Others, 50

It was a good day to get married.

It had been a long enough betrothal, though Gabrielle knew that was stupid. Lots of people were betrothed for years and years, the fact that hers had only lasted a year and a half wasn’t such a big deal, even if she had wanted it to be shorter. She’d always liked Remin too, so the first was a good day for their future anniversary to be on.

But none of that was as important as the fact that Gabrielle was happy to be getting married. Not finally getting married or getting it over with or anything like that. It was her wedding day and she was happy.

Knighthood, 93

Sometimes Edwin felt that since he’d been knighted, all he really did was paperwork.

Which he knew was his own fault, because he’d been offered this job and accepted it, so it wasn’t like he had anyone to blame but himself in reality. And Owen had told him that Gavin was feeling overwhelmed lately, so he couldn’t even blame Gavin for convincing him he deserved it, because that would be mean.

Edwin sighed. “Problem?” Warren asked, sitting with him at the table in their room in the castle.

Edwin shook his head. “No, it’s fine. Just that if I’d wanted to do this much writing, I’d have gone to scribe school instead of knight school.”

Chosen One, 99

“Hey,” said Garrett, hanging out outside Juno’s classroom at the end of the day.

“Hey,” Isaac said. “What’s up?”

“Two things,” Garret told him. “First, I want to go on a date.”

Oh. Isaac broke into a grin. “Okay. Are you free tonight?”

“No,” Garrett laughed. “But in a little while. I got tickets to that minstrel show next week and I figured we could go if you were still interested?”

Dragon, 100

Wearing nothing but his wedding ring, Owen gently ran his thumb down his husband’s face. Everyone knew he was the prettiest person in Dolovai, that was easy to see. But there were parts of his beauty that weren’t for everyone to see, just for Owen and Edwin, and Owen touched them all now, the corners of Gavin’s eyes, filled with adoration. The hollow of his hip, the arch of his back, the soft calluses on his hands. Owen got to see, got to have all of those parts, because in the last year and a half they’d become his whole world..

Owen kissed him, soft. Gavin kissed back, putting his hand on the back of Owen’s head to keep him there. Owen gave a thrust, and Gavin clenched around him, making a quiet noise into Owen’s mouth.

They moved like that for a good while, just back and forth, the only noise in the room the sounds they were making into each other, and Owen felt like the world was perfect. He could feel Gavin’s wedding ring touching the skin of his back, feel Gavin underneath him. They were joined, the two of them. By virtue of Owen’s cock inside Gavin right now, but at a deeper level than that, they were joined, one, forever.

Dragon, 97

“What are you up to?”

Twig looked up at Owen, seeming a bit guilty. “Sorry, sir. Just doing a security check.”

Owen nodded. Twig had had his head in one of the many random rooms in the palace, having just opened a door that had been closed before. Owen knew it had been closed, because he’d closed it after checking inside on his way to the privy. “Well, don’t let me stop you,” he said.

Twig looked just a little abashed. “Sorry. This is just my first fancy castle party so I don’t know what they’re like, but you always hear about murderers showing up at rich people’s parties. So I was…” He shrugged. “Looking for murderers, I guess.”

“Good call,” Owen told him, patting Twig’s armoured back.

Others, 28

Ashton wasn’t holding Warren’s hand, but he wished he was.

It was their last day as squires and they’d been given a few hours off, and so they’d gone out walking in the city to get out of the fortress and away from everyone for a bit. All their friends were there and it wasn’t like they didn’t want to be around them, but it was also nice to be by himself for a bit, or even better, with Warren.

By themselves in a crowded city, but it was something. They’d just left the big, wide Merchant’s Road, Warren leading Ash onto a narrower road called Miller’s Way. After five years in Three Hills, they knew all these roads and where they led. The city was a web to newcomers, but it hadn’t been hard to navigate after a year or so living in it. Ash had maps of the city, and he marked each street when he first patrolled it and then marked them again when he and Warren had been to them together, and he’d pretty much memorized the whole city that way.

Dragon, 93

“Now remember,” Owen said, as they headed into the room he’d reserved at the fortress.

“I know, I know, ‘Don’t be an asshole.’” Gavin rolled his eyes, hand in Owen’s. “I’m not actually stupid, Owen. I know social graces. I knew more social graces as a toddler than you do now. I’m arguably the most socially graceful person in the entirety of Dolovai.”

“Hm,” said Owen. “Okay. Well what I was actually going to say was to remember that we’re interviewing candidates to be Darby and Greg’s bodyguards, not potential guests at the next orgy.”

Gavin gave Owen a glare. “I also know that. I’m not a horny asshole who only cares about dick.”

“Well, you’re not just a horny asshole who only cares about dick,” Owen corrected.

“Exactly. And these guys aren’t just the kids’ bodyguards, they’re also potential guests at the next orgy,” Gavin agreed.