted squire Edwin Carpenter, eventually all participants decided it was unfair to the other squires being knighted with Edwin not to gangbang them too, and they were all gathered in the large bath. The event ended up being a more informal orgy than a formal gangbang, but all the star squires reported satisfaction with this fact, as did many others. Some of the knights present discussed the possibility of making such an orgy an annual event that might become a tradition in the order as a sendoff for squires about to be knighted. Notable absences included squires Ashton Murkwain and Warren Downhill, who missed the memo about the orgy because they were busy buying a house.

The Stag Keep Orgy

Chapters: Dragon 103, Team 94, Chosen One 102, Stowaway 96, Knighthood 89, Slavery 90, Villain 83

Time/Place: The 5th of Ezran, DN 1992, Stag Keep

Participants: Owen, Gavin, Grey Rain, Twig, Dante, Cal, Wes, Mick, Sully, Travis, Joey, Ray, Beatrice, Lillian, Bob, Arky, Eddie, Willy, Walt and Winston, Isaac, PeterJacobNicholas, Skip, Spencer, Aaron, Andy, Chester, Ezekiel, Hemi, Vinnie, Thomas, Neil, Jackie, Colby, Garrett, Duke, Barry, Harry, Justin, Moira, Bianca, Samantha, Jessica Pax, Nate, Denver, Louis, Alse, Hyel, Toay, John, Sylvester, Edwin, Erik, Stuart, Holly, Parry, Ty, Leo, Rudy, Hector, Noel, Evan, Archie, Ashton, Warren, Nigel, Nikolai, Todd, Arty, Greg (only for the pre-orgy), Frederick, Silas, Boey, Hector Quate, Kieran Wrathwate, Matthew Hardhold, Drew, Hope, Robby, Aiden, Alexi, Matthias, Roberta, Ignatius, Gus, Cyrus, Cassius, Bartholomew, Ned, several others

Description: A party organized by Gavin ven Sancte in honour of his boyfriend Sir Edwin the Stalwart, Edwin and his fellows were re-knighted in advance of the orgy, a ceremony in which all attendees were in the nude per ancient custom. The anointing with oil was replace with anointing by semen, and Gavin as well as several of Edwin’s other lovers and friends all provided the anointment together. Notable events at this orgy include the addition of Ned, owner of the biggest dick in the world, as well as incestuous awakenings from several guests. This orgy is also noted for being the starting point of diplomatic relations between Ran Errevir and Dolovai, as the Emvel Prime and the Dolovin prince had a very productive conversation while fucking on a sofa. Finally, this orgy is ground zero for the dissemination of portal ring-based sex magic, knowledge of which would soon spread widely thanks to the number of people who participated in it.

Regular Squire Orgies

Chapters: N/A

Time/Place: Ongoing for decades, various rooms in the Dolovin order of knights’ Desad Fortress

Participants: Edwin, Ty, Leo, Ben, Archie, Stuart, Holly, Rudy, Ashton, Warren, Evan, Twig, Noel, other squires, most other knights (formerly)

Description: Because squires in the order are expected to be highly sexually active with their knights, they tend to also be highly sexually active with each other, generally starting in training. With a frequency that varies depending on the group of squires, semi-spontaneous orgies are not infrequent in the fortress. It is uncommon for the knights to join in on these, though it does happen.

Regular Orgies at Sam’s Castle

Chapters: N/A

Time/Place: Ongoing since winter, DN 1990, various rooms in G’djeck castle in Ech’kent, generally the guards’ hut or barracks, sometimes the servants’ quarters

Participants: Todd, Derek, Sawyer, Gino, Sean, Max, Claudius, Castor, Archer, Arty, Sam’s guards

Description: The Sorcerer King employs a number of butt-boys whose job description includes sexually satisfying the castle guards and servants at all times. Generally these butt-boys are servants who have displeased him or rebels he is punishing, and it is not uncommon for one or several of them to be pulled into orgies that are more like gangbangs. Some of the boys have dragon protectors, who sometimes also join in. G’djeck castle sees at least one such event per day. Larger orgies involving all the boys are less common, but happen roughly once a month.

Regular Slave Orgies

Chapters: Slavery 63

Time/Place: Ongoing since DN 1975, various rooms in Theodore’s house in Merket, mostly the slaves’ room but sometimes Theodore’s bedroom

Participants: Daniel, Hugh, Marcus, Simon, Trevor, Al, Ozzy, other slaves

Description: Among the slaves kept in Theodore Silver’s house, sex is very common, especially after Theodore himself loses interest. Theodore encourages this as he wants the boys to express healthy sexuality (and he gets off on imagining it). Generally these have happened in the room given to the slaves over the years, but in a recent break from pattern, the current crop of slaves held a small orgy in Theodore’s bed while he was out of town, inviting a friend of theirs named Ozzy to participate as well, the first free boy to be in one of these events.

Priestly Orgies

Chapters: N/A

Time/Place: Late autumn and winter of DN 1991, the Tower inn in Techen’s Stand

Participants: Drew, Lyren, Hope, Robby, Aiden, Alexi, Matthias, occasional others

Description: As part of their devotion to their god and to their high priest, the priests of the re-developing religion around the god Lyren Techen Le’Carden have periodic orgies. These firm up their bonds with each other and helps them get to know each other better, as the orgies are also partially mental. On occasion, another boy from the village has been invited to join, or even an adult. Travelers are rarely permitted to attend, though the high priest is willing to consider it if the right candidate comes along.